Loving my sister

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I am 19 years old and this is the story of how I got a chance to make my twin sister my bitch.

I moved out of my house just a couple of months back for my college and this was the first time i visited my home in a long time. We four, mom-dad and me and my sister lived in a 2 apartment house. My parents were usually out of the house till late night because of the company they ran together. My sister was working in fashion designing.

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I grew up sleeping alongside with my silky skinned sister. She is of fair complexion with huge boobs and model like figure. Her huge boobs were always poking her nipples out through her tight t-shirts she wore at night. Her breasts would plunge out from her t-shirt when she turned left and right and every night I looked at the marvel, touched her boobs, kiss her nipples and masturbate. She being a heavy sleeper never realized what I have been up to. But since I moved to Bangalore for my college I was orgasm deprived. I just couldn’t masturbate to anyone else! I wanted my fucking sister!

When I came home for my summer vacation I decided out of desperation that I want to take a step ahead than just touching and looking at her. I wanted to suck those dark brown nipples on milky white breasts. I wanted to lick her entire body and fuck that sexy goddess for entire day and night.
As I entered the house my sister ran to hug me. Her boobs press against me giving me immediate erection. I was an 8 inch which was not easy to hide in such times. She noticed and smiled shyly and pulled me into our room. She wanted to hear everything and she kept hugging me saying she missed me a lot. She became a lot more sexier than she was.

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Her boobs have become toned, firm and amazingly soft I thought from all those hugs.

Night fell and we all had dinner. I and my sister went to our room. She changed her clothes to short skirt and a tight crop top. Her sexy navel was peeking at me. We sat on our bed to watch movie and the laptop was in my lap. I put my arms around her after a while and she came closer to hug me up. I could feel her breasts pressing against me. After a while she adjusted to get more comfortable which made my hand on top of her boobs. I could not help but think erotic sensations at the time and immediately got an erection.

The laptop fell from my lap and my erection was there tall and sexy for her to watch. She pulled back and scolded me and went to sleep. I said sorry again and again until she smiled and said it’s okay. I asked her “Can i hug you and sleep, I really missed you? I forgot how you feel”. She hesitantly said okay and I spooned my sister with my hands all over her boobs. For the whole night i caressed her boobs and navel. I in the middle of night removed my dick out and let her poke into her ass. I knew she was awake and was enjoying it. She was getting turned on but she just lied still. We spent entire night cuddling and rubbing into each other.

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In the morning she brought some snacks and tea for me in the bed as usual and put her head in my lap and lay down. Out of the blue she asked me if I could help her make some suggestions some new dresses she is making. I said “Okay, only if you wear them and show me!”. I knew this was going to be great because I have seen her making ultra sexy dresses. She agreed and she went to change.

She after a while entered the room wearing a black crafted bikini on similar themed ass cut skirt. I as astonished to see my sister in this hot and sexy avatar. I controlled my urge to tear the bikini and fuck her there and then. She came closer to me and said “People say I have a mermaid like body. What do you think?”

I ran my fingers from her milky white thighs to her cotton soft navel and exclaimed she was a goddess!

She smiled naughtily and turned back to try another pair on for me. I asked her to change here only. She shyly said “It’s not okay, you are my brother!”
I went closer to her and hugged her putting my lips on her mouth. She did not respond. I broke the kiss and started undoing her crafty sexy bra and I said, “Then let your brother help you”.

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I removed her hook of bra and let her heaving breasts out. I took them in my hand and started pressing them madly. I was sucking and pressing her boobs and was licking her everywhere. I gave her million hickey there only.

I threw her on the bed and undressed myself and threw myself on her. She started responding and she was getting horny by the second. We were kissing and licking each other. She turned me down and got on top of me and took my dick in her mouth. God, what heavenly feeling was that. Her small wet and warm mouth barely could fit my 8 inches in her mouth. I started stroking my dick inside her mouth. I came in her mouth after a while and made her drink my entire cum load.

She smiled and slept on the bed opening her legs asking me to take her to the stars.

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I rushed on her top and entered her already dripping wet pussy and started fucking her. With every thrust she let out such amazing loud moans that made me want to fuck her so rough. I started fucking her fast and rough and she kept moaning like something wild just got into her.

We fucked for 30 mins and she came twice and was begging me to stop. I remained inside her and we both slept. After a few hours I woke up and started fucking her in her sleep and made her cum twice again.

Now we fuck everyday four or five times and we never wear clothes to bed.