Our Servant Gopal and my Wife – Part 3

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The room was empyy for around 10 minutes, until Anu again appeared in the bedroom after her bath. She was wearing the same wet nightie and her head was wrapped in a towel.. She took out the towel and further dried her hair with it. Her neatly ironed sari, petticoat , blouse and bra were kept on the bed. She stepped out of her nightie and was standing stark naked in the room . I could clearly see her in the cam., though needless to say, I have seen her naked a few thousand times before this !

She picked up her black panty and wore it, followed by the petticoat and the black bra. As she was wearing her blouse I could see in the cam window, a slight movement at the other end of the room. The door had opened slightly. Maybe Anu hadn’t shut the door tightly and it was moving in the breeze. But on a closer look I noticed some movement behind the door. As I realized what was happening, my dick stood up in arousal. Gopal was peeping from behind the door and looking at my wife changing. I could never imagine Gopal would become so bold.

My wife was oblivious to Gopal’s gaze as she straightened the dark coloured blouse over her upper arms. She stepped in front of the mirror as started to wrap the sari around her. She seemed satisfied the way the pleats of the sari was falling into place, when suddenly a very alarmed look swept across her face. She turned around and hurriedly threw one end of the sari over her shoulder as she almost ran towards the door . With a jerk she pulled open the door and saw Gopal standing behind it. My heartbeat raced nervously at the new turn of events. Gopal hadn’t taken into account that his reflection could be seen on the mirror, and was about to pay a price for it.

“Gopal, yahan kya kar rahe ho” My wife asked him loudly and angrily, suspecting that Gopal might have been peeping. (“Gopal what are you doing here ? “)

“memsaab, main kuch nahi kar raha tha” Gopal replied shakily “Main bas aapse poochne ..” (“Mam I was not doing anything, just wanted to ask ..”)

But before Gopal could complete his sentence, my wife flew into a rage as her eyes fell on his unzipped trousers.

“Get outl” my wife screamed at him at the top of her voice. I had never seen her so angry.

I don’t know how much of the english Gopal understood, but he definitely new he was in a very tight spot. He hung his head low. He knew my wife had clearly realized what he was upto.
“Tumahari yeh himmat, abhi, issi waqt ghar se nikal jao” She shouted as she angrily pointed her hand towards the main door. ( “you dare do this, get out of the house at this very moment”)

“memsaab maaf kar dijiye, main kuch nahin kar raha tha” Gopal tried to defend himself (“Mam please forgive, I wasn’t doing anything”)

His denial angered my wife even more.

“aur ek shabd nahi” She said almost shaking in anger “baadme aake saab se apna piase le lena” (“not one more word. And come later and take your dues from master (i.e. me)” )

“memsaab, aise mat kijiye” He pleaded (Mam please don’t do like this)

But the more he spoke, the more it seemed to infuriate my wife.

“Haan, mujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye” She said with sarcasm “tumahre jaise badmash ko chorna nahi chahiye, police ko hand over karna chahiye” (Yes, I should not do like this. A ruffian like you shouldn’t be let off, you should be handed over to the police)

I was not sure whether she meant to really implement her threats. If need ever arose, she was the kind to leave that to me. But I guess she was too angry to wait for me to return.

“Abhi call karti hoon police ko” She said as she walked upto the phone. (“I’ll call the police now”)

Gopal was panic-stricken.

“Memsaab meri zindagi barbaad mat kijiye” he pleaded again in trembling voice. (“Mam please don’t ruin my life”)

But my wife had made up her mind and walked upto the phone. Gopal followed her, and started pleading again

“Memsaab, mujhe ek mauka dijiye. Aapko galat faimi ho rahi hai. Maine kuch nahi kiya. Police ko mat call kijiye” (“Mam, give me one chance. You are mistaken, I have done nothing wrong. Don’t call the police”)

She didn’t care what he was saying, as he kept repeating himself

“Memsaab maine koi chori ya aisa koi galti nahi ki hai , ki aap police bulaa rahin hain” (“mam, I have not committed any theft or such a wrong deed that you are calling the police)

“Galti, nahi ki hai ?” She repeated mockingly ” haan galti humne ki hai tumhare jaise badmaash ko ghar main rakhke” (“You have not done anything wrong ?? Yes, its we who have done wrong , by keeping a ruffian like you at home”)