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He was trying hard to insert it, at a moment his front balloon went inside her and that pained her a lot that she screamed loud, everyone started laughing, he even didn’t bothered to remove, he was still forcing his cock inside.

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desi randi ki chudai on desibahu.comSince she was crying in pain, he said, “She is shouting too much, gag her with your cock.”

Narang came up in front of her; he put his cock inside her mouth.

Now by that she even wasn’t allowed to express her pain.

He was pushing it hard and hard after some time his entire cock went inside her.

She shouted in huge pain. They were still enjoying her pain.

He continued to move in and out of her ass hole, he was not even bothering that she is also a human.

He got more aggressive as each time he went in and out of her ass hole.

He was pushing his full cock and pulled it out entirely.

His waist was beating her on her ass sides that gave heavy movement to her body that she was going forward till she got the other person’s cock in her throat.

His bag under his cock was hitting her pussy hard each time he was going in her ass hole.

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She must be having in huge pain in her back but none of them cared for it.

They were enjoying it.

It was looking so erotic that even I was enjoying the scene.

In that position he continued to do her in her ass for about more than 20 minutes, after that he increased his speed.

I understood that he was going to blast. He pushed too hard inside her and he blasted in her ass hole.

Meanwhile Narang pulled his cock out.

John fell on her, he was too heavy for her she was not able to bear his weight on and she fell on the bed.

Now Narang made her clean her ass hole.

Then he inserted his cock inside her mouth and started fucking her mouth.

After about 5 minutes he pulled it out.

Then he said something to her.

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She smiled painfully and got up and both went towards the door on the opposite side of the room.

He opened the door. That door opened on the terrace.

He took her towards railing and made her catch it.

Then he bent her and started inserting his cock in her hairy asshole.

She again started screaming, they again started laughing. Maanit said “I think her ass hole is very small.”

Then John said “yes as she was virgin there it is very small and tight, but don’t worry after some good banging she will start enjoying it.”

He kept her banging mercilessly for about half an hour.