Desi Housewife’s adventure with Servant and Driver

Read amazing new story about how Desi Housewife fucks Servant & Driver near river and their dick raising sex story only at – Wife Group Sex Stories.. Hi, I am Neha. I live in Noida. Some part of this story is true. My husband is from a small town who runs a large business in Noida. I will not mention the exact location. I got married in 2014.

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Every year we visit my husband’s home two times. I don’t wear Indian saree, blouse in Noida. But in his home, I have to adjust to traditional Indian housewife dress. His family is the richest family in the area.

The incident happened this year when we visited his home. I was getting bored. I told the family driver to take me to some good places nearby. My father-in-law sent a servant to look after me. The driver and servant were younger than me.

The car left the locality and after few minutes they drove towards a lonely area. He stopped near the river. There was no home nearby, but the location was beautiful. There was fresh air. I was trying to click some pictures, and the wind blew my saree. My cleavage was exposed to them. I was wearing a sleeveless blouse. I suddenly realized that I forgot to wear a bra as I was at the home. The blouse was light orange and they could have seen my nipples.

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The driver went inside the vehicle and started playing a local song filled with sexual language. They asked me to let’s dance to this song. They took off their clothes and went waist deep in the river. They asked me to join them. I said I don’t take bath in public place and I don’t have any extra clothes.

The servant replied, I have a towel, you can come here naked and your clothes will not get wet. “Why should I get naked in front of you people”.

Malkin, there is nobody here and we won’t tell anybody. I want to see you naked. “No, I won’t do that”. They came to the surface and pulled me near the river, come on it will be fun. The driver dropped my pallu and both looked at my breasts. They were trying to measure the size and shape of my breasts with their eyes. They are holding my hands. I was feeling so embarrassed, but there was no one else to see this.

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Then I saw that very far away a village woman was collecting woods. They left me and wore their pants. After five minutes she went back and disappeared. Now again the two guys came near me. I was speaking on my cellphone and after ending the call, the servant grabbed my breasts from behind over my blouse. I removed his hands. I went inside the car. They sat next to me on two sides. They put my hand on their erect dicks.

The driver rubbed my thighs and then his hands reached my stomach and tried to cup my right breast from below. I pulled his hand down without saying anything. I was not even looking at them as if they don’t exist. The servant grabbed my left breast directly and squeezed my boob. When I tried to push his hand, the driver grabbed my right breast and pushed his finger on the nipple and gently brushed the nipple’s upper part with his finger. I tried to remove their hands but this time, they held my hands.

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I gave myself away, as I was enjoying everything from the beginning. They knew as I smiled at them when they were trying to seduce me outside. It was only a matter of time when their malkin will become their woman.

I closed my eyes as they opened my blouse buttons. My round beautiful breasts were revealed to my servants. Both sucked on my nipples gently. The servant boy was so hungry. He kissed sucked my breasts hard. Then the driver fondled my boobs with his rough hands. He kissed me. The kiss was making me more submissive. They took me outside and I removed every clothes from the body. They hugged me from two sides.
The driver pushed me on the car window and inserted his dick in my vagina. Now, I am going to have sex with my driver. I lied on the grass. Our two naked bodies became one. He was fucking me now. The servant asked him to finish quickly, but he was enjoying me. Our malkin will go away after few days. We will not get this chance again. I will enjoy my owner’s wife.

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The driver filled my pussy with his sperm after fucking me for minutes. I sat naked and the servant before me. The servant pulled my nipples. The driver told him “malkin ki choochiyan ko kas ke daba”.

I asked the driver to bring some food from the car. He started to while the servant was playing with my boobs. His erection was lost, when the driver was fucking me. I wore my clothes again.

Then I took off my saree, I removed my saya. I cupped my breasts before him and the driver started singing the vulgar lines. “malkin ki choochiyon men bhara hai das litre doodh”. “aaj malkin tujhe saari raat apni doodh pilaegi”

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As I opened my blouse slowly, he got his erection back seeing my breasts again. Now he was ready to fuck me. I was over him. I positioned myself and inserted his penis into my vagina. In one push his dick got inside. He did as I expected and grabbed my shaking breasts. He pressed my breasts as I moaned and fucked him. He held my nipples and pressed them with his fingers. We came and he lied to me changing position. Then he ejaculated inside my vagina.

We went back home after cleaning ourselves. I fucked them at home before saying goodbye.

I reached Noida with many sexual desires. I also had sex with my other driver and watchman in Noida. I did that in my own bedroom.

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After few months we came to the same spot. Now there was winter. They checked the softness of my boobs and said your breast size has increased. They were happy that now my breasts have breast-milk. They wanted my drink my doodh. They thought they were the father of my baby.