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I could feel her breast on my chest and that feel made me grow down there. But I controlled it and hold her tight. After sometime I tried to lose the grip but she didn’t let me. As soon as I lose the grip she held me more tight, eventually I had to held her again. So now we were hugging tight again. We both lie down hugging each other not loosening the grip and I felt something down there rising. I tried to end the hug and take my hands back but she didn’t and in that try my hand touched her right boob. It felt so good to have a womans breast touch. I muttered in her ear “Gayatri, what happened?” She said “I just need someone”.

“I am here with you Gayatri.”

“You are so sweet, but you cant help me,” she said in a disappointed manner.

“Just tell me what you want me to do to make you feel better, I’ll do it.” I said to her in an innocent manner.

She looked at me, smiled and said, “You wanted to know why I didn’t put your hand off me yesterday?”

“Yes” I said.

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She said, “I felt good when you put your hand on me.”

“So are you saying that it will make you feel better?”

She smiled and said “yes, it will make me feel better.”

I pulled back myself and got myself off from the hug. I was a teenager then, I did know what she wanted me to do, but I was not sure.

We both were lying by each others side and I thought to give it a try, and put my hand on her. She smiled at me and started staring in my eyes. I pulled her close to me having a tight grip of my hand over her.

We had our moment. That spark went through my whole body. Suddenly blood started running with more aggression than ever before through my veins. I got close to her, she got close to me, we could feel each others breath and the very next moment we were one.

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It was beautiful. It was my first kiss ever. We kissed each other. Her lower lip in my lips felt so good . Her taste was as sweet as nectar, her arms around me made me feel that it was the best place to be, the pine trees around us grooved in a manner that when we kissed each other they were the ones who got excited. Clouds came all over the sky so that even sun can’t see us and keep it our little secret, our little lovely secret.

I was sucking her lips, a woman’s lips for first time, and she was sucking my lips a man’s lips after the wait of 11 years. Our emotions flowed through our mouth, mine going into her and hers into mine. After a long lip lock she started licking my tongue. She was trying a French kiss which I did not know how to do. I had seen it in movies and porn videos. I tried to do the same as she did and with my stars shining bright I did it successfully. That French Kiss was so damn passionate. It was just the beginning for me to understand that how much the life is beautiful.

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We kissed each other for a long time. She made my first kiss so amazing.

While kissing, my left hand went on her right boob over her saree. She was wearing a yellow saree and a matching blouse. I pressed her right boob over her saree and a soft moan came out of her mouth. That boob felt so good in my hand. I could not control more now. I started removing her pallu slowly. When I removed her pallu I could see her tight nipples rising inside her blouse. That means she was not wearing any bra. I wondered. I looked at her and then looked back at her boobs. Now the only thing between me and her beautiful boobs was a blouse which I unhooked. I removed her blouse slowly. Now I had the most amazing treasure in my life in front of me telling me “loot as much as you can”.

I ran my hand over Gayatri’s boobs, on her hard nipples. We both were having goose bumps. Her boobs were big, firm yet soft. There was not a sign of shagginess in her boobs. They were in a position to be touched , pressed, kissed and loved by a man. I pressed her right boob with my left hand and she moaned with pleasure, I again did the same and she moaned again.

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Now she lied on her back whereas I came on top of her. I put my both hands on her boobs, I pressed them with pleasure, with care, with love. As much pressure I applied, while pressing her boobs, she moaned with exact same intensity. I leaned forward held her face with my hands and kissed her again with much more passion than before. We kissed till we felt lack of breath. It was truly incredible for me. I kissed her on her neck, on her ears. I slowly moved towards her chest. I kissed on her upper chest and then again hold her breast. I kissed her boobs. I did not left a single inch of her boobs to be kissed. She was enjoying it.

She said “suck my nipples boy”.

I did as she said.

I sucked on her tits, sucked on her hard big beautiful nipples.

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