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Hi everyone i’m chandra (chandu) and I am 20 years old. My mom name is Sujatha, she is 41 years old now. I have a sister ,6 yrs younger than me. I want to share my experience of how I got to fuck my mom.

She is very caring mother and she is a housewife.

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I am more close to my mom. par fuck my mom sex storiesShe even used to give bath to me and my sister together till i’m 10 yrs old.

Because I remember her giving me bath till 5th standard.

Slowly in 2-3 months she stopped giving me bath by making it less frequent.

I didnt know anything about sex, porn till i was some 12-13 yrs old.

She is very beautiful.

Now i always curse myself that i shouldn’t have allowed her to stop giving me bath.

As i want to go through that mature phase where i can enjoy her putting soap on my penis and rubbing it along while cleaning my body.

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As she would not know that i became mature and she would think that it will not arouse me at all and give me bath .

But i missed that chance as i know not many would get chance of mom giving bath till 10 yrs , my friends get shocked hearing that.

Coming back to my story, slowly i got to know about incest porn when i was 18 but never thought in that way with my mom. You are reading this amazing sex story on desi bahu dot com.

But as i was bad giving myself head bath, i developed dandruff.

And i told that to my mom ,she told me that she would give me head bath from now.

I used to finish cleaning my body and then call my mom to shampoo my head.

I used to sit down with bent knees as we sit while going for bathroom and I used to cover my penis between my thighs by keeping them close to each other and stomach close to thighs as i was shy i didn’t want my mom to see it.

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She comes to bathroom cleans my head clearly and rubs my back for once in 3-4 days and leaves.

But slowly it aroused me sitting naked before mom.

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I always walk around the house in underwear before bath.

I started to think about my mom while i masturbate and started watching more incest porn..

Mom wears nightie all the time.

Whenever she sleeps while I’m home i sit beside her and slowly rub my dick while watching porn.

Her huge boobs hangs inside her nightie.

I wanted to open her buttons but felt scared.

I place my dick on her hand too sometimes.

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