Great Tolly Celebs – Part 3

Raju built up a huge load and shot it inside his actress cum politician mother’s mouth. The hot cream filled her mouth and the famous actress drank the juice in one gulp. Even before his cock could empty its contents completely, Raju pulled it out and aimed straight at his respected mamoni’s beautiful face.

Thick spews of cum shot straight on her face and fell as white strings on her neck, nose and eyes. Locketdebi quickly focussed the camera and captured her closest friend’s face that was covered with her own son’s white cum.

“That was a wonderful blow job mamoni and I loved it,” Raju said as he kept rubbing the cum erupting cock all over his mother’s beautiful, sexy and chubby face.

“Would have been better, if I could drink all your sweet cum. This one is a huge amount ,” Rupadebi smiled.

” Now let me try it in my sacred birth place mamoni ,” Rajesh said and got off the chair.

Top matured Tollygung actress Smt Rupa Dutta stood in front of the mirror and showed her big buttock to her son. She bent over the dresser and prepared herself for a doggie fuck.

Raju pulled down his mother’s petticoat and her panties. Her panty was wet and it indicated how horny this Bengalee celebrity was. Raju held his mother’s panties to his nose and smelled her pussy.

” Mamoni Your pussy smells good and it is damn erotic,” Raju said.

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The cameras were turned to get glimpses of Rupa Dutta’s gud (cunt). Like most of the Tollygung celebrities it was extremely hairy. The hair was jet black in color and was long and curly. It was dense and bushy that formed a thick jungle over her cunt. The entrance of this horny politician’s cunt was fully covered with the dense hair and the jungle extended down to her anus.

Raju moved his hands over his mother’s thick pubic jungle and moved the dark hair around her labia. The pussy lips were very thick and dark. The meaty lips pouted out and exposed her clit. Rupadebi’s cunt was sticky from her cunt juices and the thick pussy lips throbbed in anticipating of pleasure.

Raju moved his mother’s legs apart and placed his cock on her big butt (Pacha). He made all sorts of movements with his fingers over them and slapped them gently. He spread her big butt cheeks and moved his fingers in the crack. It was wet and greasy from her cunt juices. Rupa Dutta’s anus throbbed. It was round, puckered and black.

According to screen-play, at that time another Bengalee glamour queen actress Rituparna Dutta entered the room, removing her all clothes she became fully naked, then coming forward to her respected Sasurima, she did Pranam to Rupadebi and said in a husky tone,” Ektu deri holo ma, tarpar kemon lagche amar barer adar?”

“Cheler adar mayer kache sabsamay bhalo lage, tumi jokhon tomar cheler adar khabe tokhon bugbe”, Rupadebi smiled.

” Raju, put your mother on the couch and fuck her, your wife is already here,” Locketdebi said and Raju did as he was told.

” Ogo, fill your mother’s gud with your hamandista and fuck her as hard as you could,” famous Bengalee heroine Rituparna said to her husband and led her on the couch.

Rupadebi spread on the blue couch and Locketdebi focussed the cameras. Raju placed his cock on his mamoni’s hairy pussy and moved it over the thick jungle of jet-black hair. His cock head got completely lost in the dense fur and he loved the ticklish feeling.

Holding his cock Raju shoved it inside his actress cum politician mother’s hairy cunt. Her thick pussy lips expanded and sucked in his cock easily. Mrs Rupa Dutta is an experienced fucker in the Tollygung film Industry and she loves to fuck mainly young and big studs.

Rupadebi had been fucked thoroughly by most of the producers and male stars. All this had left her pussy to expand like a nice elastic hole. Raju shoved more of his cock into his mother’s pious cunt and the cock moved in like a piston.Rupadebi’s thick pussy lips formed a complete wrap around his thick shaft.

“Oh-h-h, gudmarani re e e e e e e e e e e ,” Great Bengalee matured actress Mrs Rupa Dutta moaned loudly as her son’s big cock spread her thick cunt lips. Raju embraced and kissed his mother’s sexy lips. He shoved more of his cock inside her hot cunt.

Rupadebi also spread her legs to accommodate more of her son’s cock and her moans got louder and louder. Hugging and kissing his celebrity mother, he pulled his cock all the way out and slammed it in again into the hot fuck twat.

“Ai eeeeeee eeeeeee, ah mago, ki aram pachchi re e e e e e e e e e e ,” top Bengalee politician Rupadebi yelled and asked her son to fuck her harder and deeper.

This was the first time she is being fucked with her own son’s cock and she loved every inch of it and fucking before a camera for blue film shooting was a great pleasure that came along with it. She grunted, growled and twisted her body as her son began to fuck her nice and hard.