Crazy Bus Experience

I was sitting on the second last seat of a private bus and going back to Hyderabad (India) after staying a week in Mumbai and it was the last stop within Mumbai, a beautiful well figure, healthy and a good height girl with long hair stepped in and started searching for her seat and stop in front of my seat and sat beside me, Wow what a company I thought in mind and we both have a formal smile and said hello to each other, after a while bus started moving and I started looking @ her figure…

She was completely in white suite, she was amazing, beautiful with a very sexy figure, everything was perfectly sized with a good height, pleasant, good looking, fair complexion, good features and rounded butts, and a sexy curve towards her waist, it was almost 1/3rd of difference between butts and waist and so with the chest, her boobs were so tempting and sexy that no one could ignore it, her titan boobs were so sensational that even though she was in dupatta it was a clear message that they are so tightened that they may bust out like anything at any time although her shirt was not so tight, her smell was scintillating me, her eyes looks very sexy as if she is drunk. After a while we started chatting and I came to know that she was going to UK, but unfortunately she got some problems in immigration and has to go back to her home which was in Hyderabad and when she came out of the airport, her family members who came with her to send off were already gone and she has to catch this bus, she was very depressed and couldn’t get sleep since two nights, I tried my best to bring her back to normal from the depression and within an hour we became good friends, my legs were touching her legs (intentionally) which she didn’t mind.

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Time passed like nothing and we were advised to take dinner on a dhaba, we both have dinner together, till that time we became very close and chatting personal matters at that moment I thought it won’t be tough to seduce her, but still I was afraid to do so, around 8 pm our journey started again, after a while she told me that she wants to sit @ window side and we both stood up to swap the seats, she ordered me to come out while she was not going out of her seat and giving me the way to do so, that was an opportunity for me and I started moving out facing towards her face, suddenly I pretend that I am about to fall on her and put my hand on her shoulder (as she was also standing which was not needed ) and started moving , her body parts were touching mine and I started taking deep breath, my nose was almost touching her fore head and lower part of my chest was touching her warm ,soft and huge boobs and my tool was tingling and scintillating touched her thighs and within a second it aroused as if it touched the current and went in between her thighs my goodness @ that moment my dick became very hot and hard and for sure she understood my feelings and behavior of my cock, there was no gap between us, bus helped me in giving her the jerks and I was getting uncontrolled and willing to clutch her as much as I could and standing right in front of her and not making any efforts to move out, my hand was still on her shoulder, she looked at me and with a hidden smile put her hand on my shoulder and moved me aside and at the same time I slipped my hand from her shoulder to her waist giving a light and emotional touch to her boobs and her belly I came out, although this whole process took only few minutes but it opened the door with a green signal, for which I was thinking since last 4/5 hours. (Now she was on my right side). I was sexually getting arouse and my tool was knocking me out, I emptied the whole water bottle to cool down my cock who was troubling me a lot for more space.

After settling down I put my right hand on her lap and waited for the response, she didn’t say any anything, I cheered up and with confidence started caressing her soft lap she was calm with closed eyes, I turn around towards my right side and my left hand came in action and started caressing her neck and after some time I was playing with her breasts and giving emotional touch to it and the other hand was busy inside and in between her thighs, she was murmuring (please aisa math karo koi dekhlega ) now she was getting arouse and started taking deep breath, now my left hand was caressing her lap and very carefully sent it inside her shirt and above her shalwar now I can realize the softness of her thighs my goodness it was so soft plus the cloth of her shalwar was also like which was arousing me immensely and started moving towards the caves of her pussy one thing was noticeable that in this cold weather she is very warm and sexually arousing minute by minute and enjoying the pleasure and I noticed that there is not under wear inside, that was another plus sign which was making me out of control and being trouble by my dick for more space. By now my fingers were driving in between her thighs and on her lap and towards and across her pussy and rubbing her hot pussy and tried to wide her legs as much as possible. She was getting horny and started moving her hand very cautiously on my lap and somehow open the zip of my paint and tried to grab my tool by sending her two finger inside, when she though it is not possible she started playing with it and at the other end I was making a move under her shirt towards her soft, naked and warm navel and waist and started caressing it and grasp it like anything and went towards her boobs, and started pressing her breasts over her bra and the moment I touched her boobs she made a little jerk and started saying ufffffffffffffffff, nooooooo.. oooooooooo, plsssssssssssssssss Koi dekh lega plsssss ssssssssss sssssssssss, she was arousing as my hand was caressing and fondling her soft body , and my cock was killing , tingling and pumping me like a bull to come out, I was playing, pressing her huge boobs and tits inside her but outside her bra after some time I tried my best to untie her bra but it was very tight for me to do so I told her to untie her bra and she did, I started sending my hand inside her bra which was loosen by her it was so huge and soft I couldn’t explain and she started taking the jerks and moaning ufffffffff, plssssssssss, koi dekh legaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaa,. I was cajoling, fondling and flattering with her boobs and she was sexually arousing and getting horny.

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I went down and slowly started untying her shalwar knot she pleaded not to do so but I was not in control although it was public place but I was getting mad, and was not caring for anything in fact we heard some comments from the back seat but kept quiet and at that time I was totally “Be-sharam”, somehow I succeeded and open its knot and send my hand inside, no I was right she was not wearing underwear and my fingers were enjoying the ride in her secret area and started caressing her soft, warm and naked lap and her thighs and her warm soft shaved , wet and horny pussy it was taking us to beyond limits we were getting mad like anything and I cock was suffering a lot and slowly started giving little jerks with my finger considering that she will not moan loudly, we were getting out of control and she was enjoying the pleasure of my caressing and jerks and was at extreme to get orgasms and she got it and started moaning, yes she started leaking which was making her cunt more wet, I speed up my jerks and at the same time she was holding my cock and pressing it harder and harder and after some time when I saw her face it was red, we were controlling too much and getting mad, don’t ask about me I was more mad than her at least she could leak, she looked at me pretending she is upset with my behavior, as if it’s my fault.

I decided to drop off @ Pune and continue the journey later and started convincing her and at last we left the bus at Pune and made a call to her home and gave the excuse of bus failure and bla bla bla!!!! and walked towards hotel, as soon as we stepped in the room the first thing I did was changed my paint and when I came out of wash room she was standing in balcony and looking outside I went and stood @ her back, now I was in my night paint with no restrictions inside my cock was in the alley between her butts trying to dig in and my hands started caressing her sides of the hips towards her navel to her waist and at lastly grasp her breasts which were so huge it was hard to cover the whole by one hand, and my lips were kissing her neck and my cock was in the alley of her beautiful butts and massaging up and down, this was the right place for enjoying the pleasure now were truly enjoying it and slowly started peeling her shirt and bra I was getting amused by looking her soft and well shaped naked figure now she turned around and put her arms on my shoulder, and clutched me strongly and started kissing me, she was very hot @ that moment as if she had fever I took her in my hands and brought her to the bed and start kissing from her navel all the way around her waist and start sucking her beautiful nipples, squeezing her boobs and nipples and was sucking and fondling it as if I never had anything like that before, as I was playing with her tits she put her hand inside my paint and forcefully pulled it out, then I untie her shalwar and started kissing each and every part of her body, she responded well and started rubbing my cock and while doing so she was enjoying a lot as if she achieved the goal now we were in 69 position and except sucking each other’s tools we did everything and complimenting each other with whole lots of kisses everywhere, she was moaning while kissing..

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I was kissing and biting her thighs and getting closer to her pussy and my fingers were in her pussy dipping in and out and her pussy was getting wet and warm, we were getting more and more mad, crazy like a wild animal and she started biting my thighs and calf and playing with my balls, and fondling, caressing, rubbing and twisting my cock, I was thrusting my finger in her cunt and kissing it and its corners, she started jerking her lower part up and down and so also started moaning and saying “commonnnnnnnnnnnn do it this is too much I can’t wait, plsssssssssssss… ssssssssssssssssssss do it, plssssssssssss, lips of her pussy was almost red, now I turned around for the final round and spread her legs and slowly introduce my fully erect dick in her small, warm, wet and horny pussy she increased her moaning, then suddenly I shut her mouth with my lips so that she shouldn’t start moaning loudly but that doesn’t helped she was moaning like anything , not even thinking that we were in a hotel but my lips did the job of silencer and after a brief introduction of my dick, I pushed it little more in her pussy and slowly keep pushing it and at last my dick was completely in her wet pussy I waited for a while then took it out, then inserted again this time I started jerking it slowly and increasing the pace, she was moaning mmmmmm mmmmmm, mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm my pace was not so fast yet, when I found that she won’t moan loudly I released her mouth she was completely out of control and getting mad and wild her hair completely open and moaning like any thing, “Slowlyyyyyyyyy, Plsssssssssssss, Plsssssssssssss, Slowlyyyyyyyyyyy, Nooooooooooo, Plsssssss ssssssssss, its killing, plsssssssssssssss, after a while she joined with my rhythm and started pushing her pussy upwards, and I was increasing my pace we were getting immense pleasure, her breasts started bouncing, we both were trying to thrust each other, her cunt was getting tighter and tighter, and trying to crunch cock and she got her orgasms and we were enjoying with extreme pleasure and moaning, at the same time I ended up with mine with a full blast speed inside her pussy , (which I did as per her desire) my tool was taking big jerks and ended up with some nail scratches on my back.

We were breathing very heavily specially me after a while we took shower and started again and this time we did in different way, she lied down on the carpet in opposite direction facing her ass upwards I took her legs and put it on my shoulder and send my dick in her cunt from her back and my hands were holding her breasts, I was in a kneel down position, she was also resting on her hands, I was jerking and thrusting my hard cock in her wet pussy at the same time my one hand was holding her from her waist, other one was busy with her gorgeous breasts and kissing her ass and her back area , when I was about for the climax I turned her around and I busted my juice on her breasts and navel and she started rubbing and massaging it all over her body specially on her tits and bits and moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhhh. What a smell, aaaaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We rested for a while and showered again. We couldn’t enjoy more than that, it was 5 am and we were so hungry and their was nothing to eat and left the hotel and then to Hyderabad by bus. She was in Hyderabad for three months and we met whenever we get chance then she left to UK and after a year I migrated from India but we still remember those days and talk to each other.