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Hi everyone. Amit here, once again, with my another story, which happened in 2015. I am an avid reader of sex stories about Exhibitionist Wife, Literotica, Indian sex stories and Hindi sex stories on Desibahu.com.

This is the story, which happened between me and my girl friend. Me and my girl friend were dating for 3 years, and this happened few months before her marriage with another man.

We were in relationship from the starting day, as our relationship started with a kiss, where in a dare, she kissed me on my lips and we were naked in each others arms in less than 3 months from then. She was very bold, loving, daring, bit chubby (right amount of meat in right places, like vidya balan) her figure was 40 38 40, Big boobs and big buttock. As we like in the middle of the city, we were not getting any place to make out and be cozy, either we have to book a room in a hotel, which would cost our whole day or make out were ever we used to get time or place.

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We generally would make out in my car, which was kept away from my home, in parking lot (underground floor) of a commercial complex (generally unused and non working cars were kept) , where no body would come.. In the mean time our make out sessions turned intense and we were involved in not only making out, but we would be naked, in the car.

It was our routine when we met in the parking, we would go to our car, start making out, and I remove her dress, and she would unzip me, and give me a blow job (which would last for minutes together), and end up with my cumshot.

As days passed, we tried different things, were I used to remove her pant, and make her sit without pant in car, and used to go for a small ride and come back in some 10 mins, and re enjoy our session. As she was bit plump, and I being tall, it was not that easy to hug each other fully in the car, and also, there was a fear that someone might come any time. To avoid this we used to open the bonnet of the car and go out, and make out.

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My car was parked in such a way that, there was only one entry point, three cars in a row and walls from three sides, so if we open bonnet, no body could see whats is happening behind bonnet, and the other two cars were non operational and would generally be covered. Hence, I being tall and behind bonnet would see any thing, or any one coming, and no body could see whats happening. I made her naked, half naked at times, and she would love to suck my cock, and i would release.

To make things more spicier, I started giving her some dares, and initially she was not interested, but seeing me so keen and interesting, she started showing interest, and following my requests. She started with removing the buttons of her shirt and walking in the parking, she hesitated a bit, but as no body came, she caught her shirt and flashed her boobs, many times. She was also enjoying this, and after some time, she stood at a wall, with her shirt open and her pant, along with her panty down to her knees. She stood there for few minutes like that, then we made out more intensely.

In few days, she had become bolder, and roam nude in the parking area (for few minutes though), like a park. She would undress herself in the car, and come out nude, where she would go to other cars, and I seeing her would rub my dick, and she would suck my cock, outside the car, being in such naked position.

One day, when she was naked, I dared her to take one round of the whole parking lot, which she never did before, and she readily accepted. All non working cars were parked in one straight line covered up, and dust gathered on the covers of the car as well, as they were never removed. Our car is parked just beside the entrance wall and I could see any one while coming or going, and no body would see me, as they would drive straight inside the parking. there was only one way which was used both for entry and exit. There were 2 other cars beside my car, and both were covered. The third car was near the wall and there was straight line of cars, parallel to the wall. My girl now naked, went to the wall, and went down naked to complete the dare. There were some 12-13 cars in a straight line. She had to pass them to reach the other end wall of the parking.

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Though she was covered by wall on one side and cars on another, it was exiting to see naked girl walking down naked. She had just passed the 5th or the 6th car, one car suddenly comes in the parking. She ducked behind the cars to protect herself from the vicinity of the people. The car which came now was standing diagonally to the car, behind which my girl was hiding naked. I was shocked for few seconds, and try to recognize the car, the car was not from this parking. There were three men in the car. Now I wanted to hide as well, but even if I hide, there might be a problem, hence I took my phone and made it silent and acted as if I m talking on the phone, and was roaming in the parking.

My naked girl was behind the car, I was 5-6 cars away from her, and there were three stranger men in a car, which was parked exactly diagonal to the car. I was near the last car, from where I could see my naked girl on one side and the men in their car on another, as I was standing at the start of the line in which the cars were parked. I was bit afraid and excited as well to see my naked girl in that position. She wanted to come to our car (in ducking position), but she couldn’t as those men could see her from between the gap of the cars, and she couldn’t stand as well.

Few minutes passed and she was making faces, and I was teasing her. some how my hands went on my dick and I was rubbing them, in order to tease her. Even she got in mood and started fingering her pussy. With one hand she was rubbing her pussy and with other hand she was pressing her boobs, she was horny and within few minutes she released her self with a moan. Those men didn’t hear it, as there never came out of the car, may be music was on in their car. After few minutes they left and my girl came, with full satisfaction on her face. She came running and hugged me tightly, where I played with her bums.

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After this incident she became more bolder and stayed nude for more time in the parking. Days passed by and one day I was waiting for my girl in the parking, and due to some network issues, I had to come out of parking, to make a call. I saw 2 young guys, may be in 9th or 10th standard sitting and discussing about a buttock of a girl which was passing by. I went beside them was hearing them, as they discussed about the big buttock. They knew that I was listening them, and one of them said, “ye dekh, ye b iski girl friend se hi baat kar raha hoga” (even this guy must be talking to his girl friend). I never see girls in such a manner as other guys do, but I had to see her to see what they were discussing.

Her buttock was big, but not as big as my girl, I tried to interfere and asked them, did you not see any girls buttock?? to which they replied, not in real life, but in videos. One of the boy said, “if you show us, we will see” to which both of them laughed and I smiled.