Great Tolly Celebs – Part 3

” Oh Yeah, o ah a a e eeeeeee, aro jore thap de sona ,”Mrs. Rupa Dutta grunted and begged for more.

“She is damn fucking horny,” Noel whispered to his mother Locketdebi.

“Yeah, she is horny as hell and it is difficult to make her climax,”Mrs Locket Banerjee replied.

” Oh yes, yes Raju sona , fuck me really harder,” Rupadebi yelled and bucked her hips up.

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Raju increased his speed and fucked his horny celebrity mother really hard. He raised himself on his arms and slammed his cock deep inside her cunt. Rupadebi also wanted this badly and she grunted and twisted and she was close to her climax.

Raju shoved his cock deep inside his mother’s cunt and kept it pressed for a few minutes in the warmth of her cunt, when Rupadebi climaxed to her orgasm.

” Oh! Ah h h ,ar parlam na re chudir bhai machodani Raju u uuuuuuuu,” the great Tollygung actress Mrs.Rupa Dutta yelled as she reached her orgasm in waves after waves.

Rupadebi’s voluptuous body shook like a jelly and she bucked up her hips and gyrated it with his cock still stuffed inside her hot cunt. Her big cunt contracted around his cock and clung to it like a tight noose.

As the orgasm faded off, Raju began to fuck his great celeb mother again harder as she wanted. Her voice was erotic and her huge boobs jiggled as his cock moved in and out of her cunt. With a few more strokes she reached her orgasm again and hugged him tightly.

” Ai eeeeeee eeeeeee khanki chudi re, abar berie gelo o o ooooo,” top actress cum politician Mrs. Rupa Dutta groaned loudly and kissed her son’s lips as she climaxed in waves after waves.

However during this fuck-session, Rituparna watched in amazement at her politician Sasurima who had been fucked to the core by her dear husband’s big cock. Rituparna Dutta is a sexy & glamour queen actress in Bengalee films. She was 25 years old, mother of two and had all the features one needs to enter the film industry.

Rituparna had a sexy face, big boobs, big butt, and stout thighs. She was naked and her big boobs stood erect and they were mouth watering. Her pussy was covered with long & curly black hair that covered her swollen pussy fully . Her long black hair flowed down to her hips and her lips were sweet and inviting.

” Now you have a fuck-session with your Sasur, but before that please clean your husband’s cock,” said Locketdebi.
Hearing Locketdebi’s direction Rituparna moved close to her respected Sasurima who was still in the throes of her orgasm.

Raju pulled his cock out of his mother’s cunt. The cock that was bathed with her juices stood amazingly erect. Rituparna came near the big cock and cleaned it with her tongue. She tasted her Sasurima’s pussy juices and smacked her lips and smiled.

At this moment, Rituparna’s Sasurmasai Rajatbabu entered the room and became amazed to observe his sweet actress bouma’s sexy nude body.

“Oh bouma ! you are damn hot and I am going to fuck you from behind,” taking a position behind Rituparna, Rajatbabu said and pulled his glamour queen actress bouma towards him.

The top Bengalee film-heroine Rituparna Dutta rolled over on the couch and raised her hips up in the air. Her big buttocks looked lovely and Rajatbabu thought that he should fuck all the Tollygung celebrities in their big and hot asses. Rituparna was like a marble statute with perfect structures. Her skin was smooth and supple.

” Kigo boumake chodo ebar, koto din to boumake chudcho mone kore amake chudocho, now ebar tomar swapno puran karo”, Actress Rupadebi urged her husband to fuck their actress bouma Rituparna.

” Yes, don’t delay baba, observeing your wife’s fucking with my husband, I can’t bear anymore, please fuck me ” young Bengalee glamour queen actress Rituparna Dutta also urged her respected Sasurbaba Rajat Dutta.

Rupadebi throughly licked and sucked his husband’s cock and his throbbing cock was drenched with her saliva. Holding her husband’s rock-hard 9″ cock Rupadebi placed his cock-head on her bouma’s pussy-lips and moved the tip over it in circles.

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Rituparna let out a soft moan. Rajatbabu’s cock was rock hard and with a pressure of his hip, his cock moved in slowly in his sweet bouma’s soaked pussy. He pulled it out and pushed it in again little by little. The rubbery pussy of the Bengalee film-heroine Rituparna was stretched around his cock.

” Ah-a-a-ui-e-e, push baba push more ,” Rituparna held the couch tightly and rocked her big butt forward and backward.

Rajatbabu slapped her big butts and made the rumps jiggle like a loose jelly. Holding her big rumps he fucked her butt hard and the famous Bengalee actress Rituparna Dutta screamed in joy as her respected Sasur baba’s cock was moving in and out with a sloshing sound. The wet cock throbbed up and down and sitting beside them Rupadebi immediately gobbled it up in her mouth and she sucked it clean with her tongue.

In this way another hard-core bengali blue film as the title ” Holy Bengalee Family ” was filmed by the famous Banerjee family in which the Dutta family members, consisted of top Bengalee matured actress cum politician Mrs Rupa Dutta, her famous glamour queen actress bouma Rituparna Dutta and their husbands participated.

The End
( Disclaimer : The story is totally fictional ,based on fantasy, any resemblance with someone or any incident is totally a coincidence.The author is not responsible for that )