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Hello indian sex stories readers, this is Kalpesh (name changed for secrecy), I am doing ma job. I’ll narrate you one of my real story with one of my yahoo chat friend. Her name is Kiran (name changed for secrecy.) At that time I was working in Mumbai. Let me narrate about Kiran. She is 22 and studying engineering in Pune. Her stats are 34-29-35 very fair like milk. She has pink nipples on her big 34 c milky boobs.

Those nipples look like cherry on vanilla ice-cream bowl. About me, I am 5’9” ht with 68 kg wt and have average body but having a 7” long and very thick dick. One day I was chatting on yahoo and found a gal’s id in chat room and did pm to that id. We just started chatting for sometimes and this continued for a month. During this we exchanged our details and mobile nos. As well. We started talking for long hours.

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After sometimes I insisted to meet her and she first hesitated and then agreed to meet me. So we planned to meet at Pune in one of the hotels. One Sunday I told my parents that company is sending me to Pune for one day training and started from Mumbai in early hours. At the pre-decided location we met. In one of the hotel we checked in as Mr. & Mrs. Kalpesh. We entered into the hotel room and just sat on the bed, I ordered some snacks for both of us. She was bit hesitant to sit near me but later on agreed to sit properly. I just requested her to let me lye on her lap. We started talking while I was lying on her lap and then I asked her for a kiss.

She closed her eyes and kissed me very fast. Then I kissed her, but my kiss lasted for long. During this our tongue met with each other and we tasted saliva of each other. Then we hugged each other tightly and due to this her big boobs pressed to my chest and my dick started growing. I was caressing her back and was playing with her bra strips on her t-shirt. While hugging only I brought my hands in front to touch her boobs, I touched her boobs, she didn’t resist so I squeezed. She gave me a soft moan and said don’t be too harsh with it. So I started fondling both of them. Then I brought my hands down and touched her bare belly and it was like cream.

I inserted my hand in her t-shirt and tried to touch her boobs from inside over bra. What a sensation! She gave me soft moan but didn’t resist me. So I inserted my hands in bra and touched her bare boobs. Wow, it was so soft and her nipples had become erect.

I asked her that I want to drink milk from her nipples like a baby. She agreed and I lied on her lap like a baby and she took the t-shirt up. Then she took her bra somewhat up, such that her boobs can come out. As soon as I saw her naked boobs, my dick erected like never before. What a scene!!! She has pink nipples on her big 34 c milky boobs. Those nipples look like cherry on vanilla ice-cream bowl. I sucked her pink nipples like a baby and in between biting softly while my hand was fondling and caressing the other boob.

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She was giving soft moans during my sucking. She then asked me to change the boob and then I started sucking other boob while caressing the first boob. Her moan was becoming stronger and stronger by the time.

Then I took my hands down and started caressing her pussy on her jeans. I took one of her hand and put it on my bulging crotch. She started caressing my dick on my jeans. I inserted my hand in her jeans and touched her pussy on her panty. It was already wet with her cunt juices. Then I started unzipping her jeans while started removing my shirt. Now I was only in jeans and she was in panty with t-shirt folded near her shoulder. Then I removed her t-shirt and bra as well and she removed my jeans during that. Now we both were having only underwear on our crotch. We both started kissing each other at every body part like a hungry man. Then I removed her panty and found the best scene of my life.

She had shaved her pussy and her virgin pink pussy was inviting me. I couldn’t resist myself and I parted her pink cunt lips with my fingers and kept my tongue on her cunt. She moaned like hell. I started licking her like ice cream and kept on inserting my tongue in her cunt. She was pressing my head hard on her pussy to lick her. She was saying “Kalpesh, please suck it hard, “aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, suck it hard darling.” While sucking her pussy, my hands were playing with the cherry on vanilla ice cream bowls. She started jerking and my mouth filled with her love juices. I tasted and licked every drop of it.

Then she removed my underwear in search of my erected dick. When she removed my underwear she found my 7” long and very thick dick and said wow and started stroking it. After some times she kissed on top of my dick and started licking it and playing with my balls. She started giving me best blow job of my life.

Then we shifted to 69 positions. I lied on the bed whereas she came on top of me. She trusted her soft hips along with her pink pussy on my mouth and I started licking and tongue fucking her again. She started sucking my hard dick. We had 69 for around 20 minutes and then we both got the orgasm. I told her that I’m about to cum so she said me to cum in her mouth itself. She drank every single drop of my cum while I was licking her love juices oozed from her pussy.

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We rested for some time and while having rest I was playing with her boobs. My dick started erecting again. I told her that my dick is willing to rest in its home and we started again. This time she lied on bed and I on top of her. I started sucking her boobs and meanwhile smooching her as well. Then I guided my dick to her virgin pink pussy. I was giving soft pressure, as her cunt was very tight.

She was having slight pain and saying me doesn’t put it inside, I’m having pain. I assured her that she will enjoy a lot and pain will diminish very soon. Then I gave a hard thrust and my dick broke her hymen and stole her virginity and went completely inside. She started screaming, “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh please remove it, and I’m dying, and please remove it”. I started giving slow thrust and making my dick in & out. After a while she started moaning “ooooooohhhhhhhhh, I’m in heaven, Kalpesh don’t leave, just fuck me hard. Increase your speed jaanu” then I increased my speed and we kept on fucking for more than 20 minutes and we both felt that we are going to cum.

She gave me a jerk and Cummed and after few moments, I also emptied my cum in her womb. After that we found some blood on her thighs and on my dick due to breaking of her hymen and loosing virginity. We both then went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves. We stayed naked while hugging each other. My dick was touching her pussy, while her boobs are pressing with my chest. After sometimes my dick erected again and I asked for one more session.

She started stroking my dick and lied on bed again.

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But I said her to have in different style. I asked her to sit with all her four limbs on bed like a horse. Then I touched her pink pussy by my dick from behind and caught her hanging boobs and started squeezing them. I slowly inserted my penis in her pussy and started giving slow thrusts. She started moaning and started saying, “jaanu fuck me hard. Tear my cunt. I’m completely for you. Fuck me hard.” I started fucking her hard by increasing my speed. This time we lasted longer for around 30 minutes while she got orgasm twice in between.

After that I requested her to have ass fucking, which she rejected saying, next time.