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She sucked and licked the cock taking ques from the porn. I could see my pre-cum oozing out of my cock. I thought before I cum in her mouth, I should enjoy her cunt. “Are you ready to take it in, Divya” I asked her. Without saying anything, she got up and threw herself on bed on her back. I had to get a condom fast. I knew where I would find one. I got a condom quickly stealing from my dad’ quota and placed it on my cock.

She watched it curiously. I held her legs apart, and placed the tip of my condom-clad cock on her vagina slit. Then I realized I was going to fuck a virgin. I had read that normally girls bleed when they get fucked for the first time and I did not want to ruin my parent’s bed, so I got up, brought my towel from kitchen and placed it under her ass.

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Now I was all set to fuck her. I pushed my dick slowly in her cunt. Her cunt seemed tight even after so much of finger ducking and tongue fucking. I had to apply more force. I pushed my cock harder this time and it slid in her cunt. Divya screamed,”aaaaaiiiiiii….uuuuuiiiiii maaaaaaa…… what are you doing. It hurts. Take it out… I can not take it… you are too thick.. my cunt is toooo small..

Please take it out. Aaaaaaa…unnnn..ooahhhhh.” “It is okay Divya, first time it will hurt. Just hold on and you will enjoy it. The pain will go away soon. Do not worry.” I tried to console her. I pushed it harder and let it go deeper in her cunt. It was sliding slowly in her tight cunt. With another push I buried my cock deep inside her amongst her loud moaning.

I started giving her shots slowly with shorter withdrawals. Now she was relaxing and enjoying. I let my body fell on her and continued my fucking. She clutched me from behind and buried her nails in my back. You are reading this indian maid porn story on desi bahu dot com. She must have scratched me at a number of placed. I was in no mood to mind that and was enjoying my fucking a virgin. This was feeling great.

My maami’s cunt was also great but wasn’t this tight. Now I knew the difference between a virgin cunt and an experienced cunt. “So, how doe sit feel, Divya?” I asked. “uuunnnnhhhh…sshhhh.. ohhhh. Later.” She was in no mood to talk. She could not talk, I thought.

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Now I varied the speed of my shots and began fucking her with long shots and with a greater force and speed. She was encouraging me by holding her legs apart. I was banging her with full force with long withdrawals. Now the room was filled with our moaning and the noise of my cock sliding in her wet cunt.

We both wanted to come, it seemed. She was moving her ass to get my entire thing in her <a href=””>pussy</a>. My cock seemed abnormally thicker now. I was wild and on full seam. I was banging her, hard and fast. I was on the verge of coming now.

I prayed that we both came at same time. One final push and I came. She screamed, “arrghhhh…..ooohhhh.. I caaaammmeee. Oooouuuii Maaaaa….”.

She had an orgasm. Her first orgasm. I had just fucked a virgin. I sank on her. We stayed there for a while till my cock shrunk. I got up, removed the condom and put it in a grocery plastic bag to throw it later. She was lying there with her eyes closed. I kissed her on her lips and whispered, “Divya, that was great. You are great. “

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She just pulled me in an embrace as a response. After a while, we got up, cleaned our bodies and got dressed. She went to the kitchen to cook and I tried to finish reading the newspaper. You are reading this indian maid porn story on desi bahu dot com. But I could not concentrate on reading. How could I? I had just fucked Divya, a virgin, a girl I was dreaming about.

Divya called me for lunch. “I got to go as I have to finish up my work at two other places. Finish your lunch. I will come tomorrow morning.” She declared. I was not in a mood to let her go.” No, do not be ridiculous, Divya. You are not going anywhere. We have just discovered something divine. I am not going to waste this chance.

We will fuck whole day, watch porn. You do not have to go anywhere.” I said “No. we can not do that. I have work. Who will do that.” She resistsed. “Come on as if you never bunked your work. I can remember so many times you never showed up at our place. So, do not show up elsewhere too.” I reasoned. “Have lunch with me and then we will enjoy more.” I held her hand and forced to sit on a chair.

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She also wanted more, I guessed as she sat reluctantly. We ate our lunch quietly. After lunch and after she had cleared the table, we watched the porn video together. I fucked her 3 more times that day and enjoyed oral sex a lot. Since that day it was no-shame affair. I did not go to college all five days my family was away.

Divya either completed her other engagements before coming to our place or delegated them to someone. She stayed over all day enjoying incredible sex. She told me how she used to witness sex between her mom and dad in her small house. She also confessed that how she found out about my porn collection and how she used to read it whenever we were away.

I promised her to share all my porn collection with her and extracted her promise to let me fuck her regularly. Our “honeymoon” ended in five days. What an incredible five days they were. You are reading this indian maid porn story on desi bahu dot com. After that we did find a number of occasions to fuck each other. Even if someone was at home, we used to fondle each other and kiss each other when she used to clean my room.

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I fucked her numerous times till I moved to Coimbatore for work. We were lucky to get a chance to have sex before I left. I gave my entire porn collection to her. We did exchange a couple of steamy letters initially but soon the stream of letters ended. On my first trip back home, I brought her a nice dress. I gave it to her in private at a hotel room I had booked for a day just to fuck her.

She was also burning for me everyday. She was busy with her college and work. She confessed that now she used look at every man with lust. You are reading this indian maid porn story on desi bahu dot com. Soon after I returned back to Coimbatore, I heard that she got married to a guy her parents found for her. She had moved to another town and had stopped working as a maid. I felt happy for her. I was not going to marry her anyways though I would have liked to fuck her more.