Wonderful holiday with my Servant

Hi everyone. I am Asma and I like reading erotic sex stories, desi literotic sex and free sex stories on desibahu.com. I am studying my graduation. I stay in university hostel and rarely go to hometown. Actually my hometown is 2000 km from where I study. So I generally goes to hometown twice or thrice a year.

Last year after my exams when I planned to go home, I came to know that my family has gone to attend a marriage ceremony in village . And they will be back after 1 days of my reach to home. As almost all the students had left and I had already booked tickets I decided to go hometown. My parents also told me not to worry as they will be back just after one day and our maid will do all the work at home.

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I reached home on Monday morning at 6. Our maid came at 7. I hugged her as I consider her a family member. As I was tired because of journey, decided to take rest. She did all the work and left at 12. She has prepared the food for me. I spent the whole day sleeping, watching movies and chatting with friends. In the evening my maid again came and prepared the dinner as per her daily routine work.

At night I got a call from my mother saying that there is some medical emergency at village. My grandmother is admitted in hospital. Although she is not serious, but my parents will have to stay 2 to 3 days more in village till she recovers. They told me that max they will be back by Saturday morning. I was not much worried. Because I was born and brought up in that city. I have many close friends and families nearby. So I decided to relax for 4 more days.

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The next day I woke up. I was in my short pant and loose semiz. I was not wearing anything inside. The semiz was a little bit transparent. Then our maid came I opened the door. As our maid is working at our home for last 15 years , I was never shy in front of her. But for last few years, whenever she sees me in such dresses she gives naughty comments. But my parents still thing that I am a teen( bachhi), never objects me wearing small clothes at home.

When I opened the door our maid saw me and started commenting , and I was also waiting for her comments. I always enjoy her comments and try to be more naughty in front of her. To be naughty with her was always a fun.

Maid- What is this beti. You are now a big girl and should remain in more covered clothes.

Me- What’s wrong with the dress? It’s absolutely fine.

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Maid- What wrong, look at your legs. Everything below your ass is visible. Look at your semiz, your boobs and nipples are visible through the thin materials.

I was enjoying her comments and words So I further tried to tease her.

Me- What are you saying aunty? look at your boobs , those melons are called boobs. Look at mine , there are so small as compared to yours. These are oranges.

Saying that I lifted my semiz. And showed her my boobs. I was never shy in front of her,as she used to bath me nude for years from childhood.

Maid- You are a shameless girl. You have already developed a perfect 36 sizes and still think that you are kid. This is the perfect size for you. If they becomes more bigger then they will sag.

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Me- But I loves yours. Those are so big.

To tease her more I squeezed her boobs. She started stopping me to do so saying that the more I am growing the more I am becoming shameless.

With such fun and comments few hours passed. She finished all her work. Then I requested for to clean my hair and give me bath. As it is not new for her she agreed. I became nude and she took me to the bathroom with her non stop comments. She bathed , wiped and applied body lotion. Then as usual she dressed me. And went home.

In the evening we again had some funny discussions. Later that night I watched some good movies and went to bed.

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Next day morning I was wearing a long top marginally covering my ass. Without bra or panty inside as usual. Then the doorbell rang. When I opened the door it was not our maid but her husband. I also know him as he comes to our house occasionally. I greeted him with a soft hug as usual I do considering them part of our family. While hugging him because of his height my top was stretched up exposing my ass.