Great Bengali Celebs

The Tollygung film industry produces more than 20 films a year in Bengali language. To find a successful entry into Tollygung film industry as an actress is not that easy. One has to have a sexy and voluptuous body and should be willing to bed with the directors, actors, producers, make-up man etc.

Most importantly, the women should have a big pacha(butt) with big & upright mai ( boobs ) to make a successful entry in the Bengalee film industry. Even though there had been new entrees everyday, the heroines like Koel, Rituparna, Arpita still had their charm. This was because these heroines were all blessed with a sexy body and really well experienced in sex.

However the most popular mature actresses in the Bengalee film industry are Indranidebi, Rachanadebi, Rupadebi, Sreelekhadebi, Nayanadebi, Debashreedebi etc. The sexy new ones are Nusrat , Rimi, Shrabanti, Debolina, Payel etc. Most of these actresses are high-class call girls or nude dancer who are attached to the top hotels in Kolkata and maintain their filmy status.

Koel is a noted heroine in the Bengalee film industry and she was 25 years old. She played with big names in the Tollygung film industry. Her successful career is attributed to her luscious body. She has medium sized boobs of 34D a small waist and a big butt. Directors of films, producers, and actors can enjoy her sexy body only in exchange of a chance for major role in the film.

Koel has long lips, sharp nose, big eyes, creamy and round arms with a thick curly hair in her armpits just like her aunt ( mother’s sister ) Rachana Chatterjee . During most of the occasions she would wear a blouse & saree or salwar-kamiz and her hairy armpits were always soaked with sweat.

In order to make big bucks this sexy famous Bengalee actress of Tollygung film industry planned to produce a porn film with the cooperation of an Arabian film company and Koel & her husband made a million-dollar tie-up for the production of the Bengalee porn film.

Koel & her mother Indranidebi are in touch with most of the heroines of Tollygung film industry, some of them agree to act in blue film for a big sum. Plans are made with Indranidebi and as a male porn star her father Ranjitbabu arrives at her home to help her make the film. This is an undercover film shows for private only and it is kept a top secret. The title of the film is ” Sati-Saddhi Bangali Abhinetri”( Chaste Bengalee Actresses ).

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It is a beautiful day of ‘Kalipuja’ and Koel is busy in her worship-room making arrangements with her husband for the great puja. Earlier she bathed in the sacred Ganga for puja, opens her wet hair and is in her red bordered white saree and a matching sleeveless blouse. A pearl necklace glittered around her neck and her saree was tied in her lower hip that clearly showed her big navel without any hindrance.

Ranjitbabu is also helping her daughter for the Kalipuja in the worship-room. 47 yrs old Ranjitbabu is well built and had a cock that bulged to 9 inches when fully erect. He wears a white Dhoti for the puja and his dick is twitching continuously. He holds his cock in his left hand and jerked in slowly and helps her daughter for the puja with right hand.

During Puja Ranjitbabu’s eyes catches her the sexy daughter Koel. Koel sits before the Goddess’s statue, worshiping the Goddess and her arms are in praying style.As a result her thick black armpit hairs,wet with pungent sweat, are clearly shown and this kindled Ranjitbabu’s fire of lust.

“I can’t wait anymore …” Ranjitbabu says to himself and stands before her her daughter with his erect cock in his hand. Koel is amazed to see his father’s thick, big cock first time . Koel’s mouth watered when she looks at the throbbing cock, she touches her father’s cock and squeezes it.

She held it with both her hands and Ranjitbabu’s cock becomes harden in his daughter’s warm hands. He bend down and unbuttons her blouse and her bra. Koel’s big boobs sprang free, her areolas were large and brown that housed her thick nipple at its center.

“Oh! Koel ma tor mai gulo ki naram re” Ranjitbabu says as he pulls the thick brown nipples between his and twistes them softly.Ranjitbabu wants to enjoy those soft boobs and he knows what he should do. He wants to fuck her dearest daughter with his huge cock. He pulls off her sari and the famous Bengalee actress Koel is totally naked.

Her flat belly is smooth, thighs are stout and her pacha is huge. Like most of the Bengalee film celebrities her cunt is covered with a thick moss of long, curly black hair. Koel lays before the Goddess statue with her legs spread wide and prays for blessing.

Her pussy lips are thick and puffy that is masked by her dense pubic hair. Ranjitbabu places his throbbing cock between his daughter’s pussy-lips,presses his cock which slowly enters into the already soaked pussy.

Puch-puch-ch ch h h ……a wet fucking sound is creating with a continues fuck between two Bengalee famous celebrity father & daughter. Embracing her father tightly, Koel was matching her father’s downward thrust by her upward thrust and during this fucking, she was praying the God continuously.

Suddenly Koel notices her adibasi cook cum servant Kalu Saren at the doorway who is stroking his dick through his lungi.Kalu,a lower class adibasi was brought by Locketdebi ( 45 yrs famous Bengalee actress cum politician , mother of Noel ) about five months ago who is a blind fan of his favourite film-heroine Koel Chatterjee. Everyday during the watching of Koel’s film, he musterbates imagining her naked body and sometimes sniffing her soaked & soiled panty , he ejaculates his semen.

Actually today he was coming with some flowers to the worship-room to help his didimani Koel. At first he was surprised to observe the scene inside the worship-room, where his favourite actress was fucking her own father and her husband was filming the fucking-scene with a camcorder. Thirty-five yrs old adibasi servant couldn’t believe this lewd & adulterous taboo scene which creates a tremendous excitement in him and hardens his cock.

Koel became frightened being caught by their adibasi servant at first but soon she made up her mind and called him to come in the worship-room,” Why are you standing there? Please come here Kalu kaka”.