Prabha & the Sweeper

Hello dear readers of My name is Mayank. I am from Bhopal and currently a college student. My sister Prabha is 2 years older than me and a graduate. I frequently visit to read literotica, indian sex stories and erotic sex stories. I hope you do the same.

Prabha is not too tall, of medium height and of a good body. She has curves in right places. Prabha has long hairs, cute face, medium sized boobs and nice round ass. I have a crush on her and masturbate whenever i get a chance to see her naked, taking a bath.

Now, coming back to the story.

One day, our parents (my mom and dad) told us that we have to attend a marriage ceremony. I had exams and Prabha had some personal stuffs to take care of. So it was decided. My mom and dad left and we remained at home.

Prabha was an open girl. She had numerous boyfriends and other friends who visited her quite often.

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One day, while I was walking back from College, I saw her with a boy. They were standing behind a building wall, which was hidden from normal view, and smooching. Thay boy was pressing her boobs and Prabha was caressing his cock from over his pants.

It was exciting to see her doing that. I got an instant hard on and shagged once i was back at home.

She came after an hour and acted as if nothing had happened. I had seen her with 2 more boys. Smooching them, letting them press her boobs and squeeze her round ass. She was a bitch and might have fucked some of them.

Mom and Dad were out for a week.

Prabha was free to do whatever she wanted. She asked some of her friends to come one night and they had drinks and danced all night. I managed to have a look at their semi-nude bodies and shagged.

They left in the morning. Prabha was sleeping and so was I.

Suddenly the door bell rang.

I got up to see who it was. I heard Prabha walking towards the door. She was wearing a tunic and short pants.

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Her tunic was filmsy, of thin material and one can easily see her innerwear through it.

She opened the door to find our society sweeper, Mangatram, at the door. He waited for Prabha to get the dustbins.

While she went to get the bins, he followed her movements with his eyes. He was ogling her. I can’t blame him. Prabha was looking sexy in that filmsy dress.

Soon she came with the dustbin and Mangatram emptied them in the drum he brought with him.

As Prabha was about to close the door, he put his hand up and asked for a glass of water.

Prabha nodded and went into the kitchen. Mangatram came in through the door. He looked around to see if anyone else was there in the house. I was peeping from the other room, it was just opposite the main door. My door was closed, almost, so maybe he thought no one was inside.

I peeped as he walked towards the kitchen. From my point of view, I was able to see everything that was going on in our Living room & kitchen.

Prabha filled a glass of water and turned. She slammed onto Mangatram. She was surprised to find him inside the house.

“How dare you come in?”, She shouted furiously. Her hands were trembling and she looked nervous.

“Don’t worry Prabha darling”, Mangatram said softly as he took the glass from Prabha’s hands and kept it on the nearby table.,” I know what you want and I can give that to you”.

“I don’t want anything, just leave or I’ll shout”, She was trembling like a dry leaf now. Her voice had concern in them. She was frantically looking towards my room. Maybe trying to wake me up. But I was there, hiding, waiting to see what will happen to my slutty sister, Prabha.

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to be continued in Part 2.