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We entered in the park of that lake. It was huge but dark. No lights were there except moonlight & that was enough for us.

We found few couples were sitting here & there. Few were walking also.

We started walking by a narrow concrete path surrounding that lake. We were walking holding each other’s hand.

A lot of benches were there beside that path. I was little aroused then.

I wrapped my hand on her ass & hold her one cheek. She looked at me & smiled.

She came very close to me. Her body was touching mine well.

After walking around hundred meter, we found no body was there except us.

Still those guys were following us from few meters back.

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I slowly wrapped my hand on her waist & pulled her on me & hugged her.

She too wrapped her hand over my shoulder.

I hugged her & pulled her on my chest. She smiled & asked what are you doing? I am trying to fuck you.

I whispered kissing her ear. Here. She said shockingly.

We were under a tree by then. I leaned on it & pulled her.

Without any, resistant she fall on me. I hold her head & started kissing her wild.

She became my pet in no time, holding my waist she was enjoying my lips. Aaah mmm she was moaning slowly.

Then I hold her face tightly & licked her lips.

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She parted my lips took out her tongue. Our tongues met & were playing.

I started squeezing her back & slowly came down to her butt.

I squeezed her butt very hard. Aaahh aaahhh she started moaning loudly.

She stopped & looked a side to check that guy. He was seeing us from very close.

They were enjoying our action. I sucked her mouth wild & was treating her very rough.

She was fully aroused. While squeezing her ass I pulled her skirt up to middle of her thighs.

Priya was looking at that guy frequently. Those guys too were restless seeing us.

I left her after sucking her mouth & face vigorously. I had her lipstick & make up all.

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Hey, I want to smoke. I said. I looked at that guy & said, Do you have matchbox? He had one.

He came close & handed me over. When he came close his body-touched Priya’s arm.

Intentionally Priya did it. When I was lightening stick, they were exchanging erotic glances though her one hand was still on my waist.

I gave his matchbox back. Thanks. Priya naughtily uttered seeing his eyes.

Her eyes were sending him frequent message. That guy went towards his friend.

Priya gave me a peck on my cheek & said, Vishal I am going there.

Saying this she slowly started walking towards those guy near the lake.

She stood beside them. Hi, Priya said very seductively to that guy. I think you people getting bored. She said.

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We were getting but not now.

That guy replied laughingly.

Priya too smiled shying. Is it? I am Priya. He is my hubby Vishal. Priya said.

They introduced themselves as Sam & Deep.

This is cold here. Priya said & sat on a bench nearby. Sam, that good-looking guy immediately sat beside her.

Priya was talking in whisper tone to him & continuously seducing him licking her lips.

She was combing her tightly knotted hair. They were local guys there work for some insurance company & not married yet.

Deep sit here, saying this Sam went little close to Priya. Her thigh touched her thigh.

Priya noticed it & smiled. I was smoking then. When I finished I went close to them. Vishal sit here.

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To be continued…