Seema’s train Journey & Fuck Fest

Seema was a 42 yr old married lady living in Jhansi. She had 2 kids – 12 yr old boy and 15 yr old girl. Her husband Girish was a government servant at senior position. Read Free Literotica Sex Story, Indian Sex stories, hindi sex story and Mastram stories on

They both had a wonderful relationship with each other. They had been living together for over 20 yrs now. Life had its own ups and downs so far, there wasn’t anything unusual.

Then one day Seema got a call from her mother’s house and she came to know about the illness of her father. She decided to visit home along with her kids. Girish, came to railway station along with Seema and kids to help them board the train.

Seema and kids boarded the AC compartment comfortably and the train started. Just about 2 hrs had passed and the train came to halt. Thinking that it must be for train crossing, people continued to do whatever they were occupied with. Seema was busy reading her magazine while her kids were dozing off.

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When the train did not move for over an hr, people started to get uncomfortable. They started to enquire about the situation. Even Seema was curious to know so she tried to hear what people were talking about. Just then a TT passed through their compartment. Through him, people came to know that there had been an accident ahead on the same track, so the train was to get delayed further.

The short harmless journey was now to become a long painful wait. Since she was carrying sufficient things to eat, she wasn’t very worried. She called up her husband and home and updated them about the situation.

Now 6 hrs had passed. Due to continuous calling, even the battery of her mobile was close to empty. Looking at the worried expression on her face, a fellow passenger – Sunil (myself) offered his mobile phone.

I am Sunil, 36 yr young handsome man. I work at senior position in sales and keep traveling across the country, frequently. After she handed me back, my mobile, we started our conversation. I introduced myself and told about myself, work and family. She felt a bit comfortable and started telling about herself, her husband and her reason for traveling. She was very educated and spoke fluent English. Even her sense of humor had me spellbound.

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Now let me tell you about her looks. She was about 5’4, wheatish, slim. The best part of her personality was her voice. It was so sexy to hear her speak. The way words left her lips and reached my ears was turning me on. When she was telling me about her home at Delhi, I closed my eyes.

She asked, what happened, are you sleepy? I replied, I was just relishing listening to her sexy voice. Listening to this, she blushed. I loved the expression on her face. It was as if, she was 19 and not 42.

I asked her, why is she blushing. She replied, if such a handsome guy, would give compliment to any girl, she would definitely blush and we both burst out laughing.

She looked around to see her kids. They both were fast asleep. None of us wanted them to hear our conversation so we moved to the other side of the section of the compartment. The bogie was very sparsely populated. We settled in seats opposite to each other and stared our conversation again.

She looked more comfortable than before. Our topics of discussion moved from movies to politics to kids.. and to finally our married lives. I opened up first. I told, my wife is very adventurous about sex. We have had plenty of events outside our home, on our building rooftop, at a lakeside, behind trees and what not.

She just laughed out loud. She thought I was joking. It took me sometime to convince her that it was true. She said, imagining such adventure is strangely turning her on too but she was too scared to try it out.

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I told her, if anything is done carefully enough, there are no dangers. All we need to be is smart enough. Then, I slowly asked her, do you wanna try. For few minutes there was complete silence. I thought she may loose her temper and go back to her seat. She may complaint to her husband too. So I immediately said, I was just kidding and sorry if she found it inappropriate.

She enquired, what kind of adventure did I have in my mind? Do you seriously want to know? She said, yes.

I said, the adventure is something that she can enjoy if she doesn’t know about it all. Otherwise it would not be very exciting. The tough part of the experience would be that she will need to trust me and do what I ask her to do. She gave it a thought and agreed.

I just couldn’t imagine that this was happening to me. Though I was communicating with a lot of confidence, inside even I was scared. I had never been into any such situation with a strange lady ever. So far it was only with my wife and all our adventures were well thought of and researched.