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“Gauhar, simply walk from this end to that end!”

Gauhar did just as she was told. While she walked, her Sari just flowed with her body and at times her slender hips were visible to all four of us. Gauhar walked up to Sofa and stood.

“Now walk away from us showing your back to us!”

Gauhar turned and walked away from us. Her beautiful back just bulged in her Sari while her hips swayed in the walking motion. The director looked impressed. He turned to the cameraman and said

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“She will look very good in posterior angle!” I understood that they were indirectly meaning that my wife’s got a sexy ass. It looked odd to sit in that room with three other men staring at my wife’s ass. But still, I sat there just watching.

“Ok Gauhar, come back to us!”

“Now, I will narrate a scene to you. You are the eldest sister of a family. And your younger brother has just passed an exam. He comes and says the news to you. That’s the scene. Can you act it out for us?”

My wife was very impressed with this scene because she has a younger brother and she loves him so much. So, I knew that she will be very comfortable in this scene.

“Gauhar, you can act out the scene for us with the boy whom we have selected yesterday for this brother role. Shyaam, call that boy who is waiting in the next room!” Shyaam called in the intercom and a young boy of 18 entered the room.

“He is Rohit who is studying his first year B.Sc. in Bishop’s college. Like you, he is also an amateur who is acting for the first time!”

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Rohit looked quite slim but tall. He entered the room nervously and smiled at my wife.

“See Rohit, you walk into the room. Gauhar is standing there. You come shouting that you have passed in the exam. Gauhar is also very happy. U both hug each other affectionately. That’s the scene, OK!?

The trial started. Rohit shouted happily that he has passed. My wife responded with a smile. Then he neared her and hugged her. Both of them were very edgy and there was clearly a lot of space between them when they hugged. The director looked unsatisfied.

“What is this? You are hugging as if Bush is hugging Bin Laden. You are brother sister and that affection has to be shown! Hug tightly!”

Again Rohit could not come up with a tight hug and my wife’s body too was involuntarily moving away from him. After all, no other male has hugged her except me in all her life. The director lost his cool.

“Hey Rohit, you come out, I will show!” he acted out the scene with my wife. After saying his dialogue, he hugged my wife tightly. Though my wife tried to move away, he forcefully held her in his arms and pulled her towards him and hugged her.

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My wife’s boobs were pressing against his chest and he had his hands wrapped around her. Rohit was watching all this and when he got his turn, he too hugged my wife real hard. I felt that my wife was also responding very favorably to his hug than she had with the director and because of this it turned out to be a real intimate hug. My wife’s breasts were crushed against Rohit T shirt. And her belly was pressing against his jeans.

“Stay still in the hugged position!” The director shouted and then called the cameraman.

“Hey Javed, lets take some trial stills.” Immediately Javed took out his zoom focus camera and went near my wife and Rohit. The director too was closely looking at them. Javed took 2, 3 snaps. Then the director went near Rohit. Rohit’s hands were around my wife’s hips.

“What is this? You are hugging her like a lover. You show the intimacy of a brother Man!” So saying, the director took Rohit’s hands and gently placed it on my wife’s ass cheeks. He then presses those hands there. Rohit took the hint and pressed his hands on my wife’s fleshy ass cheeks. My wife was moving uncomfortably at this new development.

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She looked at me and I signaled her with my eyes to stay there. Javed’s camera was capturing Rohit’s hands pressing against my wife’s soft ass cheeks. After about ten snaps the director said cut and Rohit immediately released my wife. My wife came back to me like a kitten released from jail.

After that tea was served and I found it odd that my wife was giving stealthy glances at Rohit and blushing whenever he was seeing her. After tea, again the director got up and signaled to my wife and Rohit to come up to him.

“Ya, position please!”

Both of them were standing there just like that.

“See, one of the main requirement when you shoot is whenever a scene gets cut and gets cut and continued, you should immediately come back and stand in your original position that you were when the scene was cut!” The director was almost shouting and my wife and Rohit immediately hugged each other and returned to the original position. Once again Rohit was pressing my wife’s ass cheeks. This time, my wife too didn’t seem to mind it.

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“Now, Gauhar, you have got a real test of you are acting skills. This is an emotional scene. You have to say with pride that “I always knew that you will pass, brother!” and fondly kiss him in the forehead, cheeks, etc. Your face should show love, pride, happiness, everything…Ok!”

My wife tried to act out the scene. Once again, when it came to kissing Rohit on the forehead and c cheeks, she was just pecking at his face quite meekly. Once again, the director lost his cool. “Gauhar, kiss him with full love. Don’t peck.” He pulled my wife towards him and kissed her on the cheeks.

His lips were pressing against her cheeks for almost 10 seconds. When he released my wife, I could even see the wetness of his saliva on my wife’s cheeks. Ya, kiss him like that!” He told my wife. Since the director was elderly and in his late sixties, my wife could not resist his kisses as it all appeared to be very professional.

“Then, my wife kissed Rohit as told and this time I found that her lips really pressed against his forehead and cheeks. Javed was clicking his camera for every kiss.

Now, the director turned to Rohit and said “u also respond by kissing your sister!” Now Rohit kissed my wife on her forehead and cheeks and he needed no guidance from the director and he kissed her real hard.

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“Hey Gauhar, why have you stopped kissing, you kiss him and he will kiss you. Mind you, it’s an emotional scene and both of you are highly emotional.”

So both my wife Gauhar and Rohit were kissing each other alternately and at one point of time, the timing got missed and both of them moved towards each other to kiss the other one’s forehead and it ended up as a lip kiss. Javed captured this too. Rohit didn’t expect this and once his lips came into contact with my wife’s rosy bud lips, it must have been too much for him and he pressed my wife’s head against his and gave a pretty good lip kiss.

This was evident as once his hands were released from my wife’s head, I saw her wiping off his saliva traces from her lips with her hand.

The director was very pleased with this unexpected development and he patted Rohit.

To be continued….