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Moving almost frantically now, she grasped the headboard, her thighs squeezing my head. “Yes, darling yes! Oh, don’t stop!” I sucked at her clit even harder as she orgasmic, causing her body to stiffen slightly before moving against my lips and tongue. Arching her back, shaking and shivering, she groaned softly.

Though over within seconds, it seemed to last minutes, before her body left my mouth. Lifting up slightly, breathing hard, I pulled on her hips, and made her lie down pulling her legs upwards and forwards into a V. Laughing, she broke free of my grasp, and bent forward to kiss me, sharing the taste of her juices on our tongues. ‘Honey, there is so much to enjoy, you know. Come on.now you are to enjoy. Come on.. She said.

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For an answer, her lips found mine, our tongues danced together. She reached down my body, finding my erection hard, stiff & throbbing. Following the veins with her fingers, I felt her jerk and move my foreskin on the penis head, and heard her moan. Slowly parting from our kiss, I look down at her and smiled. I felt her hands moving over my body as though she was trying to memorize it. She began to run my hand along my stiff penis. ‘Oh, my God!’ she gasped! ‘Is it big enough for you’ I asked.

‘Oh, Gawd’ she exclaimed. ‘Big…!! It’s gigantic!’ I pressed her on her back flat onto the bed and held her firmly in with my hands. I placed my knees between her knees and parted them. Her pussy was glistening by now from all the juices and I started to finger her. Her body shivered as I straddled her through and placed the head of my cock on her pussy. With a gentle thrust of my hips my cock head split her cunt lips and slipped into her cunt. ‘I’m scared that it’s too goddamned big for me!’ she said while she caught my penis and started pulling my hot meat into her cunt. ‘Don’t worry, i’ll be gentle with you’ I whispered.

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I started easing my rod into her sexy pussy, hesitated as she moaned and thrust it in slowly and hesitantly. ‘Awwwwweeee’ she moaned in pain. But the pleasure of my thick hard mushroom head inside her warm stretched cunt was just too much and impelled with natural instinct I started thrusting my penis in her cunt. ‘No darling Stop. aaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeee’ she cried out in pain.

No It’s too big for me It’s splitting me.its paining a lot Stop Stop.. She cried out. That did not stop me. There was no way that after coming so far, I would definitely insert my penis fully into the place where nature intended it to be. I held her firmly and was steadily pushing my cock in. She tried to push me off but I was steadily thrusting my penis and probably she too liked feeling of the swollen hot meat filling up her vagina and sliding against her clit till I felt my balls slapping her arse. She embraced me and clung on to me. ‘Please.. Let it be there for some time… want to get used to it she said she was now groaning with lust. It was a highly erotic feeling of my penis buried deep in her warm cunt.

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She was enjoying it. After about half a minute of enjoying the pleasurable warmth of her velvety cunt clinging on to my penis.. I could wait no more and started sliding my penis in and out of her cunt.

‘No no.. Please.fuck me.. Fuck me hard she screamed. I started thrusting my cock in and out of her cunt fucking her steadily. She was now moaning.. It’s too big, you’ll split me.. She screamed in pain.