Fucking my virgin best friend – Maria

Being a shy engineering student, it was never easy for me to meet up girls inside or outside the campus and every girl I knew did have a boyfriend. At the time when the incident happened, I was in my fourth year of college which would be my last year. In spite of my shy nature, I did have a best friend who was a girl. Her name is Maria. To describe her, she is really fair and a natural brunette with long hair. Not only her hair but her eyes were also light brown in colour. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall with curves in all right places. Any person who sees her from back would surely notice her ass. Hindi Sex Stories

It is really round and to clearly show it, she always wears leggings which is leggings made out of jeans material. Her boobs are also pretty round and good enough in size, was 34 C to be exact. I think you might have got an idea about her physically. I was also quite good looking and had somewhat tanned skin as a typical Indian.
She was the only girl who was close to me, always cared about me and helped me when I was in trouble. But unlike many girls, she was sort of a bad ass type and used to ride a Royal Enfield. I always felt a bit embarrassed to sit behind her while she was riding.

The thing that I enjoyed was that I get to rub my cock against her ass while she was riding. She did have a boyfriend outside college and they were in a pretty serious relationship and he used to fuck her at least once in two weeks. One day something unusual happened, Maria didn’t come to class and she messaged me asking me to come to the football ground after class. I went there and saw her with red eyes clearly indicating that she was crying a lot for the past few hours. When I asked her what’s the matter, she told that her boyfriend dumped her and he is now in relation with another girl.

She was pretty much heartbroken and I felt really bad for her. To cheer her up, I told let’s go somewhere tomorrow and enjoy the weekend as it might help her relieve the pain. She agreed and we decided to go to a hill station with was about 100 km from college the next day. We left early morning on her bike and reached there before afternoon. We planned to do some trekking and finally, we reached a very small waterfall. No one else was there, it was only we two. So Maria challenged me to stand near the fall and get drenched in the water. I told that it would be really cold so she told that she would also join me. Then to my surprise, she started to remove my shirt telling me to not make it wet. Then she asked me whether I am wearing any underwear and I told yes. Hindi Sex Stories

So now she started to remove my trousers and I was there in my boxers in front of her with her being fully clothed. I asked her to remove her clothes as well and now she was in a blue sports bra and tights. As soon as I saw that scene, my cock started to rise under my boxers which she could clearly see. We both went and stood near the fall. It was cold that I started to soccer and to get some warmth, I hugged Maria. She was taken aback and asked me Gautham are you getting goose bumps? I told yes and we both moved away from the fall. Both of us were totally drenched and now I could clearly see the outline of her nipples in her sports bra. She asked me whether I got warmth when I hugged her, I told yes.

Then she came to me and hugged me again and started to kiss me on my face and soon she planned a kiss on my lips. By now I was horny as hell and started to press and squish her ass with my hands. We both started to make out in that Rocky area near that waterfall and to my surprise, she asked me “Gautham do you want to fuck me?” I didn’t know what to say since I was a virgin and had no experience with these things. She tips me not to worry about it and will help me lose it. She pulled down my boxers and there was I, stark naked in front of my best friend. Then she asked me to strip her. I took off her sports bra and tights and she bends down to take my cock in her mouth and started to blow my dick. The warmth of her mouth was so pleasurable beyond words and after some time, she asked me to suck her clean shaven pussy. I just laid down and she took a squatting position and started to rub her pussy on my lips. Hindi Sex Stories

I could taste her musky slimy juice which started to flow down from her cunt. After sometime sucking, she crawled on her knees and took a doggy position and asked me to come behind her and fuck her in that position. She helped me position my cock on her hole and with one strong push, my six-inch cock went inside her sweet cunt oozing with pussy juice. I kept pushing and pulling my cock in and out of her pussy and she turned back and kept kissing my lips when I kept fucking her. I reached a point where I could not take the pleasure anymore and was about to cum. She asked me to cum inside her as it was a safe period for her. Without further notice, I blasted my jet of semen inside her love hole. As soon as the ordeal was over, my cock became limp and fell out. I was sad that I couldn’t make her reach her climax but she comforted me saying that it was only my first time and there was a lot more to learn in the art of sex. Hindi Sex Stories

She also told that I was pretty good for my first time. We hugged each other and kissed for some time and dressed up and left the place. We reached back college late that night and went to our respective hostels trying to grasp and remember once more what all happened the day.

That was not the first and the last time we did it. We kept on doing it now and then enjoying each other’s body without developing anything more than just friendship between us. Hindi Sex Stories