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Mom: Does Pushpa know you are helping your didi here?
Vinod: Yes she does, she even told me she wants to see me fucking you once. I showed her some porn but she said she wants to witness someone fucking from her own eyes.
Mom: Does she masturbate?

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Vinod: She actually doesn’t need to, whenever she feels like it, she takes Pramod to sugarcane field and satisfies herself. Little Pramod is fond of his bhabhi, he licks her to climax every time.

Mom: Why won’t he be, her bhabhi is taking care of him like a mother. How old is he?
Vinod: This rainy season he will be 19.
Mom: He Bhagwan! And, is he horny all the time?
Vinod: Yes, just like Kamal, although he has his bhabhi to help him out. I once saw him fondling his bhabhi in kitchen, I tiptoed out of the house to give them space.
Mom: hmm..

Vinod: Do you want to fuck him?
Mom: What! No. He is just a boy.
Vinod: But he fucks Pushpa all the time when I am away.
Mom: Wow. Sure, bring him tomorrow.

She chuckled.

Vinod: waa Didi! I have to go to serve milk in the new Colony.
Mom: Fuck me once more quickly and go.

Vinod was already in action. His hands spread her legs and entered her nether regions again. With a soft moan, she started to match his rhythm again. This will be a quick session. Something fishy entered my mind. I decided to act upon the idea quickly. I just had to make up some story.

So I cleared my throat a little bit loud so that they could hear me. Vinod stopped mid-way. My mom froze too. Her hands were on the wall. Vinod’s hands were on her waist and they turned my side. Their faces were red, his dick was inside her pussy. They waited patiently to hear my verdict. I was enjoying their sense of guilt. I made my face as if nothing out of the world was happening in front of me.

Me: Mom, school ended early today. We were allowed to go home. I got time to study for the Unit test.

Mom: Accha.
Me: Have you made food? I want to eat and go to sleep early.
Mom: Haan.
I didn’t want them to stop their act, acted as if leaving them alone a couple of heartbeats but headed backward again to make more conversation.

Me: I need you to sign my classwork copy today.

I am sure Vinod must have shrugged her off and resumed her fucking but still he stopped again. A wicked smile appeared on the corner of his lips. While I waited for my mom to answer, he jerked his penis hard once into mom. Mom moaned with pleasure, looked into his eyes with disbelief and then looked towards me and said okay. I started to head back again, only to return again to the couple.

“Mom, Father Albert said, we have to buy a new drawing book this week, it is mandatory for every class.”

She said, “Vinod will get you the book.”

Vinod agreed to her by saying a yes and pumped her once again very hard into her pussy. “Aaaaaahh” sound left her lips. I shifted my attention to Vinod’s tool which was almost outside after that hard pound, out of her wet dripping cunt. It was black and large and turned sideways in the front. My mom was feeling awkward, but Vinod was very turned on. He knew her son was witnessing the sex act hungrily and was putting on a great show.

My dick was throbbing hungrily and was waiting to be wanked hard. Vinod pointed my mom’s attention towards my bulging dick. A smirk spread across my mom’s face too. Vinod said, “He likes it. He is not even blinking.”

Vinod held my mom and faced her front in my direction, his dick was buried in her cunt and her boobs were at my display. I didn’t waste any time. I dropped my pants and took out my dick and started to play with it. They started to laugh. My mom’s eyes were fixed on me and mine on her. They were fucking for me. With every thrust, she moaned like a hot prostitute and Vinod’s grunts turned from effortless to that of a weary man.

Soon he announced he was ready to climax. Mom said to quickly do it inside. He started to come and with long 4-5 thrusts, his breathing ramped up. The motion stopped and he parted from my mom. My mom stepped forward, cum was dripping from her pussy and reached me. Our eyes were still locked.

One small moment, I knew what she wanted. I held her cheek and closed the gap between our mouths. She tilted her head, but her eyes were open. I tilted mine too and lip-locked her. Our lips were sucking each other, tongues were fighting with each other for domination. I bit on her teeth with mine.

Finally, I won the lip lock and locked her tongue with my lips and started sucking it. Her hands wandered off from my shoulders to my penis which had ejaculated a little while ago while they were fucking.

She whispered, “take a bath, then go to study. You have already masturbated”.

Vinod chuckled and smacked her ass with a loud sound. He said, “Didi, tumko bhi pramod ki tarah ek ghar wala mil gaya. Chudwao jab man kare to.” Then I wandered my hands to her bare ass and felt her smoothness with both hands. One of my fingers reached her asshole and poked her. She awed with a low groan.

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I kissed her once more and felt her trimmed dripping pussy. It tickled. It was wet with Vinod’s sperm. I opened the shower once more, bent my knees and sat on the floor. Her pink pussy was glistening with sperm and wetness. Then I threw some water on it and started to eat her mound. She held my head in her hand. I licked her pussy clean of Vinod’s sperm. Vinod never expected this to happen and his cock was rock hard again.

Mom looked at him and said, “Bhai jaa ab kal chodna. Aaj ke liye kafi hai.”

Vinod chuckled a little. He pecked on her nose, pulled her chin a little and honked her boobs. She reacted to him with a smile and he walked out of the bathroom. I was still bent on my knees witnessing her pinky mound and occasionally licking it. Then she held me up and said go to sleep.

I will be back with the next part and another best chudai story of my mom later.