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I could feel her cunt clasp tightly on my cock and she was moving her hips trying to milk out all my cum. I collapsed onto her back on the bed. After a while I rolled off her and kissed her. She smiled at me and was gently running her hands across my chest. Thank you Rekha I said thank you for what.. She asked. Thank you. Being alone over here really drives me crazy with no sex life… I said it’s the other way around. I must thank you. She said. It’s almost after three months that I have had a fuck.

Rekha said and for that I must thank you. My husband, your GM is not really interested in sex.

All he thinks about is work and work. Rekha said .After I gave birth to our son mind you it was three years after our marriage he seemed to be just not bothered about sex she continued. And I am by nature get aroused quickly and need sex. Rekha said. How do you manage to have sex.. I asked.

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Quietly with a few college boyfriends of mine mind you very discretely. Rekha said. My husband knows about this and is not too worried about it…that’s why he sent my son to boarding school so that I could satisfy myself in his absence when he is out on business visits Rekha said. That why he had no hesitation when I asked him to visit these temples.. Rekha said.

By now Rekha was gently massaging my penis and it had started to grow hard. I said.. I think I should leave or else we may get delayed in seeing the temples around the town tomorrow.. She started laughing and said .You really is innocent.. After telling you all this.. Do you think I am interested in seeing the temples.. Do you think I came all the way from Poona to see the temples.. This is the temple I want you to devote yourself to..

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Saying this Rekha grabbed my head and thrust it into her crotch Go on suck me fuck me offer your penis.. She said for the next two days, I want you to fuck me thoroughly devote your time to this temple Rekha said as she thrust her crotch into my face. I looked at her naked hairy swollen pussy. I was amazed at the size to which her cunt lips were swollen. I parted her chubby swollen labial lips and saw her pinkish purple engorged clit. It seemed larger than the last time.

I kissed her clit and sucked it and gently bit it teasingly and then looked at her face. What I saw was a carnal animalistic _expression of wanting to be fucked once more… That too urgently. Rising from the bed, I knelt between her legs and placed my mouth on her pussy, slowly, savoring every moment, and enjoying the sweet smell. I licked her pussy from end to end, and then I probed my tongue into her hole, lapping at her flowing juices mixed with my cum. Raising a hand I found her clit with my thumb and began squeezing it.

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Rekha moaned gently and thrust her pussy tight to my mouth, one of her hands falling to the back of my head to hold me in place as licked her to a climax. I now started finger fucking her. Standing up a number of minutes later there was no hesitation in my actions as I eased my swollen penis into to her eager pussy and slid its full length into her.

Rekha gasped in pain into another orgasm as I began to pump into her, my movements hard and fast, she fell back on the bed as I fucked her, her moans, groans and sighs echoing around the room. ‘Faster.. Yes…yes.. Harder… Faster…. Yes yes… Fuck me harder.. Harder… Yes.. Yes cum in me.. Fill my thirsty cunt with your cum…’ and when I eventually thrust into her and filled her with my hot juices Rekha cried out. After a few more thrusts I pulled my satiated cock from her pussy and stepped back to gaze at her, she lay quivering, my juices just starting to seep from her pussy, then she shuddered and sat up.

Rekha hungrily parted my legs and started licking my penis indeed chomping at the bit; immediately I reached for her and she grabbed my arm possessively and almost dragged me on to bed again. She sat up, leant over and sucked my prick. Groaning with pleasure I reached out and found her clit and while she sucked me back to erection I fingered her to distraction, once again Rekha moved to fuck me as soon as she was sure my tool would stay hard, but this time I was going to be in control.

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Surging to my feet I grabbed Rekha around the waist and moved her onto her hands and knees, with one hard thrust I entered her from behind, one hand squeezing her nipples while the other teased her clit. Soon she was climaxing, her body bucking against me as I pounded my dick into her mercilessly, her cries loud and exciting as they echoed around the bed room. ‘Take it Rekha… I’ll fuck you real hard’.

I let go of her breasts and grabbed her hips, held her firmly by her waist and started pounding my penis into her.. Short and extremely powerful thrusts. I grabbed her breasts from behind and was mercilessly squeezing her nipples by now she was screaming hard. I kept pounding into her cunt ruthlessly and mercilessly. Tears were now streaming down Rekha’s eyes.

With a last thrust I buried my prick and groaned as my pulsating penis sprayed my cum deep inside her pussy, for a moment I remained still, and then began to once more pump into her.

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A few minutes later I pulled my shrinking prick from her juicy pussy and stood there panting, Rekha collapsed as I withdrew from her to lie shuddering on the floor, and gently I reached down and helped her to her feet. ‘Oooh Honey.. You are really nice.. Really wonderful in fucking… That was really a mind shattering one’ she said. She grabbed my face and kissed me deeply and hugged me with her pelvis thrusting into my crotch.

I held her breasts and started kneading them softly. She now buried her face into my chest and started moaning softly. With her hands she massaged my penis. It slowly started swelling up. I could feel Rekha trying to thrust it in her pussy. I started fondling her ample sized breasts and gently squeezed her bullet hard nipples. She let out long, soft whispering pants and closed her eyes tightly.

I grabbed her thin waist and pushed her pelvis to meet my waiting cock. She in turn thrust her hips out to facilitate entry of the giant cock-head. The head of my cock seemed abnormally big compared to the girth of my shaft.

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I had an incredible view of the engorged head resting on her small gleaming swollen pussy lips. Rekha pushed her hands into my armpits and pulled me into her. She let out a loud gasp and then breathed in deeply. I could tell that she orgasmic immediately by the way her entire body quaked. She slumped onto my chest with her long straight hair under my chin. My shaft bowed as it had a hard time continuing into her. I reached down with my hands and adjusted my penis and forced it in deeper.

Rekha reared her head back and began to shift her body back and forth on my dick. Once she had allowed it to enter her she started riding it and riding it hard! She grabbed my sides and forced my penis in her more. She was now on all fours with her hands clutching the bed. I was slamming my penis into her hot cunt crazily from the doggie style position. Rekha shook her head wildly causing her hair to flail about. She groaned and breathed loudly. Her face grimaced and her jaw dropped. She looked like she couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her grip on the bed slipped and her face plowed into the mattress of the bed. She didn’t seem to care and it muffled her screams of pleasure.

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I got up from my knees and squatted behind her. I grabbed her waist and lifted her body to my dick. I was holding her now by the waist and lifting her off the bed. I thrust my cock into her with merciless violent force causing Rekha to scream. I grunted and moaned as I readied him to come. I grabbed her and hugged her. I rammed my cock in her deep as I came ‘aaaaaagggggggghhhhhh’ I moaned as my warm wads of cum sprayed deep in her vagina.

We hugged each other tightly and after some time laid down in each other’s arms and started the downward spiral toward sleep. For the next two days it was plain simple fucking all day and night. Rekha and I really fucked the hell out of each other. When she left she said.. Make trips to Poona when your GM is not there in Poona come and fuck me..