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I am Jagan and my wife Premlata enjoying life to the fullest. She is a sex goddess because of her exceptionally good assets, round swinging ass, curvy body, big boobs and wide lips. All features she has having to perfectly describe her sexy.

Sex has become our part and parcel of life and any man looking at her definitely will like to fuck her hard. And there is no doubt about this. One day I got call from my manager that I will need to travel urgently on a business trip. This made me sad, as I cannot take my wife because of visa issues. How can I and moreover Premlata can survive without sex for 2 long weeks. It made us thinking and she was very upset about this fact.

There was no way to avoid this as it was really required for me to travel. Day came, Premlata came to airport to drop me off and she was crying. I said, don’t worry, it is a matter of 2 weeks and we will overcome this. It was all sad times and finally I reached my destination. All the while in the trip, I was very sorry and thinking about my wife and how she is going to survive. As soon as I entered my hotel room, I called my wife.

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But what is this, there is no sign of grief in her voice. This was kind of strange to me. I enquired about this. She said, you remember Arun, whom we met last time and he was guest at our flat, is in Bangalore today. He got recently married and he is with his wife in the city. Premlata has invited him for dinner. Then I enquired how it is going to help you, as he is with his wife and she will not allow him to fuck you.

Premlata is very open with me and I knew her intention to get fucked by Arun, for which she knows that I will not have any objection. She said me that they (Premlata and Arun) have planned it well, Arun is going to pretend his wife that, he will be in office through-out the night and both of them will enjoy. I said, good, you guys enjoy, let you call me when Arun is in so that I can convey my regards to him.

My wife was happy and she is going to have it all from her favorite fucker Arun by the way, when arun fucked her last time, my wife got very satisfied. I got call again in the night, it was my wife and Arun on speaker phone. I greeted them both, and enquired them what’s up guys. I teased Arun that, what he is doing here leaving her newly married wife.

He complemented that, Jagan, your wife is 1000 times better than my wife, my wife is slim and I don’t find her sexy like Premlata bhabi, who is sitting on my lap now and I am pressing her boobs. I thanked him, and said, hope that you are not saying all these to fuck my wife, we all laughed. I then enquired about the plan. My wife said, nothing, I am just going make this guy my dog for the day. I will ask him to do all the things that I would ask a dog to do. Then Arun replied, I can go to any extend for you Premlata he repeated saying “any extend.

I did not ask them all, I said, you guys enjoy and I have some meetings to join I will catch you up tomorrow on call. Next day, arun left for office in the morning and my wife called me to give an update on what all things happened. Arun reached my flat around 7 pm in the night after office. Premlata was waiting for him like a thirsty bird for water. Arun was dying to see my wife after 6 months. As soon as Arun entered, they hugged desperately.

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They departed to see each other’s faces for a moment and again hugged tightly. Arun was pressing Premlata’s ass and kissing her neck. They also kissed on the lips. My wife as usual was not wearing any panties at home. So Arun got chance to pull up the skirt and press her bare ass. Both of them were very happy. My wife then showed some anger on her face “you lair, you never bothered to meet me in last 6 months” and slapped on his face tightly.

Though it was painful to Arun, he tried explaining all the things he was busy in last 6 months and could not get chance to come to Bangalore. My wife said “I will make you to repay all these today and you will have to complete quota for last 6 months”. Both laughed and smooched tightly. In the middle of the kiss, Premlata will pull-out her face, slab him tightly and again smooch him like a mad. Now Arun went to Bathroom to take a shower for the D day for him.

He kept the door open so that they can talk while he is taking shower. My wife was seeing him top to bottom naked, “Wah salle tuu apna lund solid banake rakha hai she praised his penis. Saali, tere ko dekhte hi mera lund raang dikhane laga hai”. All these time, Arun used to respect my wife and now he started using slags for her. This was making my wife wilder and they started chanting slangs

Premlata: Salle, apni biwi ko chhodne ke time mein kabhi yaad kia hai mujhe.
Arun: Abey Sali, tu hamesha yaad aati hai, yaad ate hi, ye lund khada ho jata hai
After telling this he started massaging his rod he was almost done with bath and he was very clean. He was ready for today’s event by taking off all his pubic hairs. Now it was a beautiful scene for my wife, full erect penis in front of her and waiting for her attention.

Without wasting any time, my wife grabbed the tool in her hand and started playing with it rubbing it on chicks kissing it delicately touching the tip of penis with tongue etc. Arun was getting excited about this and his rod was growing and making him more uncomfortable. Now he pleaded Premlata to take this in her mouth. My wife teased him more and started exiting him by rubbing around her chick but she did not take it in her mouth.

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Then it was unbearable for Arun, he got hold of Premlata’s hair and forcefully entered his penis in her mouth. After this he started fucking her mouth rigorously. Premlata started producing sound and finally Arun filled his cum in her mouth. It was initially chocking for Premlata and she started licking the remaining cum from his tool to make it perfectly clean. Now a string of semen is flowing from her mouth and she was all mess with hairs all not in shape.

My wife became naked and took a quick shower to correct her look. Now both of them were naked came out of the bathroom. Hey, we need to call Jagan, he should be waiting for our call” and my wife dialed me out. Arun sat on Sofa naked, my wife sat in his lap and they called me. While talking to me, Arun was not wasting time and pressing her soft breasts. Pinching nipples and kissing her neck and sometime massaging her hairy pussy. Just after completing the call:

Premlata: Saale, you will be my kutta today so be ready
Arun: I am at your service memsaab
Premlata: Sit on the floor like a dog Arun obeyed.
Arun: Now clean my pussy after telling this Premlata spread her leg on the sofa itself and pulled Arun’s head to it. It was already juicy and tasty juices were already flowing put because of foreplay that Arun was doing.

Arun started kissing, licking Premlata’s pussy which was making her more horny and juicy. Saale, Madarchod, behenchod chat mere pussy” hearing these slangs, Arun was also getting excited and he was drinking all like he was very thirsty. After sometime, Premlata pushed him on the floor, made him lie on the floor naked on the back. She then sat on his mouth and started fucking & riding his mouth.

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Arun’s mouth and tongue was fixed in Premlata’s pussy and he was holding her ass in his both hands. Premlata was moaning hell and she was scolding Arun in all the slangs she knew. After sometime she placed her asshole on his mouth and Arun started licking her asshole like a dog. Premlata enjoyed this act and she wanted to enjoy more. She lied in the sofa on hear boobs keeping legs down and exposing the asshole and asked Arun “

Saale Chaat mere gaand ko” Arun like was waiting, pushed away ass chicks and started licking the ass hole in his tongue. Premlata was moaning as she was really enjoying this. After sometime, they hugged each-other. Premlata thanked Arun and whispered in his ear that “It was really a great pleasure, and you are a no 1 madorchod”. Both of them laughed loudly, And Arun got a call in his cell. It was his wife.

Arun’s wife: Hi Darling

Arun: Hi dear, what’s up sorry for today, I needed to stay in office as you know it is work first.

Arun’s wife: I know I know, but I am feeling very boar I was in mood today I wanted you to fuck me hard today
Arun: what to do dear I miss you middle of a meeting will call you back
and Arun disconnected the call. They ordered pizza for the dinner. My wife prepared to pegs of Vodka and they started talking on different topic for some time and after around 30 mins door bell rang.

It must be the delivery guy for pizza. Premlata put a log t-shirt without anything and opened the door. Her legs were completely naked and t-shirt was barely covering her ass. Nipples were clearly seen on the t-shirt the delivery guy was not missing any chance and feasting all these. Premlata knowingly was taking longer time to complete the transaction in order to tease the delivery guy.

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Now when she turned back, the coins fell down. Premlata bent down to collect the coins with her back towards the delivery guy. Now this guy was getting a full view of her hairy vagina. Delivery Boy: “Can I help mam yes-yes, please collect the coins for me and while collecting some-coins which was near her legs, the guy kind of smelled her pussy, Premlata could feel his breathe at her pussy then he left, Premlata came inside, locked the door, and Arun was waiting for food both had food nicely, chatted all the things, veg talk as well as nonveg talk.

They got ready for the bed. Before reaching the bed, Arun kind of grabbed Premlata from behind by holding her boobs, turned her around, pushed her to the wall, now he tore apart the t-shirt she was wearing and it exposed her melons. Arun hungrily started eating those melons.

Encircled the nipples by his tongue, and started biting the flesh of boobs. He was biting so hard that it was leaving behind red spots. Even he was biting the neck area and now everywhere it was becoming red. Premlata was getting excited, she was moaning loudly and wrapped her leg around his waist. Now in the standing position, Premlata around the waist, Arun holding her hands apart, was trying to take in maximum of her boobs.

Both of them were excited. Arun then carried her in the same position, bounced her in the bed and spreading her leg wide pushed his hard rod to Premlata’s jusicy pussy and started fucking hard. He started pumping her hard and taking her from one corner of the bed to other corner, ramping her pussy which was producing bouncing crunching sound. Premlata was holding tight her pussy muscles against Arun’s tool and she was also bouncing his ass up and down.

Premlata was moaning loudly and may be people in other flat can hear this. After some 30 minutes of good fuck, with a grueling sound, he released loads of semen in Premlata’s pussy. It completely filled her. And Arun crashed on her boob, and they were in that position for some time. Arun was dozing as he was exhausted. But Premlata was not a lady who can leave him early like this. She pushed away him from her and now he was on his back.

Premlata now sat on his face and asking her. Salle, isko kaun saaf karega. Arun started cleaning all the mess in pussy by his tongue, mix of love juices of his and Premlata’s and enjoying the musky smell of her pussy. Premlata was shouting “Chat mera kutta – chat”. This act again excited Premlata and now she turned around and griped his tool.

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They were in in 69 position, while Arun completely cleaning her swampy pussy, even hairs around, Premlata was cleaning his tool and now it was becoming erect again.They were becoming excited gradually and now arun was wildly licking her pussy. Premlata was very excited now she woke-up and sat on his toll.

His rod enterted smoothly to her juicy pussy and Premlata started pumping as per her pace enjoying the pumping lightly and teasingly. But she could not hold it for long time and she started pumping fast and finally after some 10 mins of pumping she crashed on Arun. She was in this position for 5 mins and she felt like peeing.

Premlata: Arun darling
Arun: Yes Darling
Premlata: I really enjoyed your service my dog
Arun: It was my pleasure
Premlata: I want to have a last service from you
Arun: Anying for you today my lady
Premlata: I am feeling like peeing and I don’t want to go to the toilet

Arun understood what she meant. Now Arun lowered himself in the bed and fixed his mouth in her pussy properly. With no time Premlata started releasing her bladder, it came out like a jet and Arun started drinking it fast like drinking from tap. He drank all of them and then cleaned the area by tongue
Arun: You are now clean and go to sleep lady
Premlata: Thanks my dog for all your services

Arun cleaned himself and came to the bed hugged her and slept quietly satisfied in the night.
Next morning my call waked them up, Arun picked up the phone crossing naked over Premlata’s boob. He was answered still in sleeping tone,
I asked “How was the night Arun, did you enjoy”
Arun “Your slutty wife drained me off yaar, ye saali raandi hai”
I said, I know, be careful, she is dangerous and we both laughed

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Then he slightly now active, and I said how is bhabhi, your newly wed wife
Me: you always taking privilege and hiding your wife from me.
Arun: No hiding yaar, if Premlata is around, I don’t need her
Me: Get her sometime to me, let me taste her.

Arun: I can get her, but convincing is your job, as she is a bit conservative
Me: I will manage, don’t worry. So let us meet then when I am back and make your wife pussy ready to take my bangs. Premlata then pulled the phone to her, hey Jagan, I overheard, hmm, you want to try others now it will be good, let us make it four.