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He now even began to use bad words on mom. I feel very strange about his behavior.

I heard Ajay using foul words in school before…But now he is using it against my mother.

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He parted his ass more and Ajay’s eyes got sprite up seeing moms pink asshole.

It was my first chance to see her asshole. I didn’t know her asshole was this much cute.

My cousin was also astonished seeing mom’s butthole. ”Wow look how he is parting your mom’s ass cheeks.

I don’t it’s appropriate to tell at this moment anyhow your mom’s asshole is awesome man its making my cock hard and hard stroke it slowly man I am near to cumming seeing this hot stuff “cousin commented.

“Do you see your mom’s ass being parted like this?”I asked with husky voice w/o looking away from her parted ass” (still continous to stroke cousins cock) I found myself becoming incredibly aroused as well.

“Once I have seen a college boy squeezing and humping her (his moms) ass over her saree in a bus, but he doesn’t go further than that “he replied.

He took out his mobile and got a quick snap of her hairy cute little asshole.

Meanwhile Ajay was saying something to my mom Malathi

“Malathi look at your hairy asshole how small and cute it is “he complimented.

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“stop it stop …I don’t want you to get away from me…I’m not a call girl…I’m a housewife and have a son.pls…“mom was at the verge of crying.

“OK there is one last thing to do “He told her while squeezing her ass and opened his zip.

And he took out his massive cock.It was looking very heavy and was about 3 inches in thick.

His thing was already wet his precum.

We were shocked to see his thick shaft.

It was the thickest cock I’ve seen in real life (not as big as African pornstars).

He then immerse his cock b/w her ass cheeks rubbing his shaft against my mother’s warm butt crack.

And let out a short moan ”uoffffhhhhhhhhhhh…ohhh Malathi what an ass …so hot….I wonder how your son control his feeling when you are around..ouhhhh”

I can measure out his pleasure from his moan ”uofffhhhhhhhf…”..

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Mom’s face got red when she felt the presence of his huge member b/w her butt cheeks.

”What’s it…what…are you doing…”mom began to look back.

Mom suddenly looked down behind and saw his gigantic rod in between her bubbly ass cheeks…

Ajay looked back to ensure nobody is reacting and saw me looking at the placement of his cock on moms ass.

He saw me stroking cousins cock .

He give me wicked smile and said “I am going to screw your mom’s ass…I am going to ravage her virgin ass with my monster in front of you her son…watch your mommy’s ass getting fucked by your bully.”

For my luck mom didn’t hear it she was still in the persistence of Ajay’s genital.

“Oh… my…It’s…it’s so huge…take it …out…..I’ll shout…I’ll definitely… ouh…”

Mom was frightened…by the sight of his giant member cock in her crack…

I can see fear in her eyes…

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“What are you doing to me…you squeezed, kneaded my butt and …Pls I am a mother…Leave me…”She began to beg.

But he was busy searching for her asshole with his dick .He stopped his cock at some point in moms crack. And that must be her asshole.

I and cousin were watching what he is up to. I only started to watch porn these days and I only know about vaginal insertion…

So I thought what the hell he is doing around asshole…