Desi housewife fucks Muslim Driver

My name is Venkat and I am from Chennai, India. My wife, Susan and I have been married for past 3 years. Before marriage, Susan was a senior to me at work and was a year older by age. Read this amazing new story about Inter-religion sex – Desi housewife fucks Muslim Driver in front of husband. Do remember to share your views on it about Hindi Porn.

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Also we were from different faiths, she being a Christian and I a Hindu. Our families, both hers and mine, were completely against this alliance. But we stood by each other and got married. We cut all formal ties with our families and moved to Mumbai immediately after marriage. Susan, now a 30 year old, has a great body – she is slim with 36B cups and her hips are exceptionally broad. She is a bit on the shorter side and a her skin color cannot be called ‘fair’ – but that just adds to the sexiness about Susan.

She was an object of desire for every male at work before I got lucky. I don’t know what Susan saw in me – as I am physically not well-endowed. I did not carry a great personality either. When I worked under Susan before our marriage, I used to address her as ‘madam’. I actually used to fear her for her seniority – even though I had fallen in love with this beautiful Indian lady. But gradually Susan perhaps began to understand my feelings towards her and one day she herself asked if I wanted to go out with her for dinner.

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I was delighted with the offer and we visited the best Chinese restaurant in the town. Things gradually started moving and in 4 months since that dinner, Susan and I tied the knot. It was not a “Big-Fat-Indian-Wedding”, but a 30 minute appointment at a registrar’s office. The same evening we board a train to Mumbai to start a new chapter in our lives.

We reached Mumbai the following morning. We checked into a hotel and spent the night together. It was my first night with Susan – that too in a new place. I was nervous. Before we got married Susan had honestly told me that she was not a virgin, but I was one. I did not know how to do ‘it’. The moment Susan took off her jeans, I panicked. I told her that I was not prepared.

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Susan just smiled at me and she went to sleep. Things did not progress for the next one week, when we were in the hotel. During those seven days, we joined our respective offices (we did not work in the same organization anymore) and started searching for a house to move into. We finally found one near a slum. The place was not considered safe for ladies, but Susan was a bold character and she insisted we moved into the house. And we did.

On the first night in our new house, Susan asked if I was ready to finally lose my virginity. She slowly took off my clothes and made me stand naked in front of her. I was feeling shy and could not look eye-to-eye with Susan. I tried to cover my penis with both by hands. Susan, who was sitting by the bed, pulled me closer to her and looked closely at my penis. At just two inches, my penis was very small – even smaller than a school boy’s. Susan smiled. She asked me to come to the bed.

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Then Susan gradually took off her clothes and she laid completely naked. I was beginning to sweat.

But Susan said, “Relax Venkat. Don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything. Just press my legs – I am a bit tired.”. I was relieved at the thought that I would not have to appear for the ‘test’ and said, “Yes madam”. Maybe it was due to my nervousness that I addressed Susan as ‘madam’ again after so many months.

Susan giggled and said, “That is cute. You can keep calling me madam.” I started pressing Susan’s legs and she read a magazine.

After sometime, Susan asked me (still reading the magazine),”Venkat! I told you that I had sex before, didn’t I?”

I replied, “Yes madam. You did.”

“I had sex with our driver when I was at school. He was a well-built Muslim man with a huge cock – unlike you. You know he even got me pregnant once and I had to undergo an abortion. After that, my father fired him from his job. But I still miss him. I don’t think I will ever be sexually satisfied by you.”


Surprisingly, this revelation actually got me excited. My penis hardened hearing that my newlywed wife Susan was once impregnated by her driver – that too when she was at school.

“You did not tell me you had got pregnant madam, but I can understand how much you must be missing a real man like him.”, I said and my small penis started to harden gradually.

“I think we should find a real man for my sexual needs. Someone who can fuck me regularly and you can also learn from him.”, Susan said calmly – her eyes still fixed in the magazine while I continued t press her smooth legs.

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“Yes madam.”, I said at a low voice. Without saying anything directly, we were entering into a cuckold and hot wife relationship – and that too me never fucking my wife. Susan turned her head towards me and looked at my penis – which was fully erect by then.

“I knew you would like it. That is why I married you. My lovely husband!”, Susan said, “Now come. Give me a kiss on my toes to express your love.”

I did exactly how Susan ordered.

Susan smiled and said, “And make me a promise. You will remain a virgin all your life.”

“I promise madam.”, I said, again kissing Susan’s toes.

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That night changed our lives forever.

We were both happy – Susan was excited at the fact that she will have the freedom to have sex with any men she wanted and will still have a loving and loyal husband like me at home.

I was also happy with the arrangement as I had understood that I was nothing more than a cuckold and my hot wife Susan deserved better men than me.

Two months later, we bought a car and hired a Muslim driver named Khalid, who used to live in the nearby slum. Khalid was tall, dark and had the physique of a body builder. He was around 40 years old and had three wives and 10 children. Of course when we hired him we knew that we were not hiring him just to drive our car.

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Susan had handpicked him from a few really well-endowed men who had applied for the job. We knew our life was heading towards a really exciting phase.

Almost a month passed by since Khalid was hired. Then came the day that changed everything for us – forever. It was a Sunday. We did not have office and normally on Sundays Khalid was not required on duty. Susan asked me to call Khalid and invite him to have dinner with us. My heart started to beat hard in excitement as I started to speculate what was on store.

I called Khalid and asked him to come over. Khalid was initially hesitant as it is not common in India for people, who are traditionally categorized as low income class, to dine with ‘superior’ classes.

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But when I insisted, Khalid agreed. He came home sharp at 7 PM – dressed much well than he normally did while on driver’s duty. He was wearing a pathan dress. I welcomed Khalid into the living room and he sat down on the sofa. I was in my shorts and a T. Khalid and I started chatting and he thanked me for the wonderful gesture. He said it would be his first meal with people of our stature. We kept talking for about fifteen minutes and then Susan walked into the living room.

I froze the moment I saw Susan. She was wearing a white mini skirt that ended at least 10 inches above her knee – completely exposing her smooth thighs and a sleeveless pink top. In India, that kind of dress is very uncommon and particularly for a man like Khalid, I would not be surprised if it was the first time he had seen a woman in that kind of a dress. Susan walked up to Khalid and gave him a welcome hug thanking him for coming over.

Khalid was probably feeling a bit awkward from within, but he didn’t show anything outside. Maybe these are the things that separate a real man from sissies. Susan sat down next to Khalid and they started chatting.

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She asked him about his personal life and joked how he manages three wives. Every now and then Susan was deliberately touching Khalid’s body – she would casually hold his arms, put her hands on his thighs and even touched his chest once. Khalid too was settling down and he too probably was beginning to understand that he can freely make some advances with Susan without any resistance.

Khalid made his first real bold move when he placed his hand on Susan’s thighs and asked if she was comfortable wearing such a dress in front of her employee. Susan giggled and said that she always dressed like that at home.

Khalid complemented her beauty and then he turned to me and said something that set the tone for our lives until this day.

Khalid said,”Venkat, Please go and arrange for dinner”.

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It was a simple statement, but there were a few things hidden within this –

1. Khalid called me by name, until then he used to call me ‘sir’.

2. In India, normally it is the woman of the house who takes care of food, not the man

3. It was an order, not a request.

“Oh yes. You must be hungry. I will arrange the food – until then you spend some time with Susan.”, saying this I walked into the kitchen.

I heard Susan almost laughing from behind.

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I returned to the living room after around half an hour. And I froze the moment I walked in.

Both Khalid and Susan were completely naked and Susan was sitting on Khalid’s lap. She was rubbing Khalid’s chest and Khalid was fondling her boobs.

His huge cock, at least 10 inches in length was proudly standing erect.

“So the dinner is ready Venkat?”, Khalid asked me.

I looked down on the floor in shame and nodded in affirmative.

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“Look at me Venkat.”,Khalid said. Susan giggled again.

I looked at Khalid. He planted a kiss on Susan’s lips and then he put a finger inside her ass. Susan moaned.

“Your lovely wife told me that you have never fucked her and you are still a virgin. Is that right girl?”, Khalid asked me.

“Yes master Khalid.”, I spontaneously called him ‘master’ and didn’t mind him calling me a girl.

I continued, “It is such a arousing scene to see my wife Susan naked in the arms of a real man like you, master Khalid. Please could you satisfy her the way she deserves?”.

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Saying this I removed my clothes and knelt in front of them. I said, “Master Khalid, i will never be able to fuck Susan with my small penis. Please fuck her. I beg you.”

Both Susan and Khalid laughed when they saw my penis.

Khalid said, “That is the tiniest penis I have ever seen. Even my 10 year old son has a bigger tool than this. You should not call yourself a man. Go and wear a pair of Susan’s bra and panties. Go now.”

Susan busted out laughing – Khalid’s finger was still inside her ass. “Go Venkat. Be a good girl.”, Susan said.

I went back into the bedroom. Picked up a pair of pink bra and panties and put them on. I also applied some lipstick – even though I was not ordered to do that. I was getting into my place in the ‘family’.

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I returned to the living room and this time Susan was kneeling on the floor, between Khalid’s legs, and she was sucking his huge cock.

When she realized my presence, Susan turned to look at me and smiled.

“She is looking so cute, isn’t it Khalid?”, asked Susan.

“You can have lesbian sex with her.”, said Khalid as he busted out laughing.

I also shyly smiled – like a little girl as I watched my beautiful wife suck our black, muscular driver’s dick. After minutes of hungrily sucking Khalid’s cock, Susan climbed onto the sofa and this time she sat on Khalid’s lap crossing her legs around his waist.

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She looked at me, smiled and slowly guided Khalid’s cock into her pussy.

Khalid looked at me and said, “Now you will see how a man fucks a woman. Come closer for a better view.”

I went closer and sat on the floor – between Khalid’s legs and looked at Khalid’s penis fully inside Susan’s pussy.

Khalid slowly started to fuck her and Susan moaned in ecstasy. They passionately kissed each other as I looked on. Gradually Khalid picked up pace and started ramming my wife like a wild stallion.

Susan started screaming in a mixture of pleasure and pain. This went on for at least fifteen minutes and Susan orgasm at least twice during the period. Finally Khalid exploded with a huge cry.

He came inside Susan.

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They both lied in each other’s arms for a few minutes. And then Susan got down and stood in front of me. I was still kneeling down on the floor. Khalid’s cum started to drip out of Susan’s pussy.

I spontaneously licked cum out of Susan. Susan and Khalid looked at each other and smiled. They knew I have fully understood my place.

After that we had dinner together. Susan sat on Khalid’s lap during dinner – both remained naked throughout the evening. They even had food from the same plate and fed each other sometimes.

I looked on with a hardened dick, but I was scared to even ask Susan if I could relieve myself inside her.

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This was just the beginning of a new life for us.