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Hello. I’ll get on with the story about how Indian girl has sex with 5 guys without any delay. I was in the library early one evening and as I finished my paper I noticed one of the girls working there was getting ready to leave. I had talked to Sonali before, during her break, but felt she was not attracted to me except as a friend.

She was great looking with tremendous tits. Ever since the first time I had laid eyes on her I knew she was someone I needed to know better, if you catch the drift.

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She impressed me as being somewhat prudish but smart and had a relaxed personality.

indian girl sex storyAs she was getting her things together I walked over and asked if she’d like to get a quick burger, on campus.

She smiled and said she had eaten but would be into a coke why I had a sandwich.

We walked to the cafeteria where I got a quick bite and she had a coke.

After finishing I walked her back to her car and began talking.

As it was cold and windy I said why not go back to my place and get out of the cold.

She said that it sounded good and followed me back to the apartment.

Anup, my roommate, was home when we arrived. ‘

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Anup asked if I had plans and if so he’d leave as he had things he could do.

His attitude startled me as he was one never to leave, hen I had a female present, always trying to belittle me.

I will give him credit he never tried to hit on any of the women who were with me. .

Sonali and I sat on the couch and Anup went and got us a coke.

Sonali slid closer to me and when she looked at me I reacted by placing my arm around her shoulder pulling her closer and kissing her on the check.

Her lips turned towards mine and we had a long deep kiss, our tongues reaching into the hidden potions of each others mouth.

She was dressed in a skirt and sweater, both of which complimented her great body.

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Even though she was about 10 pounds or so overweight she looked great.

Anup brought us our drinks, and the cokes contained rum.

We talked and soon began making out and when I let my hand roam under her sweater she offered no resistance so I quickly unhooked her bra and cupped my hand around her breast realizing that her nipples were erect.

I asked her if she wanted to go to the bedroom so I can suck on your breast.

She proceeded to remove her sweater and said “let’s finish our drink, but you can play around and maybe later we’ll head to the bedroom.

I guess you might say I was taken back as I felt that Sonali would be someone I’d spend many dates with before we would up in bed.

I knew Anup felt awkward and once again offered to leave.

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Sonali said the conversation was good and if she embarrassed him she’d enjoyed sitting there sans top.

By this time I had my hand on her thighs and as I began to feel her wet crotch she stood up and removed her skirt and panties.

We were both amazed but by with her soaking wet pussy I realized she was astonishingly horny.

As she at back down and I placed my fingers inside of her I realized how big her pussy was and slid my hand inside of her making a fist when it was deep enough.

One could tell she was enjoying it and asked Anup to come over and suck on her tits.

Anup not knowing what to say once again, said he must leave.

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