The Affair

Hi friends, I am Sucheeta here, I am posting my confession here, as I am ardent reader of xossip sex stories on this site from many years. Let me tell you myself Sucheeta, I am aged 34, I am married, mom of two kids, and working in a private company as a chief coordinator.

I am fair looking lady, bit plump but I know guys think me sexy as I have attractive curves I measure 35/30/36, sexually I am a happy women as my husband gives me enough love, peaceful life, pleasure and satisfaction.

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This happened last august when I was in certain juncture where I was in desperate need of money, the juncture was I had to send some huge money to my cousin sister wherein my husband has no good relationship to support me to raise the money for them. So I was put in middle of a problem wherein I can’t ignore them or I can’t divert my salary to them and also can’t ask him to support me as it would again give a blow to our misunderstandings.

So after much of thinking I got an idea to borrow loan from my office, where my husband will not be coming to know of it and would tell him that a part of money I have dedicated to some insurance, and to manage the things.

Next day I went to my office, I formally asked my boss to approve a loan for me to meet my needs where the loan can be recovered by every month from my salary. He accepted and said to write loan application form and said he will send it to head office. I did the same and he said he would support the loan.

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After a week I again went to him to know what the status of my loan application is. When asked he said your application is being rejected since you been taking much of leaves often. I was sad, and literally pleased him to support me; he said one thing can be done, I asked what I have to do? I will tell you the idea but what benefit will I get to help you. I was surprised with his question and I said I can give away some money if you need. He said what I do with money? I was unsure what his actual need is.

So said him what would you like party? He said I will throw a party for you I don’t need that. I asked him no idea you please tell me what I need to get you so that you give me that idea. He was now quite for sometime. Then slowly started to say, I need a date with you where I get yourself and some fun but I pay back not only this idea but also a party on our first dating what you think? I said I couldn’t accept this. He said it’s your wish and I don’t mind it.

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After that I thought I couldn’t help myself to acquire fund so I was thinking to ignore but I was getting calls from cousin. She was making me feel sad and it was making me upset. So after two days I went to my boss to ask loan, I asked him, but he gave same answer saying I will give you the idea but I need you to work it out for me. After some hesitation I said ok to date him. He was happy then he said, I will tell you the idea right now, and would be expecting you to come to my house sincerely tomorrow afternoon after office gets off. I said ok. He said I trust you and hope you will keep my trust with you.

He said submit medical report wherein it asks for you to attend frequent checkup on background of some serious health problem. I said ok I would do that as I have my own classmate as a doctor. But I again asked him are you sure my loan will be approved this time. He said if not I will give you my personal fund the day you come to my house and if you want you can go for loan and repay me otherwise I would not mind you for not repaying if you can manage to date me often. I said I need to go for loan and got back to my work.

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Next day I went to office with medical certificate as he pointed. I gave him. He asked is there any need to apply for loan as I am giving that money to you this afternoon. I told I need to pay you back. He smiled and said we meet at my home right in the afternoon and accepted my application.

It’s half-day on every Saturday so office closed by 1.30 in the afternoon. He was going out to home and was giving a glance at me whether I am ready to come or not. Then he left in his car. I too made mind strong to go so that I can fetch money for my cousin. So I left in an auto. I got down at his home. And belled his door. He came there and invited me to get in. I went in. he had already was having his drink. He asked me to sit next to him I sat down. He asked whether I have I said I don’t have habit.

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Then he speaking something and kept his hand on my arms and pushed me towards him and saying me “mujse darna ya sharmavo mat samjo thumare pati ke saath ho, mein e sab kisiko bhi batha nahi aur thumara secrecy rakkunga. I never commented later he said, acha thum apni sari aur blouse nikal do mark lag jayegi aur bahar jane ko acha nai hoga I was still quite and never made my move, he again forced utaro kya soch rahi ho? Then I got up I started to remove my sari and blouse, he was quick to undo my skirt knot, soon my skirt fell down encircling my legs on floor.

He pulled my hand to sit next to him, I sat, I was sitting just in my panty and bra, and he kept his hand on my breast and was pressing my breast and was having his drink. Little time after he inserted his hand in my bra from downwards and caught hold of my breast nipples and was pinching and pressing it, saying Sucheeta jab se mein is branch ko aaya hoon thuj ko chah ne laga kabhi thume pane ki idea mein tha aaj mera luck kulgayee hai. Later in a while he came on me hugged, kissing my lips forcibly and had inserted his hand in my panty, rubbing my pussy. I was getting turned on instantly I gave up my resistance instantly.

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He was still trying to explore my salvia meantime he pinched my pussy gently which gave excitement and gave him way to explore my mouth and salvia. He was deeply kissing my mouth, our salvia started to mix-up. Now he was rubbing whole of my body and had kept his both hands on my breasts and had taken out from bra, his chest was poking on my boobs, then he came down to kiss my neck, took off my bra and started to press my boob with his and sucking my another boob, meanwhile he was tickling me moving his fingers round on my nipple, he was making me hotter, then he gave me a break and said chalo hum kamre mein jayenge. I stood up he soon pulled down my panty. Now I was completely nude in front of him.

We went to room, he stood near bed, soon I got near to him he hugged me, started kiss me on my lips again with both his hands cupping my both butts, he was kissing my lips, neck, and sucking my boobs, while his one hand was pressing my pussy and other was running over my butts crack. He later pulled me on bed I straightly fell on him and he was rolling me on bed hugging me. Then he started to suck my breasts one by one while he rubbing my pussy.

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I was getting horny that I can’t express, he made me fully wet with his kisses and smooch, he got down to my deep naval started to finger, blow air and kiss my naval hard. Then he got down little more to lick my pussy, he was licking me so deep I was getting wild with the sensation he was giving. Finally he finished licking me. He came on me and show his dick to me he was indirectly saying me to suck his dick, I was not ready but I had to suck I sucked him till he exploded, by the time he could explode I had moved my mouth. He fell on me again, and taking breathe. Then he said, Sucheeta thuamra pati acha mar raha hai hai na? Martha hi hoga, mein samaj tha hoon thumara pati roz thume chod tha hoga, kyunke thumara badan hi aisi hai budde KO bhi chahath hojayegi thume chodhne ko, teri chikni badan, teri chooth, teri dudu, teri bade gaand KO jitna bhi chode kam hoga.

And he got his erection, he laid me on my back, I knew now he is going to start, as I was getting my time out I didn’t thought to wait for his move, I soon spread my legs to him so that he finishes soon, he came between my legs, he put his dick right in my pussy started to move in and out of my pussy, he was slowly giving me strokes while he was cuddling my breast, I was getting excited more and more, he was slowly increasing his speed and started to give me hard and quick strokes. I got my usual temptation started to enjoy his fucking, started give moans and gasps of pleasure, his throb was heavy and firm as my husband fuck me, I had become fully wet and enjoying the fuck also he was enjoying each and everything of me.

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Finally we both reached our climax. I was thinking my bad time is over and after a short relax he would send me off. But I was wrong, he again got his dick erected and started to bang me again this time he was even harder and faster, I was all tired when I met my orgasm. I was relaxing on bed still, he said, thanks for making me also a lucky person, thumara pathi tho roz lucky hoga thujko chodhneko magar aaj mein be lucky hoon thume chod ke. And he went bought my dresses back asked me to wear and get ready to go. I weared my dress and by the time he came back with money which made me to be untruthful to my husband for the first time in life.

Later on way to door, he said, thum agar muje aise hi lucky karthi raho tho muje ye paisa vapse nai chahiye, sochlo thumara application abhi head office ko nahi gaya hai. I said muje loan chahiye aur mein jaise hi loan miljayegi yein paisa vapse kardoongi, he was smiling naughty and I went off after a week I got my loan approved and paid back my boss’s money, but I could not save my truthfulness to my loving husband.

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This is my confession to my husband.

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