Secret Affair with Foreigner Indian Woman – Part 2

Hello my fellow Erotica Sex Stories readers. Thanks for reading my previous sex story and liking it and thanks for all your comments and feedback! This is another part of my affair with foreigner!

After our meeting in hotel, daily morning at 6:30 I will wake up early and wait for her outside my room while she is getting ready to office and she will come and hug and kiss me passionately by hiding at above stairs and use to hot chatting in whatsapp or fb messenger and planning for next romantic sessions!

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Weekends we use to go out with our families where we touch each other when no one is noticing ours and kissing sometimes as well!

One day morning at 7 am i was waiting for her in front of my bed room, Ramani is taking bath and her husband will leave office at sharp 7 am!

I looked around and her children were in deep sleep and my wife as well, their msid is cooking in downstairs. Then I slowly went to their bathroom and knocked and said its me Rohith!

She open the door little bit and asked what, I asked for hugs and kisses, she asked about her children, maid and my wife, i told her that they are busy and maid is cooking!

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Ramani pulled me in bathroom immediately and locked the door!

I was in dilemma and panicked but Ramani is so cool and kissed me and hug me very tightly. Ramani is kissing me madly by inserting her tongue and kissing, biting my pink lips wildly! Ramani sucking my lips and tongue so hard and touching my dick so violent, all these makes me super horny and responded same on her.

I squeezed her boobs with my both hands and put my right hand on her left ass and hugged tightly! Ramani stopped for a second to catch her breath but I forced her to kiss and suck again, Ramani got super hot and removed my short and t shirt and pulled my chest hairs violently.

She pulled back my fore skin on my desi penis and squeezing so hard…my dick is rock solid and Ramani sit down and taken my dick into her mouth and started sucking so hard and making sounds…slurp slurp..

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Simultaneously moaning  also loudly and i hold her hair and pushed her head more to suck my dick and i started stroking my dick into her mouth, she was taking my all precum juices and making sounds.

Ramani was super horny and me as well, then she stopped me and asked me to fuck in standing position. She guided my cock into her pussy and signaled me to fuck her, i started with slow pushes and increased the speed slowly, bathroom is full of our sounds and luckily no one hear the sounds. Ramani was super horny and asking in low voice to fuck her hard..

Fuck me rohith…aww lovely…u r great fucker yaar, fuck me like a bitch, show me heaven oh my god fuck fuck you baby, love me more..fuck this bitch and make me your slut for lifetime, I want your dick in my pussy all the yime fuck me harddddd…ummmmmaaaa oh babe love ittt..

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She was excited and talking continuously and released her cum alot but I didn’t cum yet and fucking her continuously for about 7 minutes and she already cum once.

I stopped fucking in standing position and took break for a minute!

Ramani signalled me and she sat on the bathroom shrink and pulled her legs and hold her legs with both her hands and asked me to fuck her hard…I was super excited with new angle and ramani holds my dick and put in her pussy..i slowly inserted my dick and kissed her lips so hard and bite her lips leaving mark on her lips! I stroked hard on her pussy and moaning and scolding her like take me bitch..fuck you ramani..

You are my slut..make me cum bitch…you want my baby…will you operate agajn for my baby..fuck youuuu bitch…i will kill you i fucking good than your old husband..ramani said immediately yeah are so hard and are fucking better than my husband alot…fuck me like this daily..

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I want you daily babe..plz fuck me daily…make me your second wife and i will die for you..i will operate and give you baby no matter what my husband thinks but i will do it for you Rohith..anything for you darling!

I fucked 2 more minutes and told her am cumming..Ramani also cummed at the same time and hugged each other for a minute..we are in session for about 20 minutes and Ramani reminded me about my wife and her children will wake up..

We cleaned each other fast in less than a minute and put our dress and Ramani slightly open the door and asked me to wait in bathroom only until she signal me..she took her towel on the door and checked around and signaled me..I immediately jumped out of bathroom with out making any noise and went down for jogging!

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This is how we ended our sex in her bathroom for first time and like this bathroom sex happened 3 times during our stay in their house..