Desi big boobs wife fucked by Servants (Part 3)

Hello all. Glad to have all Erotic Sex stories, Free Sex stories & Hindi sex stories readers on I am going to continue 3rd part of this story [ FIRST PARTSECOND PART ]. Be sure to read the other 2 parts if you already aren’t done with them yet. Anyways, lets continue.

Mansi was now a devoted whore to Ashraful. Ashraful has completely taken control on by Buxom housewife and she was always eager to fuck him. She didn’t care about me being around. She just wanted his big black cock inside her. Both of them fucked 2-3 times a day. Mansi was now my servants keep. I was enjoying it. Although there was some guilt, but watching Mansi taking Ashraful’s big cock in and fucking like an animal had driven away the guilt and I had only excitement watching them.

One fine day, i got a call from my Seniors about a meeting that was supposed to happen with one of clients. Meeting was supposed to at our office and there was a chance of me getting late, so I told Mansi about it. She said ok with fake disappointment. I knew she would take all the time now and fuck Ashraful all over my place. I bade goodbye and left.

I was driving my car when I got a call on my cellphone. It was my senior.

“Hello sir, I am on my way. Should be there in next 30 minutes”, I said.

“Samar, don’t come. Client has postponed the meeting to next week. Time your day off today and meet me tomorrow at 10”, My senior, Mr. Kaushal said.

I nodded and said Ok. Now I had nothing else to do so thought about having some cold coffee before I head back home. After having my coffee at a cafe, I got in the car and drove back home.

I got there on time and was pretty confused to find the outer gate open. I remembered to have closed it before getting in the car. Open gate meant someone was inside the house and something was happening. I reached the door and kept my ears on it, trying to hear what was going inside. I heard some giggles and rough talk. One of Ashraful and I sensed one more guy with him. Mansi was giggling a lot. Ashraful was joking about the other guy having fucked a goat when he was drunk and thought he fucked his neighbors housewife.

“Bashir always wanted to fuck hosuewives,” Ashraful continued,” I fucked Najma back at our place in Bangladesh. She was a hugh boobs lady and fucked like an animal too.”

Mansi giggled and stayed silent.

“I brought him here to see if he can do the same to you”.

Ashraful was planning on a 3sum I guess. I have to find a way in somehow and avoid alerting them. Our house had a big boundary. On one side, there was a servant quarter, the place where Ashraful lived and had fucked Mansi sometime back, and behind our house was another door, which led to the back verandah connecting the bathroom. I knew it was locked from inside and also how to open it from outside. Slowly I moved to the back of the house, unlocked the verandah door and closed it.

The verandah was connected with a separate bathroom, storage room and then opened towards the main hall. It was there where I heard the conversation. I slowly made my way through the store room. It was dark inside so anyone sitting in the hall, cannot see things inside the store room. Safe for me. I moved a bit towards the door, which opened towards the hall and watched.

Mansi was sitting on the couch and Ashraful was sitting beside her. Bashir, the other person was standing NAKED! He should have got naked while I was finding my way in from the back of the house. He was as black as Ashraful, but plumpy too. He had a big dick too. It was shining black and very hard. I had a good glimpse of it since the storage door was 8-10 feet from them and I was getting a very clear view of what was happening in there.

Bashir stroked his cock and asked Mansi to feel it. Mansi was all smiles. She had started loving this experience. Fucking low class men now. She had fucked Ashraful and was more than happy to fuck his friend too. She wanted towards Bashir and took his cock in her hand.

Bashir was in heavens!

“Stroke it and suck it, my randi”, He whispered slowly.

Mansi didn’t object to the ‘randi’ word. She stroked his cock for a while and got down on her knees. Within seconds, Bashir’s black and hairy cock was in her mouth. She was giving him a very good blowjob. Bashir’s back was arching backwards and he was uttering all kinds of sounds. Blowjob continued for 10 minutes approx and Bashir got so excited that he unloaded his cum in Mansi’s mouth. Cum was oozing out from the sides of her mouth and she might have drank some too. She licked Bashir’s cock clean and wiped her face.

By this time, Ashraful had got naked and wanted a blowjob too. Mansi moved towards him and took his cock in too. She gave him a good one. Ashraful sat on the couch and Mansi sucked his cock like a lollypop. She was now a perfect whore.

I didn’t tell you about what she was wearing though. She was in her nighties. Something that she likes to wear often. She wore a silky pink nightie and I was sure that she was all naked inside, just the way she likes to be, when I am around.

Mansi blowed Ashraful for abour 10-15 minutes. He wasn’t going to cum just now. She kept on sucking, crouched on his cock and on her knees and hands. This gave Bashir a wonderful view of her ass and pussy under the nightie. He got up and pushed Mansi’s nightie all the way up to her waist. Mansi didn’t object. She wanted a good fuck and she wanted both of their cocks inside her.

Bashir’s eyes widened.

“Rand(Whore) has one of the best milky white pussy, Ashraful!”. he exclaimed.

“I know Bashir,” Ashraful commented.” get on with it, we don’t have much time. Saab will be back soon”.


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Bashir started licking Mansi’s pussy and ass from behind. Mansi was obviously too around and spread her legs even more to give him a better access of her love hole. Bashir was lapping like a mad dog and Ashraful was sitting patiently getting his monster black cock sucked.

After a while, Bashir got up. His cock was rock hard again. It looked like a burning iron rod. He put it in front of Mansi’s pussy and gave a push. Mansi jumped a little, but Ashraful held her head and shoulder tightly. She was obviously feeling a bit scared by Bashir’s fat black cock, but Ashraful wasn’t letting her go.

Bashir gave one more hard push and the cock went it. Mansi shouted like a lamb, while Ashraful pushed her on his cock. She can’t do anything now. She had to suck him and let Bashir tear her pussy. She was trapped in between two animals now.

Bashir took out his cock, applied some saliva and pushed it back inside her pussy in one stroke. Mansi jumped again. Bashir took his time and slowing started plowing her. Mansi was relaxed now. She was trying her best to accommodate the fat cock.

Bashir fucked her gently for few minutes and then shifted gears. He was now fucking her like an animal. His going coming out and going in like an engine piston. Mansi was unable to bear the pain now and her eyes has tears in them. Ashraful smiled and slapped her.

“You are my rand now, Mansi”, He said,” I’ll bring more fat big cock fuckers and let them fuck you”

Mansi cried a little.

Ashraful continued,” You are now my 4th wife. Behave like one. Suck me more and then I’ll fuck your ass today”.

Mansi was terrified now. Her ass as almost virgin and she was frightened on imagining a monster cock in it. I can see her terrified face. Can’t do anything now. She was a whore, frightened one, but still a whore of my servant, Ashraful.

Bashir continued fucking her like a bull.

“I am getting hot, Ashraful. I am about to unload my cum in rand’s chut (Pussy)”, He said.

“Unload it”, Ashraful said, looking at crying Mansi,” She is my rand, she won’t mind it”.

Mansi tried to move or show her disapproval, but it was too late.

Bashir was moaning like a dog now. He was unloading his massive cum in Mansi’s pussy and she kept her eyes shut to avoid humiliation. Too late my baby.

After a while, Bashir took his limp cock out and sat on the couch next to Ashraful. His cock was gleaming with him cum and Mansi’s love juices.

“She is hotter than Najma, Ashraful”, he beamed,” Her pussy (Chut) is even more hot with juices. I would want to fuck her even more now”.

“Sure Bashir”, Ashraful said,” She is my rand. She’ll fuck whoever I tell her to”.

Ashraful pushed Mansi aside and got up.

“Now it’s your ass that I am going to ravage”, he said as he got some oil from kitchen. Mansi won’t be able to walk for few days now. First her pussy got teared to bits by Bashir’s fat cock and now her ass was going to be spread wide open by Ashraful.

Mansi tried to move and get up, but Bashir moved quickly and held her shoulders tightly.

“Ashraful, please fuck me in the pussy. My ass was pain a lot”, she pleaded as she was now back on her fours and held tightly my monster Bashir.

“My dear Mansi”, Ashraful said as he oiled his monster cock”, Had your pimp and feeble husband fucked your ass, it wouldn’t have pained today”.

He was right. Mansi never allowed me to fuck her ass. Hell, she even denied me blowjobs at time. I wanted her ass teared like her pussy now. Suits her.

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Ashraful oiled his cock and put some oil on and inside Mansi’s ass with his rugged fingers. Mansi winced with pain. She had no choice. She was going to take it and move on.

Ashraful now positioned his massive cock in front of her asshole.

“Bashir, hold her tight. I am going to put my lund (cock) in her gaand (asshole) in one quick push. I don’t like taking small pushes.”, he said.

Bashir nodded and clamped Mansi with his legs and hands. Now her face was on his cock. He commanded her to suck it while Ashraful fucked her ass. Mansi didn’t object. Took his cock it and started sucking it. Maybe trying to divert her attention to something else than her ass.

Ashraful gave one mighty push and his cock went it to the fullest. He was very powerful and his push was like a rampaging bull. All in at once. Mansi shrieked! She was now sobbing loudly. She couldn’t cry to the fullest since she had a cock in her mouth. Although I could feel her pain.

Ashraful had waited too long and wanted to make the most of his ass-fucking session. He started giving heavy thrusts now. Mansi’s big boobs swayed and Bashir held one and pressed at times. She was crying, sucking and enjoying now.

Ashraful continued fucking her asshole for about 20 minutes and then moaned. He was cumming in her ass. Mansi felt relived. Ashraful unloading all his cum in her ass and pushed her forward, removing his cock. Mansi fell on the floor. Bashir and Ashraful were all smiles. They had fucked one the most beautiful and buxom lady and were satisfied.

Mansi on the other hand was almost lifeless. She stayed like that for a while. Meanwhile Bashir and Ashraful dressed up to leave. Ashraful caressed Mansi’s ass as he wore his shirt. He bent down and sucked her supple breasts before giving her a big smooch. Mansi, even though she was fucked till she died, reciprocated with sweet and long kiss. Ashraful smiled, got up, wore his pants and started to leave. Bashir was already out.

” I’ll take the day off my rand. Hope you don’t mind”, He said zipping his fly,” I will come tomorrow morning as usual and see if i can fuck that sweet pussy again”.

He winked as he left. Mansi slowly got up and went to bathroom after closing the front door, all naked.

I had just witnessed a hardcore gangbang of my buxom wife and wanted to think about it. I drove to a local coffee shop and had a couple of coffees. Called Mansi and told that I may come early today as the meeting was almost over. She sounded tired and ill. How can she not be. Bitch just got fucked in all holes by two big black muslim cocks. I waited for an hour and then drove back home to find my wife unable to walk properly.

She said she fell in the bathroom and sprained her knee and needed rest. She dozed off quickly and I saw her asshole torn later that night. She got fucked by Ashraful’s other friends too. More to come in upcoming parts.

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