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I was ** at that time. It was the farewell day for 12th students in our school.

.There was a PTA meeting associated with it. It is a festival for 12th students.

There were dances, songs, skits performed by students.

The entire school was decorated for the event.

Only 12th students were allowed to dress in color since it is their last day in school.

In Farewell days boys’ll bring bear /rum to celebrate the event (done w/o knowledge of school authorities).

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I heard even girls used to take a sip. In this festive mood no one cares about it which encourages them.

I can sense alcoholic smell around them. After the long speeches of HM and secretaries students conducted many programs.

There were songs, dance and everybody was in a festive mood.

It took so long, the program ended at 7.45.

Before that most of the girls leave and the rest stay with their boyfriends.

Usually there was a school trucker to carry teachers.

We usually return home by this trucker.

But this time unfortunately there was no trucker so we go to bus stop. We waited for bus and got a bus.

There were lots of students waiting for bus.

Everybody rushed to bus. Bus became so crowded. We can’t get any a seat so we get sandwiched in the rush.

All seats were packed. This time I got to see my cousin, who was studying 10th in our school.

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He called me and I sat on his lap to get a relief from the crowd. We were near window seat.

My mother was standing beside the standing bar of the bus.

There were a lot of students in bus boys and girls.

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No one can notice their act because they done it very slowly.

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