The Trip to Delhi

My name is Anish, age 23 and avid reader of Literotica, Indian sex story and more on I am a busy financial consultant in the states. Since i was born and brought up in the US, i never got to appreciate everything India has to offer, and i gathered enough vacation days to plan a visit.

As I got on board Air India, I noticed that all the passengers were Desi, and I felt out of place since most of my friends were Caucasian. I was seated between two fat men, who gave me no room to sleep comfortably. All i could do was look at the masses of people around me on the plane. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this gorgeous Indian girl sitting in the aisle diagonal from me. This gave me something pleasant to look at while I was crushed between the two fat men.

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As I was staring intently at her, she turned around and caught my glazed eyes looking at her. She gave a half smile and quickly turned around as if she did not see me. I felt rather embarrassed since she caught me staring, but I did not have anything to lose. I needed an escape from the heat generated from the passengers seated next to me.

Then she got up to untangle her headphones, and i got a good look at her entire profile. She had an incredibly beautiful face, that of a 19 year old, with long wavy hair amid luscious breasts that looked like ripe mangoes ready to be plucked. She was wearing a Indian-style short skirt, and her legs were so tempting. She had an ass that i wanted to get my hands on.

Now I was beginning to get restless in my chair as my eyes were completely glued on her. All the girls I have ever dated were white, and I needed a taste of what an Indian babe had to offer. I was hoping to be able to talk with her once we got off at London airport, but I was becoming impatient. She turned around and smiled at me again.

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That smile made my dick harden up like a rock. This was getting too much. I was gonna make my move to talk to her once she got up. 20 minutes later, she got up and headed towards the bathroom. I quickly unfastened my seat-belt and tried to rush to the bathroom before she goes in. Unfortunately, she went it already because i had to wait for the fat idiot next to me to get out of his seat.

I looked around and i gently put my ear against the bathroom door, hoping to hear the girl pee. I could hear the liquid softly tricking down from her heavenly area. As she as peeing, the fat guy was going to another bathroom to empty his shed, and while on his way there, he bumped into me. I lost my balance and i fell against the door, only to fall in. She had FORGOTTEN TO LOCK THE DOOR.

I needed to apologize, but she was sitting there with a confused look and asked “what are you doing?” in a thick Indian accent. I closed the door behind me with the hope of apologizing to her while in the bathroom, but the sight of her sitting on the toilet turned me on and made me numb. I was also 2 inches away from her, as the bathrooms are extremely tiny. All that could come out of my mouth was “you are so beautiful”. With that statement, her embarrassed/angry look turned into one of a sultry smile.

She said back “its okay dear, i will not report you.” With that, our eyes just met with eager anticipation, and while i touched her thigh, I kissed her on her full moist lips. She did not hesitate, I could not believe I was doing this.

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I gently raised her from the toilet seat and leaned her against the sink, kissing every inch of her tan-colored face. She was already half nude, and I removed her top and bra without hesitation. I devoured her ripe plump breasts and i sucked on the nectar on the erect nipples between my teeth.

She was so beautiful, and my heart was beating to keep pace with my inner desires. This girl made me so horny and i flooded her body with intense passionate kisses. Her natural aroma was so much more erotic than the perfume-filled smell of the white girls I messed around with.

I savored every lick i gave this body;she was panting heavily with every kiss i gave her. I gently sat her up on the sink table and raised her cream colored thighs onto my shoulders. I gently licked her navel only to find the sweet tantalizing aroma of her pussy to be utterly captivating and tempting.

I hesitated no more. I took the plunge into her moist heaven, gliding my tongue around the dark hairs that surrounded it. I gently licked all the folds one by one and sank my tongue deeper and deeper into her, while she panted as if she had never received pleasure in such a way before. I tongue-fucked her until she started screaming, for i knew that she was going absolutely wild from the sensation.

My guess is that she was one of those “innocent girls” who always wanted some naughty excitement in their life. As i was buttering up her thighs with my saliva, i noticed that her ass was untouched. I had gone too far to stop now. I wanted this girl bad..every inch of her. I placed my tongue alongside her soft tender asshole and took gently strokes with my tongue. I even dipped my tongue in.

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Her ass tasted spicy, a bitter sensation in my mouth which was highly erotic. It was a huge change from the sweet pussy, but i like both sweet and salty snacks 🙂 I needed to have the ultimate experience with this girl before l ended this rendezvous. My dick was hard as a rock and it needed to be put into use. I took out my 8 inch schlong and rubbed it against her thigh, her ass, and finally her unshaven pussy.

I entered her, thrusting her with alternating gentle and forceful strides. Her moaning became so loud that people started to knock at our door. They must have thought that someone was going thru labor. I didn’t care….the thought of people hearing us made my performance even better. What i was worried about how we were gonna exit the bathroom with people all around.

What will people think? I knew i should not care, since this was a once in a lifetime thing. She was worth it. My cock was about to burst. I pulled my slippery cock out of her and let my cum shoot out onto her thighs, pussy, and ass. She was not keen on tasting my cum. …

well all good things come to an end, and i thanked her for the unforgettable time we had.

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It turned out that she was going to Bombay and i was going to Delhi. She gave me the panties she wore that day to remember her, and I will never forget her sweet pussy. I realized that the great land of India had escaped me all these years, and I needed to capture the enticing world that had been evading me. When in Delhi, I sought out similar women, but no experience came close to the one i had with that girl on Air India.

Sonya was her name.