Hot Desi wife Shaila fucked hard by Amjad

(Hindi Sex Stories) Shaila was married at the age of 16 and her husband promising to get a family visa, spent about 15 days with her soon after marriage. At the age of 16, the prime of her youth, she was in full bloom, with all her curves well developed.

Her huband promised to send money either to repair her present house where she and her mother stayed, or built a new house of go to the town and buy a new flat and stay there. He asked Shaila to pursue her studies, she was just in Xth standard at the time of marriage. Learn computer science etc where there are chances to get good jobs.

Her husband Iqbal, did not study much. If she studied computer science there will be lot of chances to get jobs. Poor Shaila worked to pass her school exams. and joined a computer institute who taught her basics. Many boys studying with her evinced interest in her. Some tried to talk to her, some invited her to go to the cinema.

She was skilfully managed to keep all such boys away and was concentrating in her studies. By the time she was 18 and developed into a full bloomed woman. They she talked to her husband almost daily all her sexual urges were satisfied in that ten minutes talk. Iqbal cannot get leave to go home annually. He can go once in two years or sometimes once in three years.

His boss was satisfied with him and gave him substantial rise and Iqbal could save quite a lot of money. He bought a flat in the city, Otherwise how long he and his family can stay in the village where there no facilties are available. He called Shaila and told her to shift with all her luggage to the town to flat No. 313 in an apartment complex in the residential area of the town.

She was surprised. When she was returning from the computer class she went and saw the flat. It was closed and she could not go inside. In the evening she asked Iqbal how did be manage to get such a beautiful flat while working in Dubai. He said his friend Amjad only helped him.

He said that the shopping mall is close by and there is a doctor in the neighbourhood who can treat his mother. Shaila was very happy for the foresight of Iqbal. She telephoned Bhasheer and asked him to help her to see the flat purchased by her busband. Basher promised to pick her up in the evening when she comes out of the comp. class.

He came a handsome, tall youngman, with a broad smile on his face. Iqbal and Amjad studied together and when Iqbal went to gulf, Amjad tried his luck locally to do broking of real estate and flats. Shaila sat with him in the front seat. They reached the flat. Bhasheer had the key to the flat. He opened and took Shaila inside. Amjad was stunned at the beauty of Shaila.

He thought Iqbal should be a lucky man to have got a such a beautiful wife. Shaila saw the whole flat was well furnished with sofa settee in the sitting room with TV, master bedroom with a huge cot and mattress, two other rooms also with beautiful double cots, all rooms well ventilated. all rooms with attached bathrooms. Amjad was explaining to her each part of the flat.

Going around and around varius room, she was filled with satis faction and it so happened in one room when she took a sudden turn she dashed against Bhasheer. Amjad held her in his two arms and held her to prevent her from falling. She looked up and saw his smiling face and she did not try to wriggle away from his grip.

Lack sex and lack of masculine company for a long time made Shaila crazy and she seemed to have lost her senses. Amjad took advantage of her position and embraced and kissed her on her cheeks. His hands were swift to run over her, he squeezed her boobs, and then her asses, her narrow waist was just within his arm. He lowered his mouth and kissed her on her mouth.

Shaila meekly succumbed to all his advances, because the touch of his hand was sending a shiver in her body. Shaila was led to her bedroom and Amjad gently pushed her on the bed. He again embraced her and started to unhook her blouse and removed her saree. Shaila asked Amjad to remove his shirt and other pieces of clothing.

Amjad and Shaila were not lovers. But instinctively they both were attracted to each other and in her a sense of gratitude was there for having helped them to get a flat. Amjad was fascinated by her beauty and she was thrilled by his handsomeness. But her lack of sex for such a long time made her to forget reason. She for a moment for got that she was betraying her husband.