My wife enjoyed by thugs in train

Hi everyone, I am Ramesh from Kolkata.My wife is Namrata. This is the story about how my beautiful wife was taken forcefully by local thugs in train. First of all, lets describe my wife. She is very beautiful,shy and loyal woman. She has medium size figure 34 28 34 with very fair complexion.One can be mad seeing her in saree. This story shares our hot sex story of my wife who got fucked by thugs in a train.

The incident happened one year ago from now when me and my wife were travelling by train. We were going to our honeymoon in Shimla. So,we boarded our train from Kolkata to Kalka in afternoon.Our family came to the station to see off us.The day was very hot. Me and Namrata got into the train and find our seats.The compartment was air conditioned.

Gradually the train started and we started our journey.Our compartment was mostly empty and our berth was full empty except us.There were some people but were no female. I didn’t know why but later I got to know from the TT that the most seats of the compartment was booked by a group of men. Later we took our snacks. Me and Namrata started to talk to each other.As we were going to our honeymoon,we both were excited. Namrata wore black saree and red half sleeved blouse in very simple way and she was looking cute.

After almost one and half hours, a station named Durgapur came.I got down from the train to buy some foods and water bottles from the station. I saw a huge group of people were boarding on the train and our compartment was fully going to be packed up. Some of those people were looking like anti-socials interested in sexchat. I got into the train and the train were starting to leave the station. When I opened the door and entered to our compartment, I saw a huge group of people in our compartment. They were looking like local thugs. Later I got to know that they were going to Chandigarh to attend some wedding ceremony of some well renowned person.

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When I went to our berth, I saw my wife sat in a seat with one man beside her and three people sat in the seats of opposite side. At that time I did a mistake. I went into our berth and sat in the window side beside my wife leaving her beside the man. I just didn’t care too much. The man had stout figure and he had nice beard.He was talking to the men of his opposite side.I got to know that his name is Guru.He wore black half t-shirt and blue jeans.

Namrata was feeling little uncomfortable as probably she was the only woman in the whole compartment and the rest of the compartment was of that group of people.Three men of the opposite side were just scanning my wife with their eyes filled with antarvasna, from head to toe. Suddenly the phone of my wife started ringing.The phone was in her bag which was in the opposite side upper berth. Namrata stood to take the bag and the saree in her waist region was moved from its actual position.My wife’s navel was just in front of those three men and they were looking lustfully smiling at each other. Namrata noticed it and adjusted the saree quickly.One of those men came near Guru’s ear and said something and both of them laughed loudly.I am sure what is the reason of their laughing. My beautiful wife is the reason.

Though everything were going normal, suddenly I saw Guru was brushing his hand with my wife’s hand deliberately. My wife was looking at me helplessly and tried to ignore. But Guru started to place his hand on her thigh.I was angry and thought what to do.I thought to complain to TT about that matter.I stood up and went out of the door to find the TT. I found TT and told everything but he was not giving any importance as they were the people of some well renowned person.

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So I was disappointed and opened the door to go to our berth.What I saw was just horrible. Guru was lying in my wife’s lap and my wife was massaging his head with some oil. I became angry and said,”Enough is enough man, now you will be killed bastard” and I held his collar of the shirt. One man of those three stopped me forcefully and pointed a pistol to me and said,”Keep quiet,otherwise you will be killed”. So I stopped reacting much and left his collar.

They made me seated in the side berth.I had no other option except seeing what will be happened. Guru still lying on her lap and she was still massaging his head with some oil.She was crying due to shame and humiliation. I was sure what was going to happened. Guru slowly took her one hand and started to kiss slowly.Then he made Namrata stand and went behind her.He hugged her from behind and my wife was crying,”Please don’t do it.I am married”.But he didn’t hear. Other people of their group were also coming to enjoy my wife’s soft body.

Guru placed his face on her neck and started kissing softly.My wife was started moaning. I was surprised that my wife was enjoying a stranger’s touch in front of her husband.All the people were laughing loudly seeing the sight of that moaning. He then started to insert his hand into the anchal in waist area.He started to touch her stomach from behind. Another man suddenly came from that crowd and hugged my wife from front.He started to kiss directly on her lips and started to cup my wife’s ass.

I can’t believe that sight. My wife was sandwiched between two strangers in a crowded train in front of me.

I also started to enjoy that sight.

Guru then started to lower her pallu from behind and my wife was became pallu less.One more man came from the crowd and started to kiss her belly and suck my wife’s creamy sexy stomach.Guru suddenly became angry and told,”I am the first.After that she will be yours.Okay”.All the men went to the crowd again except Guru.Guru inserted his finger into the navel from behind and started biting her neck. My wife was in enjoyable pain and again started moaning.

Guru slowly put his another hand to her button of the blouse which was in the front.Slowly he started unbuttoning the blouse while he was still biting and sucking her neck and one hand was still on her belly.I started to enjoy the scene and was a little excited to see how my beautiful young wife would be stripped by some strangers in a running train.He unbuttoned the blouse completely and told my wife to raise her hands.While she raised her hands,he took off her blouse from her body and threw it to their people.One man among them took the blouse and started to smell the blouse with lust in his eyes. This scene made my cock hard.

Guru placed his hand to the area where my wife tucked her saree with petticoat.He started untucking the saree from petticoat. As he placed his hand there,my wife started shivering. He untucked the saree completely and started to unwrap it from my wife’s body.He told my wife to move round so that he could unwrap the saree properly. As my wife doing so,in a very fast motion he took off the saree completely and threw it on the floor. Namrata was then in her black bra and her pink mermaid petticoat.