My first fuck

Hi! I am Suraj. I am avid reader of Literotica, Indian sex stories and erotic sex stories. I am going to share a wonderful story with you today. This incident happened to me about five years back when I was in tenth. It was the annual cultural festival. I had a drama where I had the lead role. Before the drama I was going to put on my costume.

Our school was a two floored school. I went to the second floor. No one was there in sight. I was going to enter a room when I heard a slight moan. It was coming from the room adjacent to mine.

Thinking that someone was in trouble I rushed to the room. The lights were off. When I put the light on I was completely taken aback by what I saw. Sitting in a corner Rashi , my class mate was fingering herself! She had removed her panties but her large boobs were still under arrest by her T-shirt and bra.

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I could not believe my eyes. Rashi was my fantasy girl about whom I had fantasized from the time she came to our school in the fifth standard. I had always wanted to fuck her between her huge boobs, which were very large for her age.

I had always wanted to suck them and always wanted to fuck her in her round perfectly shaped ass. Rashi was very white which improved her fucking beautiful face.

As soon as I saw her cunt, I was transfixed. I wanted to go away but my legs wont oblige. Rashi too was completely surprised. She had never thought that anyone would catch in her perfect hideout. But even then she didn’t stop fingering herself and even smiled.

That was the only encouragement that I needed, I put the lights off and as it was almost full moon I could see my darling clearly. I started taking off my clothes and unzipped my pants giving relief to my aching eight inch cock which were very large for a fourteen year old boy. Rashi ‘s eyes didn’t budge away from my crotch for even a second. I neatly folded my clothes and dispatched it away.

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By this time Rashi started removing her T-shirt and bra as well as her half pulled down jeans. Seeing her boobs I was knocked out. These were boobs seeing which even a fully grown up woman will become jealous. This was also the first time I had seen a lady naked outside the T.V. It was also the first time time that Rashi was seeing a cock.

Thus both of us were virgins but both wanted sex badly. I went to where she was sitting. I was feeling nervous and her face told that she too had the same feeling. Slowly with shaking hands I touched her warm boobs. They were like heaven.

Rashi closed her eyes.

I started kissing her on her face and when our tongues met all the nervousness were drained. We kissed passionately for sometime. All these while my hands were playing with her cunt and thick public hair. I started to lick her boobs and slowly started sucking them. Rashi started to groan. We were in a world of ourselves and forgot that we were in a school classroom and could be found out any time.

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I started sucking her tits and with one hand pressed her other tit while the other was busy between her legs. Rashi was become totally turned on and her cunt started becoming wet. I sucked each tit alternately for some time and would have continued it till eternity if Rashi would not have stopped me. She wanted me to fill her cunt with my manhood and I too thought that it was time to do the ultimate.

We got up from the desk and I laid her down on the floor. I could not control myself anymore on seeing her naked on the floor with her legs wide spread as if calling me to relieve them. I wanted to lick them but had very less time as my drama could start any time. So I spread her legs wide apart and caught my dick in my hands. I could not believe what I was going to do.

I was going to fulfill my fantasy. I became a little nervous. I was afraid if she would become pregnant. But at that moment I could not control myself and so I put my virgin dick into her virgin cunt. The cunt walls were tight, slowly I put my dick inside her dripping hole and reached the hilt. She shouted. But both of us wanted it very badly so I started pumping like hell.

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I felt her tightening and I too had reached the hilt. I took a deep breath and emptied all my cum into her. She too started getting her orgasm and I lay exhausted over her. Quickly I put on my costume and went down.

Rashi took some time to put back her dress. We kissed for the last time and I went down.

My friends were waiting for me as our drama was after a while.

After that incident we became fast friends and are planning to marry now.

I have fucked many times after that day but none was as exiting as the first one.