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I slowly lifted her chemise from below and lifted it till I could see her bra. She thought I wanted to remove her chemise so she raised her hands. I obliged and pulled her chemise over head, removed and threw on the dining table. Now she was in her white bra and white panty. I was growing wild now. I held her boobs over her bra and moved my other palm on her stomach.

She turned around as if to suggest that I would need to take out her bra. I unhooked the bra after a fumble; she removed it, threw it on the dining table and turned to face me. You are reading this indian maid porn story on desi bahu dot com. There they were, her nice shapely full tits with hard nipples all for me to caress and suck. I touched her boobs tenderly and then tried to size them up by moving my palms all over her boobs. She was looking at my hand moving on her desi boobs.

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I caressed them slowly and massaged them. Then I increased my force and pressed them hard and I could hear her moan. I played with her boobs to my satisfaction and then sat down on my knees to take them in my mouth. I sucked her nipples, chewing them and making her say “uunnnn. Ouchhh.” Then I took her full breasts in my mouth and sucked them one by one.

She was moving her hand lovingly through my hair now. I released her boobs from my mouth and asked her, “How do you feel?” She replied with a smile, “Ummm. very good. But please do not bite the nipples so hard. It hurts.” I smiled and got back to sucking her breasts. I was sucking one of her boobs and caressing and pinching the other.

When I was fully satisfied enjoying her boobs, I kissed her belly button and kissed all over her tummy. Then I turned my attention to her panty. At last I was getting to touch, smell, feel her panty. I moved my fingers over her white panty. I could see some of her vaginal hair peeking out of the panty. I smelled it rubbing my nose on it and smooched it. I slowly pulled the panty down and out of her feet. Now Divya was completely naked. I moved away from her and took a good look at her naked body.

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“Happy at last” she said smilingly. I said, “Ya. God, you have a nice body and you look great naked.” After a good look, I hugged her. There were two naked bodies in a tight and warm embrace. Our bodies and breath were getting hotter. “Let us go to the bedroom, I am tired standing here.” I said. She did not say anything, just started walking towards my parents’ bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, She laid on the bed on her back. I sat beside her and explored her naked body with my hungry eyes. Shame was overwhelming her. You are reading this indian maid porn story on desi bahu dot com. I gave her a long French kiss and moved my hand on her body. Then I gave a smooch on her vagina and moved my fingers through her bush. I parted her legs and rubbed a finger though the slit. I was fingering a virgin slit. I was touching where no man has ever touched.

I applied some saliva on my finger and continued my fingering her slit. Slowly I inserted my finger in her virgin cunt and started finger fucking her. That was too much for her. She let go of her loud cry with ecstasy. “Shhhh… control it Divya.” I tried to silence her. “ohhhh. ummmmm. It feels so goooood…” Divya. Her cunt was now getting wet and warmer.

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I was enjoying moving my finger inside her warm and wet pussy. I was touching and pressing her inner walls and her g-spot with my finger. It appeared it was her first time as soon as I touched her g-spot she moaned loudly. “aaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Maaaaaaaa. Off…unhhhhh. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….”

I liked her moaning which perked me up. Then I buried my nose in her bush and smelled her vagina. I slowly licked her major and minor and moved my tongue over her slit. That sent her packing. She growled like a tigress. “whaaaaaaatt are you doing. Noooo. Puhhllleaase nooo.” I continued my tongue massage of her wet cunt.

I parted her pussy lips slightly and licked the visible sections of her pussy. I licked on her clitoris. Then I sucked her pussy lips. She cried.”unnnnnn. nooooo. It feels soooooooo good. I want it inside. I want your rod. Not tongue. Your thing.” I replied, ” You will get it. Hold on. Let me suck your cunt baby.” I sucked her cunt and licked her pre cum.

Then I got up and laid on her. I whispered in her ear, “Divya darling, did you see the woman sucking man’s thing in that magazine.” She nodded. “I want you to fondle and suck my thing. By the way the thing is called a cock.” I expressed my desire. She begged me, “nooo. Now first fuck me. I will suck later. I want cock in my cunt.”

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All her conversation was in our native language. “Come on. Suck it or I will not fuck you.” I did not budge. I got up and stood by the bedside holding my cock in hand. She sat up, looked at my erect long and hard cock and took it in her hand slowly. I asked her to stroke it gently first. She stroked it gently, watching it avidly.

It was evident that she was not only touching and holding a man’s cock for the first time but she was seeing it from this close for the first time. But just to confirm and to get her opinion I asked her, “Have you seen a cock before?”.

Divya, “What do you mean. No. I saw in the magazines but this is the first time I am seeing a live cock. Your cock is very good. It feels so soft. ” She continued stroking it. She then slowly pushed my foreskin away from head and saw the slit closely. “Go ahead, and put your tongue on that slit.” I encouraged her. She hesitated. I pushed my cock close to her mouth.

She opened her mouth and put her tongue tip on the eye of my cock. She moved it along the slit.

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“Take it in your mouth, Divya, Please.” I begged her. She continued her licking my head as if she did not hear me. She was taking her time. She ran her tongue along my cock’s length and then slowly opening her mouth wide open, took it in her mouth. I was smiling with pleasure.

I asked her to massage my balls, which she did. I asked her to keep her mouth open and fucked her mouth. I thrust my cock so deep that it reached her throat. She pulled away to take a gulp. Then she held my cock and again took it her mouth and began giving me blowjob. I remembered my mami’s blowjob. It had been a while I thought. Mami was experienced but Divya was also not that bad. She was learning quickly.