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He presented his muscular body to me and that drooling cock just made me ass hole wet. He smiled and lie down on bed.

Now it’s my time to show my man the best he deserves on bed. I presented my round, clean shaven ass and we started doing 69 position.

He was licking and fingering my asshole like a beast and I was sucking his cock like a greedy slut that was enjoying 100% sale offer. You are reading this amazing sex story on desi bahu dot com.

I hold his cock till the deep end and while gagging his dick, it stuck in mid. I wasn’t able to breathe so he took it out and kissed me like I’m his wife.

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We both were hard and wanted to make our body unanimous but he did more foreplay with me than I have ever imagined.

For the very first time, I saw a completely masculine guy, having interest in women’s pussy, sucking and licking my top of the erect cock that just made me piss out hard.

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Then, he grabbed my boobs and started sucking it out. He was licking my nipples and pumping my boobs like an alpha male. It was the best boob sucking that any man gave me on bed.

He did that for 5 minutes.

Although he did foreplay a lot but his dick was as hard as I left. Now he was ready to take me heaven with his Scottish alpha man fantasy.

I was lying on bed in missionary position and to support and alleviate my ass, I put a cushion under my back.

Before he starts fucking, he bent down and started licking my ass just like pussy and looking at me with his toxic sigh.

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He placed the tip over my butthole and gently pushed his cock.

When he pushed that massive cock, I started screaming and even pissed a little bit but then he didn’t cared and gushed his cock completely but after then the nightmare happened.

He took out his dick with strong force that just made another scream.

He made me calm down and next time when he put his cock inside, it was not as painful.

He started fucking my asshole and I started grabbing his golden hairs with my small fingers and that blend of masculine -feminine moaning made him more excited.

He was filling my ass completely and he fucked me for about 20 minutes.

Then he asked me to become his bitch in doggy style. It was raining outside so lights were off.

He took me to our balcony and he fucked me bare like his bitch for about another 10 minutes.

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He was about to cum but then he took out his cock from my ass and we went inside.

You are reading this amazing sex story on desi bahu dot com. He then asked me to bend down and he started fingering my ass.

Initially he put two fingers in my ass but as soon as I’m getting Cumming hard, he started fisting me that made me a strong sensation to pee like girls.

He laughed and called me his “Naughty Indian Wife with cock”.

After fisting, I was bit tired but he was on his full swing.

He knew that I’m tired so as a gentleman, he asked me to lie down on belly on bed and there after, I sucked his cock and juicy balls filled with lots of love.

He was energized and ready to breed Scottish seeds inside my drooling ass.

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He put his cock inside my ass and started fucking me along with smacking my ass. I was enjoying his every inch like a pure slut. He started cussing me in his dialect and I was also doing same.

Within next 15 minutes, Austin cummed out and seeded my ass with his love.

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When he took out his cock, his semen was over flowing.

I put my finger inside my hole and licked that juicy cum.

He looked and smirked at me and proposed me to be his only gay slut. I accepted that and there after, he kissed me like a man of my dreams and we slept naked.

Next morning, when we wake up, he missed his flight so he postpone his meeting and that day, we experimented other sex positions.

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He left India after those lovely 11 days that I spent with him like his wife. He cared, defended and gave me every pleasure that I always wanted.

We are still in contact and he is still single like me.

Whenever he comes to India, he stays at my house and he’s coming this April and we are planning to trip to Andaman.

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