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She had a plump pussy and large labial lips which were swollen and thick. The large swollen labial lips seemed to have caught my fancy. ‘Warm,’ I said. My fingertips came into contact with the hot flesh. Gingerly I felt her swollen spongy labial lips and brushed them up and down and was running my middle finger up and down her slit very tenderly. I heard her moaning softly. I was running my fingers around her swollen labia lips and was tenderly squeezing her labial lips with my fingers.

Gingerly I parted the lips with fingers of both my hands and was looking inside intently. ‘Squeeze it now. Go on, you won’t break it.’ I pushed my hand back on it. And with my two fingers started squeezing her labial lips. I was gently and tenderly massaging her clit between my thumb and fore finger.

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Ahhhhhhhhhh…She started moaning and involuntarily she caught one of my hands and placed it on her breasts. I noticed a trickle of liquid dribble down from between the crack. I brought my other hand up and pushed both sides of her swollen labial lips away with my thumbs. I marveled at the concentric folds of glistening skin.

‘Oh, that’s wonderful. I can feel your breath. Go ahead, feel it, insert your fingers and feel me’ she said, as if reading her mind I stuck a finger into the hot wetness. It was soft, yielding, inviting. She twitched as I moved my finger around. In and out I thrust my finger tenderly. ‘Like that’ she said. ‘Yes.it’s so warm and smooth.’ I said by now I was finger fucking her steadily. In turn she was feeling my cock covered by my jeans and was steadily massaging the meat between my legs. ‘Why don’t you take my clothes off now’ she said I leaned back, my eyes still fixated on her.

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I started to unbutton her shirt, hesitant under her expectant eyes. Her nipples were hard and were thrusting against the shirt. After that came off, I slid off her skirt. I stood up to unbutton my jeans and then those too were on the floor. She gasped when she saw me in my underwear. There was a real huge bulge between my legs. In voluntarily she stroked the bulge. ‘It’s evident you have some magnificent machinery here’ she said and gently squeezed my penis. She pulled my underwear off and gasped. There was my semi turgid penis seven inches long and about an inch and half thick hanging between my legs.

She gave it a couple experimental rubs. ‘Lovely,’ she said, and then kissed it on the tip. Just holding on to his magnificent penis and driven by natural urge made my penis hard and erect…. About nine inches long and 2 inches thick. Suddenly and instinctively I pulled her up towards me. Looking at her, I smiled as I made my way up to her mouth. My hands glided over her hips and down to her inner thighs, separating them.

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Pulling her closer to me, I kissed her mouth deeply with a lot of tongue and pressed my hips into her crotch. Slowly I walked her to the bed and sat down on it and pushed my head into her crotch and pressed my mouth into her cunt. I was now licking her pussy. Feeling my tongue probing and licking the inner folds of her pussy sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body.

I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit, my fingers spreading her swollen cunt lips wide. My tongue made long licks from her clit to the entrance of her pussy. Moving against me, her hands on the back of the bed, I let myself give into her feelings that I was arousing in her. Slowly she pulled my hands to her pussy and inserted my middle finger into her cunt goaded me to finger fuck her.

As my finger entered in her pussy, she gasped. Rocking back and forth against my lips, my finger fucking and sucking of her clit, she moaned deeply. “Dear, suck my clit.. Suck it hard! Please!” I closed my lips around her clit, and started sucking on the tender flesh as I inserted another finger into her pussy.

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