Saima ‘s Shower fuck

Hi, I welcome you to the world of Literotica & Indian Sex Story. This happened some years ago when I was in Delhi when I went to stay with my uncle. I was going to try for the medical school and needed to take the interview. My Uncle had a daughter named Saima. Let me tell you about Saima. She, at that time, was 17, nice white body which she took care of. She had 34 D boobs and long brown hair. She was beautiful, just the girl a dog like me would have loved to fuck. But she was very reserved and seemed extremely shy around the 5’11, 21 year old sex hungry beast I was…

But I wanted to fuck Saima if it was the last thing I ever did…. and I got my chance one day. My aunt and uncle along with their 10 year old son went to a marriage ceremony for the weekend. Saima couldn’t go as she had her finals. They trusted me with her as it was a family thing. They had gone not an hour and I started jerking off thinking how I would feel fucking that Saima.

We did not talk much except for when she called me to the dining table. Then on Thursday night, I was in my room watching a dirty movie I had rented. I was really horny, my shaved cock was sticking out like the SCUD missile and was really hurting. For some reason I did not feel like jerking off and wanted to fuck Saima. I told my self to behave and went out to see what Saima was up to. I went to her room, the door was open and loud music was playing.

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“Saima, what are you up to, I’m hungry”, I shouted. But there was no reply.. next moment I was stunned to see that her bathroom door was slightly open and she was taking a shower. She had not heard me come inside because of the music. I dont know what happened to me, I took off
my clothes and got completely naked.

My tool was hard as a steel crow bar now.

With a pounding heart and a throbbing cock, I went into the bathroom. I could see her in the shower behind the translucent shower curtain. There was steam all over the place.

I suddenly removed the curtain and jumped into the shower. She was frozen with shock and silence. Everything went into slow motion as I observed her beautiful breasts with those big brown nipples. Her shaved pussy was the cleanest I had ever seen. “What the hell are you doing?”, was all that she could say to me.

“Taking a shower with you!”, was my pathetic reply.

I caught hold of her slim waist and started kissing her, the warm water and the excitement of suddenly seeing me had hardened her nipples into marbles.

They were just beautiful. She resisted, tried to pussy me away, but I was stronger and won. I held her to the wall and kept on kissing and started squeezing her beautiful ass.

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“Nahi nahi, chhod do please”, she pleaded with me to let go of her. But I intensified my kisses into licking and went for her her nipples, all the while squeezing her ass with both of my hands. She started feeling aroused and started moaning a little. I was sucking, licking and biting her nipples.

Now she was holding my head in place right on her nipples. Her hand started to go towards her pussy but I caught it and put it on my big shaft. Her eyes popped out when she held my burning tool and started moving it with perfect strokes.

I went down and made her lean against the wall and spread her legs. her pussy smelled of her love juices even with the water running over its smooth curves. I started licking her sweet cunt at once. I ran my tongue along her slit like the dog I have already told you I was.

She was slightly screaming now…

I forced my tongue into her pussy and started tongue fucking her, she was squeezing her tits and running her tongue over her beautiful lips. “yeah…. yeah… YEAH!!!”, was all that she could say.

I stuck one of my fingers in her ass hole and the other in her cunt, all the while I sped up on licking her beautiful cunt. She was about to have her orgasm, I felt her cunt lips tense so I pushed my tongue deep inside her and sped up, she pushed my fucking head into her pussy and came HARD!!!!! “Aaagggggghhh… behanchood!!!”, she screamed like the slut she really was.

I made her get down on her knees and said, “Choos kutti, randi!!”

She apparently loved being called randi and took my hard shaft into her mouth and started sucking. This was her first time and she seemed like a
pro, her mouth felt so warm and slippery. She switched between sucking my dick and my balls. She would run her tongue over my shaven balls,
suck them and then start sucking my dick again.

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I would watch her big mother fucking TITS move back and forth back and forth with each stroke of her mouth. I just wanted to shoot my load all over her boobs, but I held back. When I felt I could hold on no longer, I made her stand up.

I turned her around and made her hold the shower head. her hands were up in the air and her PERFECT ASS was sticking out. The water was
flowing faster now. I bit her ass and squeezed her boobs from behind, “lauda dal mere choot ke ander, chod mujhe harami!”..

She wanted to be treated like a bitch and that’s how I wanted to fuck her..FUCK HER HARD, was all I could think of…

I stood up and held my love tool in my hand, she was facing away from me her pussy clearly seen, she was still holding the shower head, and the water was faster and warmer now. I positioned my cock at her opening, held her hips from behind and with one hard thrust SHOVED MY DICK into her virgin hole.

She screamed in pleasure. I started fucking her slowly but deeply. When I would reach maximum depth, I would press her hips backwards so that she would love it. She apparently did and clenched the shower head tightly. We were moving in rhythm now and she was moving her hips in a circular motion to enjoy the shaft rub against her pussy. I love t too, she was so tight, yet slippery.

I was going to fuck this bitch hard, so I held her big boobs from behind and increased my thrusts!

I was still shoving it all the way inside of her, it was just FAAAAAAAASSSSSSSTTTTTT!!!!! She loved it.. when I was squeezing her boobs. I stopped and put my dick at the edge of her asshole… she turned her head, looked at me and smiled.

At that very instant I put my dick in her virgin ass. She screamed with hurt and pleasure….”Gaand mar meri Madarchod, randi ki terha chod meri gaand apne habshi lund se!!”…

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I was so hot even with all that constant flowing of water. I was fucking her ass, I couldn’t believe it, but with each thrust it seemed more real, I was moving fast now and she was screaming faster and louder, the louder she screamed the deeper I shoved my cock into her.

I wanted to cum inside her, so I sped up, she let go of one hand and put it on my ass, I told her to hold the shower head again, she did.

I was moving faster and faster now, “ZOR SAY BEHANCHOOD, AUR ZOR SAY MAAR MERI GAAND, LAUDA GHUSA MAIRE GAAND MAIN!”, she kepy on screaming.

I wanted to make her cum, I just love that, so with one hand I started moving her shaved sweet, wet, hot cunt faster with my hand. And with the other I started squeezing one of her Big ass motherfucking breasts. I was sensing that because of my squeezing, moving her cunt and pumping her ass, she was about to cum again, so I moved faster and faster AND FASTER!!!!!!

Her ass squeezed my huge cock suddenly, I knew what that was. I shoved my cock one final time inside of her HARD, squeezed her breast, pressed on her cunt with my hand, and it bit her on the shoulder.

She CAME..”Oh Yeeeeeeaaaaaaah!!!!!!!”.. her ass milked my cock like it was trying to suck my dick, my balls ache and shot my cum all inside her ass, I was pressing her against the wall with my hand inside her cunt, her boobs pressing against the wall and her hands clenching the shower head. Both of us enjoyed the after shocks, my dick shot more cum inside her ass and pussy twitched a little every time she felt my hot sperm.

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After that we enjoyed a long deep french kiss in the water, took a shower together and slept naked in the bed as it was still 2 days till aunt and uncle came back. We fucked that night again with her riding my cock like a horse. And still we fucked for the next two days, unfortunately I didn’t get admission to med school and came to Houston.

But I will never forget her sweet cunt, ass, tits, and face. I miss her often and jerk off thinking of that hot shower encounter.