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“Could you open your legs a bit, I need to measure the inseam?” He was requesting in a nice, gentle voice…but her mind was spinning with fantasies of sex with tailor and more… “Inseam? That means he was going to go *gulp* between her legs now….oh GOD!”

She picked up her 4″ high heeled foot off the carpet and placed it wider, making her legs more than 1 foot wide. She was having trouble believing herself.

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naught bengali babe naked sex with tailorHere she was, wife of one of the most powerful man in the country, definitely most powerful in the city, herself quite a pillar of high society, men vied for one smile from her luscious lips, and she was being touched and teased by an ordinary tailor.

And yet, even as she was thinking all this, she lifted her foot and spread her legs wide for him, wishing he’d keep touching her more and more.

He put one hand on her ankle, on the inside, and then with his right hand he moved the tape up, slowly, teasingly it seemed to her, until the higher end of the tape was pressing lightly on her thigh joint.

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His knuckles were pressing very lightly on her pussy lips through the thin salwar, and she could feel her wet, soggy panties, pressing on her pussy.

She lifted her head skywards, almost as a reflex and a suppressed moan escaped her throat like a whimper of a kitten. “mhmm!”

He didn’t show surprise, just asked in a casual voice, “This is comfortable or do you want tighter?”

“er..a little tighter…”, she was surprised she was still able to talk. She was excited beyond her wildest fantasies. Her pussy was throbbing so wildly she could feel her pulse in it.

She could feel her juices soaking through her panties now.

She was positive there was a wet spot on her salwar and he could feel it as his fingers moved in her most private region.

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This time his knuckles really rubbed on her pussy slit through the thin clothes and her moan was not so suppressed this time.

“Is this tight enough?” He asked and she nodded, “Y.y..yes!”

“Great! That’s all I need!” His hands were off her body and he turned to write one final notation in his notebook.

Her mind revolted, “What? He was gonna send her away! Like this? Just like this?…after making her so damn burning hot she couldn’t think straight?”

“Come Monday evening, I’ll have the suit ready for the first fitting.” He said, turning to her after closing the notebook.

“Monday?” She said, and her mind was saying, “Monday? Fuck Monday!! That’s 5 days later, I need something NOW. N-O-W, NOW, some release maybe some more teasing, just one more touch would make her cum, she was sure!”

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But there was nothing she could do.

He sounded all business-like, smiling at her, like he was waiting for her to leave.

She was not going to beg some stranger for sex. She was married!

This last came home to her as a surprise.

Damn! He had excited her so much she’d forgotten she was a high-society, hot-ass, married lady who didn’t cheat on her husband!

She picked up her dark glasses, her purse, adjusted her soft, long, flowing hair and got in her car without a backward glance.

She started driving away and at first chance, looked down.

Yes, she was wet, there was a big wet spot on her salwar right between her legs.

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