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Coming to the story introducing myself I am Rocky of age 21 years, and the heroine of the story is her name is Jigi of age may be around 32-35 years. Coming to the figure of her she has a great ass and her boobs where stiff. And she has a solid figure. She is of height 5.7.

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Me and Jigi my maid use to have a better understanding between us i.e. we used to talk freely like friends. She is very comfortable with me and me too. As a young boy I used to have an urge to have sex. I have crush on my maid from the day she started to work with us. About her family she is married and having a kid of 7 years. Her husband used to go to work in the morning. So while coming to our home she would bring her kid to my home. I and her kid used to play in the home when I am free.

My dad used to go to work in the morning and my mom used to stay in the home. I used to go to the college and return by evening this is my daily routine. One day while coming from the college I saw her in the market I got down from the auto and went to her. I greeted her and she too greeted me but asked why are you here. I will complete buying and come she said you can go. I said nothing happen and was around her when she is buying vegetables. She is showing each kind of vegetable whether to buy or not I am saying OK to one which I eat.

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I asked her did you buy drum stick she said no then I said its nice there we will go and buy we went and she is buying them she said are they enough I said buy some more because I like them more she looked at me and smiled. We finished buying vegetables and came out. I called an auto we boarded into the auto first she and next me. Her body smell was nice I liked it much. I somehow gained courage and made my hand to rest on her thigh she didn’t react. I was slowly moving up and down my hand she took her hand and kept my hand side.

We got down and went to home. Mom said to fresh up I went up and got freshened up. I asked coffee. Jigi came and gave me I looked into her eyes she looked into mine. She gave me and turned around and going you should see her ass was swinging. I would die for it. I went into kitchen and gave her coffee cup and I immediately said her I like you she was shocked and gave a look. As if I had done something wrong. I held her hand she said this is wrong.

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The next day I bunked for college and woke up at late. I asked Jigi where is mom she said she went to neighbours house as there is some function. I got freshened up and went to bath. I came out to hall and watching TV suddenly my towel got off. I was naked my maid saw me and smiled and asked to wear towel first. I wore it and purposely removed it. She said while your towel is not standing. I said there is another work to do so it is not standing she was taken aback.

She went to kitchen I followed her in naked I went behind her and pressed her butt with my cock. She turned around with red face and told it is wrong. I said please I need you. She said she is going off and going I stopped her and I kissed her she bet me but my cock was rock solid hard. She saw it she said it is wrong I said ok and went to my room and wore my clothes and came. She was crying I asked her why are you crying she said nothing it’s none of your business. I said come on share with me. Then she started saying her problems her husband would drink and come and used to spend money a lot not caring of her kid.

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I went near her and hugged her to console her. She went and next day she came she started waking me up I got up she gave me coffee and I started to go to college she came and said bye I was shocked. I came in the evening. I asked mom where is Jigi mom said she went to home as she is having fever. So I got up and went to her home without telling to mom. She was shocked to see me I said how are you felling she said still she is having fever. I went out brought tablets, fruits and made juice to her she said why all these. I said I am going while going I gave her my phone number. In the night I got a call it was her I told her I was shocked to hear your voice she said why I told that you wouldn’t be call me.

After 2 days she came to home to work she gave a smile to me it was Sunday mom and dad went outside. I was in home she prepared non veg. I was eating I asked her u can also join. She said after u eat I will eat I said nothing happens she came and started eating we were discussing she thanked me for doing things when she was having fever. I said its OK I can do anything to you because I like you very much she looked into me. She said why do you like me. I said just like that.

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We finished eating and she was washing her hands I was behind her I touched my dick to her ass. She smiled I washed my hands too.

I asked her can I ask you something she said OK I said I want to hug you she went off I repeatedly kept on asking her and I hold her hands and I pulled towards myself and hugged her. She was resisting. I kept on hugging her she too hugging me and I dared and kissed her. She too responded.