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I was very confused at the scene.

Mom was most frightened…She don’t even has a chance to move away in this crowded bus.

Ajay spread her ass cheeks giving us a clear vision of his cockhead kissing moms butthole. Surprisingly he began to push his cock head towards her asshole.

“ohh..don’t pls its so huge I am a virgin there….Please leave me….ufgg…..ahhhhhhhhh…no…..” Mom pleaded.

but he was not in a mood to accept my mom’s request.

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“Bitches are not allowed to talk. Stay quiet and let me fuck your ass” he said back.

I don’t know what is going on and asked cousin “what is he going to do with my mom’s asshole it is not supposed for cocks. Isnt it”

Cousin replied.”No…Even though ass fucking is unnatural but it can be done. It is called anal sex…Now he is forcing your mom for anal sex…but it is very painful ….and I don’t think his gigantic cock can even get its half into your mom’s hairy ass hole.

I was shocked to hear about anal sex…

My mom ass is being penetrated by his cock and her son is all wondering about it .

But he was struggling to push his cock inside her.

His cock bent with effort but was still denied entry.

Mom closed her eyes with pain…and was moaning feebly.

”Ahhh….stop it your thing is so huge…I can’t take it…ohh .noo…uff…what you want from mee.”

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Mom tightly closed her eyes when he succeeded entering his cockhead into her ass.

He pushed it further but was no use. Every push he applied on her ass mom moved a little bit forward thus weakening his attempt.

Moms attempt to avoid his fat cock was looking very funny though…

Our bus is moving very fast at that time.

His attempt to invade my moms vain.

Her hole was too small for his Jurassic cock. But he still doesn’t give up his attempt.

My Moms face was looking tensed and worried and she was begging him to stop. He kept his cock still embedded in Mom’s little hairy asshole.

Suddenly the most unexpected and tragically event occurred… the driver applies a sudden break and everybody fall forward by the effect of break.

He leaned over mom and he was in! his cock was in Mom’s ass!…Mom groaned

“AAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH ………..aUuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

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I was amazed by how far that giant cock of his could be rammed so far deep inside my mother’s small ass.

I could see her clinch her jaw from the pain and squeeze her eyes shut, causing all the lines on her face to show making her look older than she was.

He was also experiencing some pain. He let out a moan”oouuuuuuuuffffffffff”

From which I can measure how much pleasure he was feeling being inside mom’s ass.

It seemed as if her eyes would pop out of their sockets. Ajay didn’t move for a while, allowing mom to regain her breath.

It seemed as if mom’s eyes would pop out of their sockets. He didn’t move for a while, allowing mom to regain her breath. Tears were rolling down from her eyes as an effect of this horrible penetration

”ahhhhhhhh…ouffff…oufffff…oufff….”.She began to cry out of pain and humilaition.

They kept still for some moment about 1 minute and he looked at me…

I was very humiliated when he gave me a wicked smile pointing her houseful ass. His whole cock was inside her ass and he began moved slowly his cock to and fro inside her.

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For his each thrust mom let out a”ouffff… ouffff… ouffff… ouffff…”moan

He got rhythm and mommy’s moaning also got a rhythm.

She was unable to make a response because she was in an extreme pain. Her face was wet with her tears.

Mom was a model for me…

In problems my dad got disappointed but mom will stand still…she can control her emotions very well…she even don’t cried when grandma died.

That mom is now crying with pain with a huge cock inside her ass.

He done it very slowly enjoying the experience of his ripe cock rubbing against each portion inside my poor moms freshly paved ways inside her ass.

When the bus shook in each gutter and humps of the rod his cock was pleasuring inside mom’s huge ass.

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He has an easy access to her ripe breasts now and started squeezing them over blouse and fucking her at the same time. This was my favorite position and Moms ass and boobs were being fucked and fondled by my muscular bully. Our bus stop was nearing.

The conductor came to them checking for tickets…

Mom was unable to speak due to the moving sensation inside her ass. Bus Conductor noticed his hands kneading on one of her globular tits but pretended like he doesn’t.