Wife sells her milk to help Husband

And she too became used to this and her shy also decreased and now able to stand with her head little raised and she could see there are no expressions on the face of milkman,may be he is so professional he is not finding difference in milking a women and cow,and like this she had completed all the 19days and today is the last day and she felt very happy and the milk man came near her..

Even before the milk man said a word she opened her blouse, bra and said the milk man to come and take his milk and today he behaved differently and made her to do things differently and may be he is trying to get more milk from her thinking today is the last day,she bear all that humiliations thinking that today is the last day and from tomorrow all her problems will be solved and his husband will be free.

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The milkman made her to stand on four legs like a cow and her big boobs are hanging downside and he cleaned them with water and caught two boobs in his two hands and started milking her like a cow,she has mixed feelings of pain and arousal he extracted so much milk that that she went to a semi-conscious state ,the milkman even then did not stop milking and started milking her,

He sucked her nipples for milk after stopped sucking her after her boobs are completely dry,Manjula in the semi conscious state accidentally touched the milkman’s private area,then seeing her in semi conscious state the devil in him started working he slowly kissed her and after gaining the confidence that she is not resisting the milkman started removing her saree and now she is in her petticoat,her top part has been nude from the past nineteen days,

He inserted his hand in her petticoat and he found something and guessed it to be underwear and he was true he was surprised to know that why do girls wear underwear which he don’t know till now and with a single pull he pulled the underwear out even though there was petticoat on her and surprised to see it is a pink color one and it was teared he smelled it kept it in his pocket to save it as a memory of her.He now slowly removed the petticoat by lifting it,and now a cute and beautiful girl coming from educated family is fully nude in front of an uneducated and ugly milkman.

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The milkman started seeing the love-spot for which ever man dies and he became crazy of her,her crotch is like a thick forest may be she may not have the time, most of her time is utilized in only two things milking and sleeping these days.Manjula is in semi conscious state and she knows what is happening it is the state where most of the over drunk people go.He slept next to her and played with her boobs and pussy and she cooperated to him may be she is thinking she is having sex with her husband because she is saying Kabir fuck me.

And he inserted his finger separating the vaginal lips slowly and started finger fucking her.She was wet by now and responding by moaning slowly,she spread her legs by now.He came in between her legs and started rubbing his cock head in her honey pot after rubbing for a few minutes,he inserted his cock head slowly inside her,he slowly pressed the full length inside and started giving strokes putting pressure on his elbows her cunt lips were swallowing his whole length inside very swiftly and gripping his cock superbly,he pumped it for almost 30 minutes and her orgasm started building.

She started lifting her lips to meet his cock more early,he increased the momentum and she came off and her body ached and he could also not hold more and shot deep inside her cunt.He turned around 180 degrees and came in 69 position. He spread her legs apart and pulled her cunt lips wide,his cum and cunt juices are oozing out her cunt.He started brushing his limp on her mouth and he started eating him out.

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His tongue was ramming her cunt deep and his finger was rubbing her clit.She started gasping for air and opened the mouth,and he took this opportunity and inserted his dick in her mouth,she started sucking his dick thinking she is having sex with her husband,he once again started getting harder.And he inserted almost his 10 inches cock into her throat,he pulled it out of her mouth.

And he inserted his full length cock into her pussy.She put her legs on his waist and locked him tightly.This was pushing his cock deeper and deeper,she was getting an organism now,her boobs were swinging with each of his thrusts beautifully,the thrusts became intense and the he was not able to hold it anymore and emptied his ball-sacks deep inside her womb and was sure this was going to make her pregnant, and he relaxed .

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Since 20 days are complete the milkman left her house by keeping the amount of 20lakhs in the wardrobe. Manjula was exhausted and in deep sleep and she woke up 10:00 clock in the next day morning and she found her self sleeping nude and her pussy and boobs are aching and she remembered his husband is in jail and how could he fuck me,then she got that she was fucked by the milkman and felt pity on herself for encouraging him by mistakenly thinking he is her husband and she felt very bad for cheating his husband Kabir and the only one thing that made her happy is the money which has left in the cupboard and he had deposited the money in the bank,made her husband to be released from jail and his job was given back to him.After his husband release from jail she said how she got the money by selling her boobs to a milkman and how her foolishness let the milkman cross the borders and fucked her…