Great Tolly Celebs – Part 2

Hello Friends, Thanks for your responses on my earlier Bangla Choti Golpo & Bengali sex stories. It’s a multi chapter basis Bengali celeb saga based on famous bengali (Bangla) imaginative actresses, singers, players, news-readers etc with the title ‘Great Bengali Celebs’ 1st story is Bhaiphonta, 2nd is Nude scenes in film, 3rd is Kidnapped actresses, 4th is Great Bengali Celebs , 5th part is Tolly Celebs and 6th part is Great Tolly Celebs. I hope you enjoyed all, now It’s seventh part.)

Being in love with her teenage adibasi boy-servant Ramu Saren after seeing his nigro-like black cock, the famous mature Bengalee widow actress Smt Locket Banerjee decided to marry him. Knowing her respected and religious minded mother’s wish, as a devoted son Noel Banerjee became highly impressed by her dearest mamoni’s choice and prepared all the arrangements for his widow mother’s second marriage.

But before entering into this famous marriage, have a look on the characters who will participate in Locketdebi’s sacred marriage.

1. Smt Locket Banerjee, 48 yrs, height 5’8″,65 kgs, widow film-actress cum politician, main heroine of this story.
2. Ramu Saren, teenage adibasi boy-servant of Banerjee family, height 4’8″,38 kg with lean & sort figure, main hero of this story with 11″ cock.

3. Noel Banerjee, 28 yrs, average height & weight, film director cum producer, son of Locketdebi & husband of Koel Chatterjee with 9′ cock.
4. Koel Chatterjee ( Banerjee ), 25 yrs, 5’7″,56 kgs, film-actress, wife of Noel Banerjee and daughter of Mrs. Indrani & Mr. Ranjit Chatterjee.

5. Smt Indrani Chatterjee, 48 yrs, 5’7″,59 kgs, film TV serial actress cum classical dancer, wife of Ranjit Chatterjee.
6. Ranjit Chatterjee, 47 yrs, husband of Indrani Chatterjee, film actor cum priest, average height & weight with 9″ cock.

7. Kalu Saren , 33yrs , height 5′ with thin body & 41 kgs, cook-servant & driver of Banerjee family with 10′ cock.

This sacred marriage of Mrs. Locket Banerjee was fixed by her dearest son Noel on her husband’s first death anniversary date. This day may be the most sorrowful day of the famous Banerjee family because tremendous sorrow gripped this family on this day by Locketdebi’s husband’s sudden death. To divert her own distress, Locketdebi also supported her son’s decision.

” Mamoni, I want to record today’s all happenings about father’s death anniversary and your marriage “, Noel wanted her mother’s opinion.

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” It’s OK son, your wish is my wish “, saying this Locketdebi prepared herself for the Gangasnan ( bathing in the Holy Ganga river ) as a custom of hindu religion before marriage. With driver Kalu, future husband Ramu and son Noel, she proceeded for the Ganga river.

There completing the Gangasnan, Locketdebi & Ramu prayed for the Goddess Ratidevi and returned home. All these were filmed by her son. Returning home Locketdebi went to her sacred worship-room with incense, flowers, flowery garlands etc wearing a red bordered saffron saree ( specially made for Puja only ) for puja along with Kalu and her bouma Koel.

With slight dishevelled hair, Locketdebi looked like a distressed widow and with her bouma’s support, she proceeded to the worshiproom.Noel followed them with his camcorder. A huge coloured portrait along with a white stone statue of her expired husband was placed before the Goddess statue.

Sitting before her dead husband’s statue along with her bouma, Locketdebi prepared for the puja with Kalu’s help. Placing some flowers on the feet of her past husband’s statue and tieing a flowery garland on the statue’s neck, Locketdebi started her praying for her past husband’s soul.

Reminiscing all the sweet memories with her beloved husband, Locketdebi’s eyes filled with tears . With mourning, Locketdebi said, ” Keeping myself here, you go away, how shall I live without you, that’s why I’m am going to marry Kalu’s son Ramu, please bless me so that I become pregnant with my new husband Ramu on the Fulsajjya “.

Observeing her respected widow Sasurima’s distressed condition, soft-hearted Koel’s eyes also filled with tears. Embracing her Sasurima, in a weeping voice, Koel said, ” Don’t cry ma on this happy day , heavenly baba’s soul will not achieve the peace”,

Wiping out of her Sasurima’s tearful eyes with her anchal ( last portion of saree ), Koel kissed her respected Sasurima’s juicy & swollen lips and began to caresses her Sasurima’s mellon-like huge boobs through her thin bra-less blouse.

Seeing this emotional love between his didimani & memsaheb, cook-servant Kalu’s black cock started throbbing which he was rubbing through his lungi. Noticing this Koel called Kalu with a wink, at which he came immediately and stood before them.

Removing Kalu’s dirty lungi, Koel gripped his hard cock and caressing her conservative Sasurima’s beautiful face with the hot dick, she placed the cock-head on her Sasurima’s lips and began to lick his huge testicles.