I fucked my wife’s twin sister

Hello All, This story of mine happened 2 years back. I have a beautiful family. My wife has a twin sister, her name is Nithya. She and my wife look almost 90% similar. But her body is more sexier. I live near Banashankari.

This particular instance happened when my wife was in hospital for Maternity.

I used to come home during day while someone used to stay in hospital.

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desibahu.com par twin sister sex storiesNithya used to come home and prepare food or give food prepared in home for me.

One day i went to office and it was raining very heavily and she came home as usual in bike and she skid and fell down.

She was all covered in dirt. You are reading this amazing sex story on desi bahu dot com. When she came home, i was not there and she went to take a shower.

She has another key to house which my wife gave.

I came from office in permission and opened the door with my key and entered the house.

As i entered the house, i saw her in bedroom fully naked who just came out of shower.

Wow..She was amazing.

I could see every inch of her beautiful naked body.

She is around 5.5. Now i can clearly say, she has a boob size of 36.

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He waist will be 34 and her ass will be 36. She was a goddess of beauty at that moment.

Water tripping from her hair all over her body. You are reading this amazing sex story on desi bahu dot com. I wished i was those water droplets in her body.

This all happened in fraction of few seconds.

In few seconds, she saw me and ran inside bathroom again.

I felt ashamed and went inside my other room and changed myself and sitting on bed quietly.

Thinking what she will be doing and what she will be thinking now.

After some 4-5 mins, i saw my bedroom door opening and she entered inside. Guess what, she was just wearing a towel around her body.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. She asked me what was i thinking when i saw her naked.

She pretended to be angry.

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I lowered my head and was sitting quietly. Suddenly i could see the towel falling on the floor.

I raised my head and saw.. She was standing naked in front of me.

I couldn’t take the eyes from her body. She immediately came and sat of my lap facing me spreading her legs on both sides.

I didn’t expect this. You are reading this amazing sex story on desi bahu dot com. I immediately started kissing her wildly like a mad animal.

I bit her lips and tongue and tasted her saliva.

Then I went down to her big boobs.. pressed it harder and harder, took her nipples in my mouth and sucked it like a baby.

While i was sucking her nipples, i took my hands to the bottom and placed it between her legs which was already spread so much.

It was an easy access to me. You are reading this amazing sex story on desi bahu dot com. I touched her vagina.

A current passed in her body immediately. I put my finger inside her vagina and started fingering her.

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