My Innocent Mother

Hello friends. Welcome to – Your one stop website for all Literotica, Indian sex stories, group sex story, Incest sex and more. This is unbelievable, I never thought anything like this happens in real life. My name is Shaurya. I was 18 years old when this exciting incident occur. I lived in Bombay with my mom Megha, 38, she is widowed, and I never knew my father.

I have asked about him a few times and mom gets a strange look on her face and tells me, he died along time ago so, I learned to not to mention it anymore. Most of the time living with mom is great. Once in a while she gets into one of her moods then it’s time to head for cover.

I’ve had a few dates with my neighbors Shaila & Rajni (both 18 years old) but they haven’t gotten passed the hot and heavy kissing and breast feeling stage. These dates always leave me wanting more, but I never got the nerve to delve into the pot of gold and taste the tender fruit of womanhood. Most of the time I was horny as hell. With no female comfort, this leaves me with my trusty hand to lull the tension in my body.

Sometimes I would fantasize about my mom (because I was very close to her and we normally do every thing together and I had glimpses of her breast so many times during her to do the daily chores around the house) being in my room nude when I jerked off. This usually got me very hot and I would shoot off almost immediately.

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Unfortunately this was one of those times. Things were hopping at work, my mom was a part owner of a small Advertising agency and her biggest client was a being a pain in the ass. She was spending many late nights at the office working on ideas to make people want to buy the crap the guy made. So, when she got home she wasn’t in the best of moods.

These moods didn’t usually last long. This time her client was taking his business elsewhere and mom was in a bind. Her nerves were strung out tight, she wasn’t sleeping, and every time I stuck my head out of my room she wanted to snap it off. After a few days, she was band from the office. Her partner told her to take some time off that was when hell week began.

She was getting worse so I had it out with her. I told her to see our family doctor, Dr. Ramla to get some help sleeping. The next day she came back with a prescription of heavy-duty sleeping pills.

That night she took her first pill and was dead to the world. I was tired too and fell asleep in front of the TV until the phone awoke me a 10 P.M. It was her partner. An urgent matter came up and he needed to talk to mom. I yelled for mother to attend the phone, but didn’t get a response. I went to her bedroom and found her snoring away. I tried to get her up, it was no use.

Nothing short of a nuclear explosion was going to wake her. I hung-up the phone after telling my mom’s partner that she was out of it until the morning. A chill went down my spine.

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My fevered mind when into overdrive. What else can I do to her without waking her up. It was a hard week and I was a healthy teenager needing relief. My hand came to mind, but a better alternative was laying in my mother’s bed unconscious. That very moment I decided to fuck my mom. I was so excited that I almost shot my load before I reach the bed. She was lying on her back with her head tilted away from me, her mouth slightly open, and her dark black hair fanned across the pillow.

My mom was very pretty. She never dated anyone after my father’s death and I didn’t understand why she didn’t go out for another marriage. I saw a lot of guys trying to put the moves on my mother over the years so, I knew she had plenty of opportunities.

I slowly pulled back the covers to reveal her body covered in a pink Salwar Qameez. Her chest was rising and falling with each breath. Every time she inhaled her breasts strained to be released from their confinement.

Her nipples were outlined in the thin material. She didn’t wear the bra, and I knew from my previous investigation that she never wear panties. My mouth was watering for a taste of those tender rose buds.

I slowly started to unbutton her top three buttons of Qameez, I had to stop for a second and get a hold of myself because my hands were shaking a little.

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I finally got her last button undone. Her chest was revealed in all its glory. Her breasts were the size of large grapefruits. I bent forward, put my lips on mom’s right nipple and started to slowly to suck on it, with my hand I fondled and squeezed the other. The nipples hardened under my attention and mom started to breathe faster. I got my tongue into action.

I began to lick her breasts. My penis was hard as a steel rod and straining to be let out. I reluctantly let go of her breasts and quickly undressed. I stood naked above my mother’s body enjoying the strange feeling running through my body. I wanted to see her all.

I worked my fingers under the  Shalwar and pulled down but didn’t get far.