Wife fucked at Audition – Part 7

Welcome back! I hope you guys got a chance to go thru the previous part of this horny Audition porn story! My homely indian wife fucks everyone in the room and participates in porn during an Audition for a TV serial. If you still have not read it, please check out the link below and have a blast! Without further delay, let’s get on with the story now.

“Ahhhhhhh Nooooooooo,………!” My wife was shouting and enjoying herself and Javed’s camera was taking in all her horny expressions. After that close up was over the director pulled his fingers from her cunt and to my shock openly put it into his mouth and sucked her cunt juice which was sticking to his fingers.

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wife fucks during audition“Sali ki chut juice masth hain. (The cunt juice of this bitch is tasty). One day I have to allot for licking her cunt alone. Now there is no time!” he didn’t even bother that I was there in the room when he said that. He also proceeded to explain how he learnt this finger technique.

“Standard technique! Always works. I have tried it with Jayaprada, Meenakshi Sheshadri and all. Almost all whores fall for this. Only Randi who is an exception to this was Shabana Azmi.”

He paused for a second and then said

“To get the expression out of that whore, finger fuck wont do. You have to lick her pussy!”

Then he went back near the camera and gave instructions for continuing the scene..

After the finger fuck of director, my wife was looking restless. She resembled a horny bitch now. Once the director told “Action” this time, I could see that my wife was biting Rohit’s lips vigorously .

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She had put her hands on him and was hugging him tightly . She even slid her hands down and pressed Rohit’s ass against her hips. As the scene got hotter, I could see that she was repeatedly prodding Rohit’s buttocks and pressing as if to signal that she wanted a fuck.

But the scene was being shot and obviously Rohit could not oblige her. But by this time, my wife was totally out of her senses and was in a height of passion. The director calling her repeatedly “randi” and “Sali” also must have played in her mind and she started almost behaving like one.

When she found that Rohit was only petting her breasts and kissing, she looked like as if she was craving for a cock. But this young college boy was really no match for my wife and it was becoming very clear that it was my wife who was controlling the action in the bed.

At one point, my wife became very horny and she pulled Rohit’s head to her face and bit his lips with passion. Rohit’s lips were pulled by my wife’s teeth and he even gave a shout “Ah”. But my wife still did not stop. She was also gyrating her hips so that her panties rubbed against Rohit’s cock. The situation was clearly going out of control.

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Sensing this, the director immediately said “cut.” On hearing the cut, Rohit must have been very much relieved and immediately tried to get up. But my wife forcibly pulled him back to her and kept licking at his face and ears and only after director shouted,

“Hey Randi, Leave him!” she came to her senses and withdrew her hands. Rohit literally jumped out of the bed and went straight to the toilet. The wetness in his pants showed that he had ejaculated within his pants because of persistent hip rubbing by my wife. This time, my wife’s face showed more anger than shame.

From morning, the repeated fondling and kissing had made her very horny. All she needed now was a good fuck and she was angry that she was not getting it now. Sensing my wife’s anger, Shyaam did not go near her this time.

But the touch up boy Ramu had a job to do. During this erotic scene shooting, since my wife had been very active, she was sweating like anything now and so Ramu had to go near her.

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By this time my wife had got up and was sitting at the edge of the bed. Ramu stood next to her and started wiping her face and neck. My wife’s face showed that still she was very-very horny and she started looking at this young boy with lots of lust. She herself pulled his hands towards her breast and when Ramu was as usual lingering on the edges of her cleavage, she pulled his hands into her bra.