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Ranjitbabu propped up two pillows under her head so that her celeb daughter could watch the whole fuck session…she could watch how their adibasi servant’s monster cock enters her deep cunt.

“This blue-film will be a big hit ” Ranjitbabu said as he focussed the camera on his celeb daughter’s hairy pussy.

“Mamoni will like Kalukaka’s dick best , isn’t it bapi ?”Koel asked her respected father,”

“Certainly she will love it best, we will shoot a fuck-session between Kalu and your mother” Ranjitbabu expressed his future planning.

“Oh! yeah ah h ,I can’t wait anymore Kalukaka, please push your rod” Koel purred as she watched their servant’s big tool.

Holding his cock in his hand adibasi cook Kalu Saren forced his black cock head inside his favourite actress’s fuck hole. His cock head was damn thick and it stretched Koel’s cunt like a sharp spear. Her thick and hairy cunt lips closed his cock head like petals of a flower. Kalu pulled it out and shoved it back in.

He again pulled it out and moved the head over her cunt lips up and down. Slowly and gently he pushed it in and finally the cock head stretched Koel’s cunt lips so wide and made its way in. Koel felt that her cunt was spread open beyond its limits but she loved the filled sensation. Koel’s head was thrown back and she grunted loudly.

“Oh h og go o o ah a a e eeeeeee” Bengalee top film-heroine Koel Chatterjee grunted loudly as the cock-head filled her steamy pussy.Every time his efforts were rewarded and his huge cock would enter a few more inches inside the deep fuck twat. He pushed and she bucked up her hips to take the monster deep inside her cunt.

Her thick and hairy cunt lips were stretched around his thick shaft like a perfect O ring. He could not put all of his 10 inches cock inside Koel’s cunt, and that was simply impossible. He shoved his cock inside her cunt until he hit Koel’s crevix and began to fuck this horny bengalee celebrity in slow strokes.

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“Oh ai eeeeeee eeeeeee, ah amar gudta bhore gache re chudir bhai, ebar thapa sala khankir bachcha “famous Bengalee heroine Koel Chatterjee grunted loudly with the tightness of her servant’s cock in her cunt.She slowly rocked her body and raised her head to see how her cunt was stretched around his hard cock. Her eyes bulged out when she saw how wide her cunt was stretched.

“Fuck your didimani, she was dreaming for a long time to be fucked by you” Koel’s husband Noel shouted from behind the camera, “I know my sweet wife can easily take your cock” he continued.With his malik’s order Kalu pressed his huge black dick into his favourite film-heroine’s pussy. What a surprise…his thick cock shoved almost fully

” Ah a a ooooòoooooooo eeeeeee eeeeeee mago” Koel jumped off from the sacred worship-room’s floor as her pussy was filled completely with the thickness of her adibasi servant’s monster black cock.As a result she totally forgot about the puja and her praying.

“Ah a a a a a a a a a a a oh mago” Koel grunted loudly and twisted her body.

Kalu lay on top of Koel’s and crushed her big boobies. He kissed her sweet lips and dived into her mouth and tasted her saliva. The tightness of her cunt and her loud grunts brought him close to an orgasm but he held her tight and tried to delay his ejaculation.

Koel’s male star Kalu was now fucking mercilessly for the porn film. Kalu raised himself and pulled his cock out of her cunt and shoved it back in slowly.

“Ki sundar chudcho Kalukaka, aro jore thap dao” cooed Koel as Kalu began to fuck his favorite actress with long strokes.

Her cunt lips were stretched beyond its limits and her anus throbbed with every stroke. His hard cock rubbed on her clit as it moved in and out of her cunt taking the top Bengalee actress Koel Chatterjee to the zenith of pleasure. Kalu kept fucking her and built up a huge load very soon.

“Oh ah ha a a a, khankichudi didimani re, ar parchi ne re sali, amar malta berube mone hochche re magi” he shouted.

“Pull your dick and spray the cream on my daughter’s boobs ” Ranjibabu shouted from other side and focussed the camera on Koel’s beautiful tits.Ranjitbabu & his sons-in-law Noel filmed the whole event from two sides of Koel.

Kalu’s cock slowly left Koel’s hairy pussy and her pussy stayed open like a newly blossomed flower. Kalu placed his cock to her big boobies and Koel held his cock and pressed it on them. She moved her hands up and down on the slick cock that was drenched with her cunt juices. She jerked him faster and he shot his load all over her tits and her face. He rubbed it all over her areolas and her nipples making them all wet with his hot cream.

Ranjitbabu came over and kissed his dearest daughter on her lips and pinched her swollen pussy.They then got ready to make another shots of the new porn film, “Sati-Saddhi Bangali Abhinetri” and waited eagerly for the release of the first xxx porn starring by the famous Tollygung film actress Koel Chatterjee.

The End

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