Wife fucked during Audition – Part 1

“Gauhar, today I saw an ad. It is for actresses for tele serials”

I slowly broached the subject.

“Ji, you are planning to act in tele-serials is it?” Her eyes showed surprise.

“No No, I said Actresses, I was thinking whether you can try it!”

” Me!” She almost shouted.

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“Ya, Ya, It’s a family drama it seems and they want only housewives who have no prior experience in acting. They pay well. Why don’t you try? Anyway you have told me that u used to act in dramas in your college.” I started convincing her.

“Ji, are you joking. How can I…….?

“Hey, come on Gauhar, I know u can do it. You’ve got the talent. Look at your eyes. How expressive they are! “I started cajoling her. And to my surprise, Gauhar looked mildly pleased now at this strange idea of her acting in TV soaps. She gave me a radiant smile and I took it as a green signal.

“We’ve got to go for the audition tomorrow morning at 10! Once we go there and participate, I am sure you will get a good role. Who can deny a role to such a beauty?”

Again my wife was blushing.

That night, I didn’t disturb her. I thought that a good night’s sleep will certainly help her look fresh and appealing next day.

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Exactly at 9.15, we started from our house. The hotel was only 20 minutes ride from my house and we landed there quite early to our appointment. We were waiting in the lounge. At about 10.15, my mobile rang. It was the same Shyaam on line. He asked me to come to Room No 10. I and my wife entered the room with bated breath. In the room were three large sofas and in the middle one, three persons were seated. A stout guy who looked around forty got up and shook hands with us.

“Hi, I am Shyaam, executive producer of the tele serial!” While Shyaam shook hands with my wife, I felt his hands lingered in her palms for some more time. He then introduced us to the other persons in the room. There was an elderly man in his sixties who was the director of the serial and there was a cameraman who was in his thirties. I felt that every one of them was looking at my wife with keen interest.

“So, Gauhar, you want to try acting?” The director asked my wife.
“Yes Sir!” My wife’s reply was not even audible to me. Her face showed that she was under high tension.

“Hey, Gauhar, don’t get tensed, be relaxed. Have a drink!” Shyaam offered her some wine which my wife refused. Then they gave her Coke and my wife sipped it.

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Once she looked comfortable enough, Shyaam said, “OK, Gauhar, its time for auditioning. Now our Director Saab will explain the situation to you. You have to act it out”.

Then my wife got up and stood in the middle of the hall. She was carrying her rose colour sari very graciously.

The director in his sixties took over…….