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Hello friends!! How are you all doing? I hope and pray that all of you are enjoying the steamy sex sessions in your life with the person you like or have lust. Well talking about lust and my submissive gay ass, I have done sex with many guys in my life.

I am demanded by almost every single guy who had pleasure with my lovely round ass with pink butthole before but the gay ass sex story that I am going to share with you all, is something that I have just dreamt during the lonely nights.

Gay Ass Porn > Desi wife fucked by bosses par gay ass sex storiesBefore talking about that incident that just makes my nipples hard and heart beat fast till now, let me tell you about myself in brief.

I’m a guy with slightly fair complexion, standing 5’8″ and have 38-26-40 status.

Although I own a circumcised dick of 6″ but I am more a submissive, girly bitch on bed rather than a manly man.

Also due to excess amount of estrogen in body, I own round boobs naturally and girly voice that makes even straight men hard and enjoy a fuck session with my worthy drooling ass.

I’m working as a journalist for a reputed fashion magazine but interested to work for foreign services for which I am going to give the interviews.

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Anyway, how I meet my British friend and how I became his private whore is just a magic that happened into reality.

My family members are business oriented people so they established themselves in various corner of the world.

You are reading this amazing sex story on desi bahu dot com. My cousin brother stays in London and he meet many guys.

Although he’s perfectly straight but he too loves my big ass and fucked me ( I’ll share his story later), he knew my obsession with men specially guys from Scotland.

They have that massive masculine personality and inside their undies, holds one of the big cocks that pound ass into prolapsing one.

My cousin introduction his British friend, Austin Matthews, through Skype and there after we started chatting and sooner, doing video call.

One day, he told me that he’s coming to India for a business meeting. I was pretty excited to meet him and finally a week later, he landed to India. The moment when I saw him, still makes me hard.

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He’s massively tall, 6’3″, muscular, with brown beard and golden hairs with sparkly grayish blue eyes.

You are reading this amazing sex story on desi bahu dot com. The moment when he saw me, he came up and hugged me with his big arms that cuddled me completely.

I can feel the heat in the beast boy who’s as gentleman from outside but a beast was about to be reveal sooner.

I took him to one of my apartment that is not in use.

He came in the month of September and that time, it was raining heavily in Delhi.

After reaching to the apartment, he asked me to stay with him for the night as he want to spend time with me and also next day , he was going to Mumbai for three days business meeting..

So, I couldn’t resist to decline his request. You are reading this amazing sex story on desi bahu dot com.

After having lunch, we had chit chat and suddenly he asked about my boyfriends and sex life.

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We were open to each other since we were introduced but he never dared to ask me to do any sexual thing and he told me about his break up with his girlfriend.

As soon as I was telling him about my sex life, I noticed a sensation in his capri that he wore but I pretended to be ignorant.

Later I asked about his same sex crush for which humorously he answered as I was his gay crush that made me blush but aroused.

You are reading this amazing sex story on desi bahu dot com. Later, we decided to hangout outside in evening.

We enjoyed a lot and while coming back, it was heavily raining and we went there by bike and Austin was riding it.

We were wet completely when we reached at apartment.

There we took off our clothes and for the very first time, I saw Austin completely naked with his semi erect penis.

He was looking at my boobs and I can see lust in his eyes………

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He took me in his arms and kissed me like hero do in any Romantic movie.

He smooched me like hell and there after,I saw his cock was fully erect.

I didn’t measured it but I guess it was 8.5″ long and 4″ thick with a pink tip.