Mother in Law’s delightful fuck

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I am an IT employee married recently. My wife is also an IT employee. We both love each other very much. As my wife is working in a services company they provide on-site opportunities and she got to go to the USA for a month on her work. While she is going to the USA, I have to manage myself so she asked her mom (my mother-in-law) to come and stay with me until she comes back to India.

I asked my wife, “if your mother comes here, who will take care of your father?” My wife replied, “maid will take care of my father. To hire a maid in the city costs more, instead, we can better have a maid in my village for my father, you don’t worry about this. My mom will take care of you until I am back here.”

Mother-in-law reports in my house the day before my wife leaves to the USA. My mother-in-law is married at the age of 15 years. She gave birth to my wife at the age of 17. My wife is 22 years now. So my mother-in-law is 39 years old. She is white colored, medium height, round shaped boobs and has enough upright ass to hold and press. She looks attractive I would say.

A week passed by. Today is Friday, I used to have sex with my wife every Friday and Saturday nights. I am missing her and her pussy badly. My dick is raising and asking me for sex. I can masturbate but, I don’t want to do that when I can see a woman who is physically attractive is present inside my house. The only problem is she is my mother-in-law. That relationship is stopping me from proceeding with her. Hindi Sex Stories

Mother-in-law: Dinner is ready son
me: Yeah! coming
Mother-in-law: It is already 9’0 clock come and have your dinner
me: Did you have dinner?
Mother-in-law: I will have once you are done with it.
me: it is fine to join me along, it is already late

We are done with dinner. She is sorting out the stuff and cleaning the dining table. I am simply starting at her and thinking on how I can seduce and fuck her.

Me: Mother-in-law, how are you satisfied regarding sex with father-in-law?
Mother-in-law: Smiled! Smiled!
Me: What does your smile implies, I don’t get anything
Mother-in-law: I am feeling shy to discuss these with you. Please don’t ask
Me: It’s okay. We are not kids you may talk like how you converse with your husband
Mother-in-law: I am pretty satisfied. No more questions on this topic, please. Blushed.

Me: Don’t know what to talk and maker her feel horny so that I can take advantage of the situation and proceed to sex with her. She is so good at the Saree she wore. Semi-transparent black blouse and rose color cotton saree with red sand bangles. I am already horny by looking at her outlook.

Mother-in-law: Why are you so silent son.
Me: You are feeling shy if I talk, that’s why.
Mother-in-law: Talk other topics
Me: I know everything else
Mother-in-law: Smiled again and said that she is going to sleep as it is 10’0 clock already.
Me: As the indirect route is not working I am thinking on the gong in a normal route. I am thinking as follows.”

She is mother-in-law. What if I directly tell her that I wanted to have sex. The favorable option is she accepting my request. Another way is as I am her son-in-law she might say I don’t want to have incest sex. If this is the case she is fine with having sex with me, but she is afraid of social issues. In this case, if I force she will eventually accept and I can fuck her.

The unfavorable option is she doesn’t want to have sex with me at all. In this case, if I force her she will try to escape from me. But, if she tries to escape, where will she escape. Nowhere!!! So I can somehow fuck in this case also.

I have odds in favor of me in worst case scenario, where she doesn’t shout, call people and make an issue out of this as I am her son-in-law and her daughter’s life will spoil.”

So, based upon the above analysis, I can bravely proceed directly without any fear.

Me: Knocked at the door, went inside as she opened and locked the door.
Mother-in-law: Why are you locking the door, what happened?
Me: Nothing, we both will have sex as I am so horny.
Mother-in-law: shocked by my words. No expression on the face. Do you remember that we are in-laws? Please do not do this to me. My husband loves me so much I will never cheat him. Please listen to my son.

Me: I am decided to have sex with you. I will not tell this to anyone, this matter will be between this 4 walls. I am sure that I will satisfy you to the fullest. Went near her, lifted her hands up and hugged her.
Mother-in-law: Please, don’t (In a lowering voice, means she is about to surrender)

Me: Hugged her tightly and kissed on her neck. Moving my hand on her back and lowered it to the ass and slowly pressed for that she also hugged me with her hands folded around me. I am able to feel the heat of our bodies getting exchanged.

Her body odor is so good and making me mad. Stopped kissing on her neck. Removed my hands on her ass. Rolled her hair fell on her face to the up. She is finding it difficult to look into my eyes. I rubbed my fingers in her lips and kissed her lips. She closed her eyes so tight and giving positive responses.